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    a crazy show with the sickest kids in the known universe........add in puppet insanity and acid flashbacks and you have the grounds for something unique.

    By chokenpuke, Oct 04, 2011

    this show is sick............and i mean that in a good way. its dark at times, its hilarious almost always, and some of the kids are just plain crazy.its probably hit or miss for most, but theres an underlying genius here. youll need a twisted sense of humor, or you wont get it. all in all i love it, and if you havent seen it, give it a try.

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    An Existential Black Hole of Comedy

    By ZedIbo5, Oct 04, 2011

    I often watch episodes of this show holding my face in utter horror and disbelief...and some might say \"joy.\" Modern TV comedy has never been drawn this dark and hopeless and more insanely funny. The conceit of a \"children\'s show\" that is intended for anyone but children is an idea that has been attempted many times by lesser writers and performers. The writers of Wonder Showzen have dipped their oars into a black river of despair fueled by hypocrisy, racism, rabid corporatism and soulless marketing, exploitation of children, globalism and steered us deep up river, into the heart of darkness. And yet it is brilliantly, insanely funny. So smart, so funny, so bleak-- it hurts. WARNING: Do not watch this if you are on MAO inhibitors or SSRI medications or suffer from mood disorders. This show may well push you over the edge.moreless

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    Find the hidden message

    By ha6kox, Oct 04, 2011

    At first side ''Wonder showzen'' looks like something bad made up to fill the minds of the audience with trash,but have you ever wonder why ''Wonder showzen'' discusses themes like racialism,war,domestic violence,sexism,poverty,propaganda and many other bad things that are a problem nowadays.The answer is simple:''Wonder showzen'' has a hidden message.It has the purpose to expose the ugly side of humanity and to make the people disgussed from themselves.The only problem is that many people understand it incorrectly because of the violence.Some of them think that ''Wonder showzen'' is stupid because of the gross stuff,and others for example the younger ones like it but still don`t get the idea.They think it is cool because of the violence,they don`t see it as edifying. I think that people shouldn`t watch only the outside of a show.I think they should try to get deeper and find the hidden message.moreless

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    Show was interesting but scary

    By robodog1000, Dec 14, 2009

    What can i say, i liked the show but my old review was too childish, kinda like the show but this show is NOT FOR KIDS! Have your kids watch it and you are in trouble for what you children will learn. I feel that the show was satisfactory but not my overall favorite MTV show only because it is a little too creepy, but i guess that is all i can say except watch it if you want and don't hate on me if you dislike it.

    x x x x x x x x x x x x xmoreless

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    One of the best shows on MTV2

    By Genji503, May 11, 2007

    Wonder Showzen is basically an evil Seasme Street. Paroding it in every ways from Beat Kids to the puppet segments everything is hilarious. This series is not recommended for people who get offended easily. Although this series is off the air now it might be able to make a comeback. There were a few segements that even offended me a little bit and there were some that just made me laugh. All and all Wonder Showzen was a good show and I hope to maybe see a new season or having it return to MTV2. So if your into bizzare shows this is a good show for you.moreless

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    definetly unique

    By evahellsing, Jun 04, 2006

    Very weird indeed. A great rip on little kid puppet shows. But the weirdest thing ive seen in a long long time. if you cant take puppets exploding, getting arms ripped off, spewing blood out, racist rips, a puppet telling a guy to take his privates out and a whole lot more stuff like that then this show isnt for you at all. But the comedy in this is immense like the egment Beat Kids or the cartoons Aunt Flo, Chinese Girl Baby Atlantis, and other weird things are what keep it strong. But the only thing I didnt like about it was Horse Apples.moreless

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    "Horse Apples"

    By xsoulx, May 16, 2006

    It one thing for a peice of entertainment to be poorly written. It\'s quite another thing to not understand it. Frankly, those who don\'t understand a peice of art have an invalid opinion.

    Also, it is pretty obvious that most of you retards never had to sit though an episode of the television show \"Hee Haw\"... thus you don\'t understand the setting of the humor. Then again, maybe an episode of \"Hee Haw\" reflects the lives of those who \"didn\'t get\" this episode.

    \"Horse Apples\" is f***ing brilliant. One of the best. Love those signs in the \"Horse N\' Go\"...

    \"Night Driver: Masterbation Pills\"

    \"White Victory\" Beer Ad.

    Halarious. Lighten up red staters.moreless

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    What the f*ck? Crazy show...But yet, I still find it hard to resist... and indeed it gets better every episode, to me... I have never been offended by this show, even though it does attack a lot of people, even black people like myself. It\'s not really a

    By drybeanburrito, Apr 28, 2006

    But yet, I still find it hard to resist... and indeed it gets better every episode, to me... I have never been offended by this show, even though it does attack a lot of people, even black people like myself. serious people, becuase you may be offended or just shocked. Its hard to describe, kind of like a messed up adult version of sesame street. And don\'t forget about \"BEAT KIDS\" that\'s kinda funny to me... I wasn\'t really looking foward to the show when I first heard about it, but now as newer and better episodes come out, I\'m begining to like it, more and more...moreless

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  • 8.0

    A completely insane, yet great show.

    By CountAightX, Apr 28, 2006

    Wonder Showzen is one of the most off the wall shows on TV. Unfortunately it's also slightly uneven at times. Most of the jokes are great and will provide lots of laughter(ie: the episode where Chauncey plays God in rock, paper, scissors for the fate of the world and the episode with Mother Nature and her sex change), but some skits fall a flat.

    What really makes this show stand at just being great, than being higher... is that it's a hard show to watch over an extended period of time. After a couple episodes you end up wanting to give your mind a little bit of a break.moreless

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