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    Man this one was hilarious.

    I suggest you check out what the term "Bowl of soup" means over at before watching this episode.

    By Chewyfood, Apr 03, 2006

    Hilarious. Some bits were a little slow, but overall it was hilarious.

    The Clarence (blue annoying puppet) skit was probably his best so far, outside of the "what are you running from?" skit.

    The side story with the puppets was alright...but a little hard to follow.

    The beat kids skit was awesome. You really have to listen to what the red-head kid says...he says a lot.

    The old-video with children voicing over was HILARIOUS. Everyone of them is this is not unexpected.

    I suggest you catch this should be easier since Wonder Showzen will be broadcast on MTV as well.moreless

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