Wizards of Waverly Place

Don't Rain on Justin's Parade- Earth

Season 2, Ep 19, Aired 4/19/09
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  • Episode Description
  • To prevent his career-day mentor from losing his job, Justin changes the weather to agree with the weatherman's forecast. But when Mother Nature finds out about it, she causes some weather trouble for Justin.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Selena Gomez

    Alex Russo

  • David Henrie

    Justin Russo

  • Jake T. Austin

    Max Russo

  • Jennifer Stone

    Harper Finkle

  • Maria Canals

    Theresa Russo

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  • Fan Reviews (3)
  • Had its moments but wasn't much of an episode

    By SLionsCricket, Dec 29, 2012

  • When Justin's favorite weatherman is going to get fired from wrong predictions, Justin uses magic to save his job.

    By mnman, Jun 23, 2012

  • Not only was this a great episode, but it had a great message behind it.

    By kikimarie593, Apr 20, 2009

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (7)

    • Alex: (to Mr. Laritate) Your method is busting me to the full extent of your made-up laws. "Oh, Alex popped her gum! We should make her stay back a grade or explain email to senior citizens".

    • Alex: Look, I don't know how it happened, but I've turned good. So, you're like a day late Buddy.

    • Mother Nature: What is with the hail? How does that help anybody?! Jerry: (outside with a bucket) Free ice! I'm gettin' free ice! (laughs) (looks up, and and a big piece of hail bonks him on the head).

    • Justin: Dad, is that true? Does everything eventually disappoint you? Jerry: Most things...but, then you find the one thing that doesn't and you marry her. And then she puts two pickles in the to go orders and, you start to wonder.

    • Justin: He's not a weatherman. He's like a weather hero. His earmuff alerts have saved me from many an ear ache. Alex: Luckily, those earmuffs saved you from hearing what a dork you look like with them on.

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    Notes (2)

    • Original International Airdates:
      Slovakia: November 12, 2012 on JOJ Plus

    • Theresa is mentioned, but does not appear in this episode.

    Trivia (3)

    • Spells Featured: "If Baxter loses his job, it will be a pity, let's have snow over half of New York City" - Justin uses this spell to make it snow over half of New York City. "Please don't let Baxter Knight fail, make me some Candied Yam hail" - Justin uses this spell to make it rain hail the size of candied yams. "What he did" - Alex uses this to repeat the 'candied yam hail' spell.

    • Look Closely: You can see a man sitting beside Justin as he opens the window to Mr. Laritate's office, perhaps he is controlling the "rain" outside the window.

    • We learn Harper is never tardy for school, and to reward herself at the end of the year, she buys herself an ice cream cake.

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