Wonder Woman

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  • Queen Hippolyta: (Holding up a golden belt) This is the golden belt. It is the symbol for Amazon supremacy. So long as you wear it, you will retain your cunning and strength away from Paradise Island. (handing the golden belt to one of the Amazons who puts it around the masked blond haired Amazon)..and this is your golden lasso. Besides being made of an indestructible material, it also carries with it the power to compel people to tell the truth. Use it well and with compassion.

  • Queen Hippolyta: Noble Amazons masked in the tradition of our tournaments with only your individual skills and prowess to rely upon. One of you will win for the glory of all to preserve our Paradise. Let the tournament begin!

  • Queen Hippolyta: Young Amazon minds are best occupied with athletic discipline and higher learning.

  • Queen Hippolyta: (Leaning forward) There are so many things you don't know. Do you have any idea of your age? Diana: By what standard? Queen Hippolyta: By the Earth's clock. Diana: No. Queen Hippolyta: You are immortal as are all of us on Paradise Island. If you should ever leave here, you could revert to a human being.

  • Queen Hippolyta: I named this island Paradise for an excellent reason: (Sitting down on a chair) There are no men on it. Thus, it is free of their wars, their greed, their hostilities, their barbaric, masculine behaviour. (as she bites down on her knuckles) Diana: Thousands of years have passed. Perhaps men are now different. Perhaps, they've come to think as much of peace as we do. Queen Hippolyta: We shall soon see.

  • Princess Diana: (to the Queen) But, surely, some men can be trusted.

  • Rena: I've never seen a man in the flesh before. (Diana lifts Steve into her arms) Princess Diana: Who of us have?

  • Rena: A man? Here on our island? Princess Diana: Just help me get him out of this contraption.

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Notes (65)

  • The first time this pilot episode aired, the title was listed as The New Original Wonder Woman in the opening credits. When the series was released on DVD, the title was changed to Wonder Woman.

  • The spinning transformation with clothes being pulled away as Diana Prince fades away and Wonder Woman fades in with the nurse's uniform over one arm was expensive due to the technique necessary. It would only be used for the next two specials, as the edit process took a long time.

  • The original spinning transformation was developed by Carter. From 1942 to 1960's in the comics, Wonder Woman carried her accessories in her purse, and transformed as Superman does, with her costume under her clothes. Based on old panels where Diana Prince was moving as a whirlwind to make a high speed change back from Wonder Woman, Carter, a dancer, suggested a graceful pirouette.

  • Many syndications didn't even include the badly-cut pilot, and show the episodes out of sequence for the first season.

  • FX started showing the full 90 minute version when it started up as a cable station after many requests from viewers. It was finally released as part of the collector's edition by Columbia House.

  • This episode originally aired as a 90 min movie, but is usually edited down to 60 min for syndication.

  • The estate used as the home of Arthur Deal was also used in the 1980 film 9 to 5 as the home of Mr. Hart played by Dabney Coleman.

  • Christian Juttner who appeared as "Tommy" in the episode was fresh off the set of an odd little Disney featured entitled, The Boy Who Talked to Badgers.

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Trivia (213)

  • Cloris Leachman played Hippolyta, Wonder Woman's mother, in the pilot episode only and was paid $25,000 for one day's shooting. Carolyn Jones took over the role for three episodes in the first season and Beatrice Straight appeared as The Queen in two episodes of the second season.

  • In the comics, William Moulton Marston included the golden lasso as a reference to his other invention, the lie detector.

  • Goof: During the fight scene between Marcia and Wonder Woman, at one point they are at one end of the corridor near the light which Marcia pulled down to hit Wonder Woman with. The camera angle changes and they are suddenly at the opposite end of the corridor as you can see the light at the other end.

  • Goof: After the bank robbery, Ashley Norman is drivng his car after Wonder Woman, he is passing a dark green Beetle. The camera cuts to a different angle and the colour of the car also changes to light blue and the dark green one is in the distance.

  • This episode marks the first use of Wonder Woman's ability to mimic other people's voices.

  • This episode marks the tv d├ębut of the Invisible Plane.

  • The Golden Lasso is indestructible and compells anyone bound with it to tell the truth.

  • We learn that the Golden Belt worn by Wonder Woman enables the wearer to keep their powers away from Paradise Island.

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Allusions (17)

  • The Norden Bombsight: This was an actual bombsight in use both prior to and during World War II. It was so highly guarded that bombardiers were required to take an oath to protect it with the sacrifice of their own life. It was also known as the S-1 Bombsight. It was reputed to be accurate to within 100 feet, an incredible acievement for the time!

  • Colonel Flint: He's an institution, like Bob Hope or Babe Ruth. Bob Hope was an American comedian and actor who toured with the USO during many wars, including World War II, which the show was set. Babe Ruth was an American baseball player many consider "the greatest baseball player in history."

  • The episode's title refers to a song used in the movie Dumbo. 'Elephants on Parade' was written/composed by Ned Washington.

  • Title: The Feminum Mystique This is a reference to the groundbreaking feminist novel, The Feminine Mystique, written by feminist pioneer Betty Friedan in 1963.

  • King Kong General Blankenship: It's like something out of a King Kong movie. The 1933 movie King Kong was about a gigantic gorilla who is found by a film crew living on an uncharted island. The movie, filmed in black & white, starred Fay Wray, Robert Armstrong, and Bruce Cabot.

  • Gargantua The Renaissance writer Francois Rabelais wrote a series of books entitled Gargantua and Pantagruel. In the books, Gargantua was a giant with a gigantic appetite.

  • J.P. Hadley: Emmett was our local Dead End Kid.
    The Dead End Kids (also known as Little Tough Guys, East Side Kids, and the Bowery Boys) were a group of young men always on the edge of real trouble with the law. Probably the best example was in Angels with Dirty Faces.

  • Time Tempo magazine is a reference to Time magazine.

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