World Idol

FOX (ended 2004)
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  • S 1 : Ep 2

    World Idol (2)

    Aired 1/1/04

  • S 1 : Ep 1

    World Idol (1)

    Aired 12/25/03

  • Cast & Crew
  • Simon Cowell

    Judge (USA)

  • Declan Donnelly

    Himself (USA/UK Presenter)

  • Ant McPartlin

    Himself (USA/UK Presenter)

  • Kelly Clarkson

    Herself (USA)

  • Will Young

    Himself (United Kingdom)

  • show Description
  • World Idol, the spectacular search to find the ultimate world pop superstar, was produced by FremantleMedia and 19TV. Winners from the completed first Idol series in 11 territories stepped up onto the world stage and battled it out to be crowned the world's biggest pop sensation. This international competition, staged in London, was broadcasted to over 20 countries around the world. Viewers from each country voted on the contestants using their own voting systems.moreless

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    • Ian Dickson: Kurt, I think in the music industry you'd be quite a marketing challenge because you have the voice of an angel but you look like a hobbit! (on Kurt Nilsens performance)

    • (on Kelly Clarkson's performance) Kuba Wojewodzski: Kelly, I would like to find you under my Christmas tree.

    • (on Alexander Klaws' performance) Simon Cowell: Without being rude, it was terrible. You must have an amazing personality, because I think part of the reason people win these shows is based on personality. We can only judge you based on what we're seeing tonight.

    • (on Guy Sebastian's performance) Ian Dickson: I'm proud to be representing Australia with you, and showing off one of the best talents I've seen in a long time.

    • (on Ryan Malcolm's performance) Elias Rahbani: Believe me, I will buy your CD.

    • (on Heinz Winckler's performance) Kuba Wojewodzski: The only things keeping me here are gravity, the market force of the Pound, and the fact that my plane leaves tomorrow. It's absolutely not my cup of tea. Thank you.

    • (on Peter Evrard's performance) Nina De Man: You didn't fit the mold, but you carved your own mold, and I'm proud of you. (on Peter Evrard's performance)

    • (on Will Young's performance) Kuba Wojewodzski: Your artistic choices say more than your voice, and it sounded like Mr. Bean singing Jim Morrison.

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    • 11 international networks combined forces to broadcast World Idol. Series Title / Country of Origin (Broadcasting Network) -Pop Idol / United Kingdom (ITV) -Idols / South Africa (M-NET) -Idol / Poland (Polsat) -American Idol / USA (Fox) -Idols / Netherlands (RTL4) -Deutschland sucht den Superstar / Germany (RTL) -Idol / Norway (TV2) -SuperStar / Pan-Arabic region (Future TV) -Idool / Belgium (VTM) -Canadian Idol / Canada (CTV) -Australian Idol / Australia (Network 10)

    • World Idol was customized for broadcast in each market. The version with the UK hosts aired only in the US and UK.

    • Points System: Home country contestant automatically gets 12 points, while the remaining ten contestants get their points as follows: 1st place - 10 points 2nd place - 9 points 3rd place - 8 points 4th place - 7 points 5th place - 6 points 6th place - 5 points 7th place - 4 points 8th place - 3 points 9th place - 2 points 10th place - 1 point The points each Idol gets from all of the countries will be tallied and added together by an independent vote management company to determine their overall position in the contest.

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