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    By joxerlives, Jan 07, 2012


    Wonder Woman vs Ants. Oh dear this is bad stuff although at least we have a semi-costumed villainess for once. Also it defies convention when WW just turns up at the skeet range and throws her lasso around him, you think she'd maybe try that a little more often. And he's innocent, even though he has 'evil industrialist' stamped all over him! Also WW takes the opportunity to demonstrate her marksmanship which is pretty unusual.


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    The worst episode of this wonderful series.

    By boromirbeauty, Jun 27, 2007

    This show was campy and fun, but this 3rd season episode was so "out there" it was beyond camp, it was horrible. A woman has control over ants! Ick! Ants! Now my dislike for the episode might have something to do with the fact that I have an ant phobia, but I think that is only a small part of my dislike of the episode. The main reason why I dislike this one is because of the character of Formicida herself. One moment she's a mild-mannered Scientist and the next she's a wild haired crazy. It's beyond unbelievable. I hate this one, good thing the Amazinng Amazon kicked her butt.moreless

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