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  • Bear: The party is a surprise, so nobody tell Dog. That means you too. Narrator: Me? Okay, I can keep a secret.

  • Pig: (staring at a pot) You know, we're supposed to be making corn, but this is my favourite pot to eat ice cream. Ant: But Pig, aren't you suppose to eat ice cream on an ice cream cone? Pig: Maybe that's how you eat ice cream Ant. But for me, nothing works better than eating it out of a big old pot.

  • (Sheep sees Ant holding onto a pie crumb) Sheep: Aha! Caught you red-handed. Ant: Red handed? Well, yes my hands are red, but so is the rest of me, so what?

  • Sheep: (to Dog) Mommy will make you a nice baby bottle.

  • Duck: Why didn't you tell me you were a shark? Shark: I didn't think you'd want to be my friend if you knew I was a shark. No one wants to be friends with a shark. Duck: Why not? I don't care if you're a shark or a s-hark or a purple poka dotted monkey on a bicycle.

  • Sheep: What is a shark doing in your house? Frog: That's what I'd like to know Sheep. Who would bring a shark in here? Duck: Hey guys, I see you've met my new friend.

  • Frog: Pig, why are you so upset? Pig: Why am I upset? Why? You're changing everything around, that's why. First you keep me up all night, then you turn my pots into tops and my cake into a rake. And then, and then you raked my mud away Frog!

  • Bug: (While looking at Pig) He's cooking. Frog: And sleeping. He's cooking in his sleep. I always thought he might.

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Notes (13)

  • Runaway O - Build-a-Word: BOX Happy Birthday dog - Build-a-Word: CAKE

  • There's an Ant in Every Step - Build-a-Word: ANT Chef Sheep - Build-a-Word: POT

  • Rocket to the Moon- Build-a-Word: ROCKET The Birds- Build-a-Word: BIRD

  • The Disappearing Pie- Build-a-Word: BEAR Duck's Family Reunion- Build-a-Word: TRUCK

  • Sh-Sh-Shark- Build-a-Word: SHOE Dog Wants to Play Ball- Build-a-Word: BALL

  • Pies, Pies, Pies- Build-a-Word: PIES Waterlogged- Build-a-Word: LOG

  • Dog's Camping Adventure- Build-a-Word: TENT V is for Vacation- Build-a-World: VINE

  • Snug as a Bug - Build-a-Word: RUG Nightlight - Build-a-Word: NIGHTLIGHT

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Trivia (13)

  • There is a game on PBS Kids based off Runaway O called, "Going on an O Hunt." There is also a game based off of Happy Birthday Dog called, "My Very Own Birthday Party Book."

  • There's an Ant in Every Step- PBS activity: Find the Ant Chef Sheep- PBS activity: My Favorite Foods Book

  • Rocket to the Moon- PBS activity: Uppercase-Lowercase Matching Game The Birds- PBS activity: Build a WordThing

  • The Disappearing Pie- PBS activity: Looking for Pieces of Pie Duck's family Reunion- PBS activity: Rhyme Time

  • Here's what the others thought the B that Dog had meant: Pig: Bagel Sheep: Baby bottle Frog: Bubble

  • Sh-Sh-Shark- PBS activity: Fish-SH-SH-ing Dog Wants to Play Ball- PBS activity: B-Charades

  • We learn that Pig has a mud hole that he swims in when he's stressed out.

  • Pies, Pies, Pies- PBS activity: The Magic "S" Game Waterlogged- PBS activity: Mixed up Magnets

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