Disco Devil

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    Uri Gellar time

    By joxerlives, Jan 07, 2012

    Disco Devil

    Speaking of John Travolta, time to DISCO! Such an overwhelming phenomenon in the 70s that you really couldn't have a series without it. Mind-robbing once more, a great many episodes seem to deal with the great and good having their brains drained (again, something also featured on The New Avengers). The idea of a man with paranormal powers which actually wreck his life rather than being a boon is reminiscent of the film Scanners. The whole concept of psychic powers was very popular in the late 70s, especially Uri Gellar and his spoonbending etc Again hardly an award-winning concept but an ok ep with Steve being given a more active role than what we've seen him in lately. Sadly we don't get to see either Wonder Woman or Diana and Steve strut their funky stuff on the dance floor which I would have paid good money to watch



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