Women: Stories of Passion

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  • Sophia: La limpia is a cleansing of the sole. Something like therapy. Something to relax and ease your mind. Something that you always look forward to and it’s very exciting and enjoyable.

  • Callie: I don't even want to sleep with anyone else it's just the idea that I can't.

  • Freddy: (to Larraine) The kid is a tomato can. The Sandman will open him up just to see the red.

  • Boxer (Bortolucci) (to Warren after being offered sexual favors if he wins the fight): Uhhh, look you're a very beautiful lady and all, but the way I see it Freddy's 50 bucks has more of a future in it for me. This is the real world lady, not the movies... what happens when your little fantasy gets boring, huh?

  • Young Madelaine: I don’t kneed a waitress. Young Faith: What do you need? Young Madelaine: A mistress.

  • Greta: I just don’t think I considered what monogamy would be like. Most people assume that it’s harder for men…

  • Greta: I was a lioness, hungry for the scent of blood, hungry for the taste of sex.

  • Jenny: (about her husband)…some men are like that. They want you to be passionate but they don’t want to know how you got that way.

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Notes (3)

  • Elisa M. Rothstein is credited as the interviewer, however, in this episode she does not listen to the story but instead appears in the opening scene with Callie and Betsy toweling off following a aerobics session.

  • Lucy and Bruno received an acting credit. They played Greta and Jeff's dogs.

  • Episode aired: 05/22/1999.

Allusions (1)

  • Hat Trick: in Hockey a Hat Trick refers to scoring three times in one game. In this episode the heroine scores in three different fantasies.