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  • 8.1

    A scary look into just how dangerous it can be for an FBI agent...

    By vintage880, Dec 04, 2006

    Granted, this was a well-wriiten episode of Without a Trace-- one of the best written episodes in the show\'s history. However, I feel that this episode would have been a lot easier to watch if not for its graphic torture of Agent Jack Malone. I will say this though: it will remain in your mind long after you watch it and re-appear everytime you watch the show.

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  • 8.5

    Jack gets the bejezus kicked out of him.

    By Latoyab, Nov 14, 2006

    This was a pretty good episode. At first, I wasn\'t really interested in the Alex guy going missing, but I thought it was awesome how they went right into Jack getting kidnapped pretty early on in the show. That was pretty intense and made me sit there and wonder how they were going to find him. That lady.....OH MY!!! That lady was evil and I felt no sympathy for her when she was killed at the end, even if she thought she was doing it for her son. The best part of the epi....THE BANTER!!!! The team seemed more like a family in this one. Bestest part ever was Viv, Jack and Martin\'s scene. Props to Elena in this one, I thought she was hilarious starting the pool. Of course, all of my reviews have to add something about Martin, my boyfriend. I have decided I really like it when he laughs, his whole face lights up with that gorgeous smile and he just looks ten years younger. On a side note, was his hair shorter in this ep??

    About Jack and Sam....what is going on? Is it me or does every epi this season have to add in a personal conversation between these two?? Look, obviouosly I am pro Martin/Sam, but I\'ll take them never being together again over Jack and Sam reuniting....that is just so pathetic. I\'ll still watch the show, but that would irk the hell out of me.moreless

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  • 6.8

    Acting and writing saves this really grossed out show.

    By JPPT1974, Nov 13, 2006

    Don't usually like blood or gore at all myself

    As this really was too much to stomach as Jack goes

    Undercover as a gambling associate only to have the case go wrong as he is kidnapped himself as the person that kidnapped him tortures him all throughout the show from anything and everything you can possibly think of.

    As the team themselves must work against the clock to try to save one of their own from being a statistic.

    Writing and acting save this blood and gore show!moreless

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  • 5.4

    Normally I don't mind a bit of gore, but this episode I couldn't watch!

    By HunterJ8, Nov 13, 2006

    I am like the hardest person to gross out. Or to scare with grusome stuff, such as stuff that is show on these crime shows. And normally, Without A Trace is pretty easy to watch as it isn't as gorey as CSI, Criminal Minds, etc. But this episode, I honestly had to just cover my eyes and mute it for most of it. I just couldn't bear it. Definitly take head of that viewer discression. The whole mystery was a bit confusing on my end, quite ossibly because I refused to listen to most of it, but oh well. I did enjoy the scenes where they were betting on how much Jack would lose!moreless

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  • 9.1

    An undercover operation goes wrong and Jack finds himself in the middle of a complicated case.

    By SWERJ321, Nov 13, 2006

    This may be the best episode of the season so far and one of the best of the series. It looked straight-up with the man's vanishing but then came Jack's capture and torture. I'm amazed they got so graphic with it, especially the holes in his hands. I also liked how he kept trying to be in control, trying to talk to this unbalanced woman and not let his obvious fear out.

    The actual story was also great with the twist of the guy being a con artist and the added twist of his partner being his mother. And then the last great one as the guy turned out to be conning her. I loved how her face showed more pride than shock, as if happy he'd learned so well. Having Jack keep her secret was a nice touch that capped off a real nail-biter (no pun intended) of an ep.moreless

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