Wolf Lake

Tastes Like Chicken

Season 1, Ep 4, Aired 10/10/01
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  • Episode Description
  • When a serial killer strikes again in Wolf Lake after over 30 years, Sheriff Donner and Deputy Molly withhold critical information about the case from John Kanin to keep him from finding out about the town's secret. Meanwhile, Tyler brings dinner to Ruby at the secluded cabin where she's being held captive. We learn that Willard Cates has promised Ruby to Tyler for marriage, which is why she originally left Wolf Lake. A stroke leaves Willard gravely ill and Luke struggling to deal with the fact of his father's imminent death. We later discover that Vivian is actually Ruby's stepmother. After Luke takes Sophia to a wild lakeside party and tries to seduce her, Sophia heads home through the woods and is picked up by the killer who turns out to be the owner of a local hair salon with a taste for human hearts and kidneys. When Sheriff Donner discovers that his daughter is missing, he pulls out all the stops to find her. Vivian offers to help Matthew find Sophia, but also criticizes him for not having his children with her. After doing his own investigation, Kanin provides the clues that allow Sheriff Donner to save Sophia from the killer just in time. Tyler takes Ruby to the lake and tries to convince her to follow through on her arranged marriage to him so that he can take over as lead wolf after Willard Cates dies. She refuses.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Sharon Lawrence

    Vivian Cates

  • Scott Bairstow

    Tyler Creed

  • Graham Greene (II)

    Sherman Blackstone

  • Tim Matheson

    Sheriff Matthew Donner

  • Bruce McGill

    Willard Cates

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    • Vivian: This is Sophia we're talking about. You are blood, Matt, and so is she. Matt: No, not her. I should have sent her away on the day she was born. Vivian: No! What you should have done (pause) is have your children with me.

    • Vivian: (watches Luke leave the house) He's scared to death. Or I've raised a heartless Troglodyte. Sherman: Hey, don't look at me, I just teach the little buggers. I don't head shrink 'em.

    • Sherman: You know, Bob, if I had my .45 with a full clip, I wouldn't stash it near my zipper. With the hammer cocked. (Bob looks at the cocked, loaded gun in his belt) Keep it in your pocket; the most you can lose is a toe. I really think you can afford a toe.

    • Sherman: (approaching Cates' security) So, what's it gonna be gentlemen? A simple pat down or ah, gonna go for the full cavity search?

    • Randy: Hey man I didn't think you'd make it. Luke: What are you talkin' about, dude? Randy: You know, I thought you'd be hauled up with your dad. You know changing bedpans and drinking string beans through a straw. Luke: (knocks him to the ground with a single punch) Randy: (unfazed, stands up snaps his dislocated jaw back in place)Point taken dude.

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    • Sophia: Yeah, it was right after the "Planet of the Apes" reunion. - She compares the locals' behavior to the cult movie series "Planet of the Apes" where apes had taken the place of humans in society.

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