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    extreme sports frequently shown, serious accidents shown, interviews from the victims, definitely sick humor here

    By limbodrive, Feb 05, 2011

    This show may be too graphic for young or sensitive viewers. I am a fan of Stacy, the host/narrator. The positive things about the show is that nobody dies in any of the accidents. You get to find out what the victim went through as they are interviewed. It is emotionally charged. There are several situations on each episode to keep you glued. What is wild about the show is you find how crazy most of these people are. I personally become less attached to them after hearing their story. The stories that are uplifting are the public service personnel who undergo life-threatening experiences. The videos emmerse you!moreless

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    "Most Amazing Videos"

    By ChadTVFan, Jul 02, 2008

    World's Most Amazing Videos is one of my all time favorite shows because of its one common trait, it never fails to get my attention, even though I may have seen an episode several times. But, no matter how many times I watch this show, it almost never fails to give me a shock. The videos they show are simply incredible, like the one where this guy survives being sucked through a jet engine or the one where this other guy tried to ride a ramp on his motorcycle, which he hoped would land perfectly on the roof, but he ended up coming painfully short. I always find it hard to believe that every person seen on the show has survived their brush with death, no matter what may have happened. My word to other users on the site who want some real action, I suggest that you start watching World's Most Amazing Videos, for I assure you, this is an action-packed show that is all real life that will keep you on the edge of your seat and wondering "how on earth did those people survive".moreless

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    They are amazing videos

    By god234, Jan 21, 2008

    I just ran into this show when I was flipping channels, but I became addicted to it ever since. The videos are amazing, and they show you how precious life really is. Some of the people attempting the stunts are crazy, but it makes the show interesting when they actually survive. My favorite videos are usually the ones that show a deranged guy with some sort of weapon yelling stupid things. It's amazing that you can see what really goes on in the world, and that life should not be taken for granted. If you haven't seen the show, give it a try, because it does have some interesting footage.moreless

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    a show that shows amazing videos

    By Idontsayyaowzaa, Oct 07, 2007

    Basicly it is a show when they show videos of amazing things that people servive. in some of them it's something to do with the air ( air sport as in sky diving and stuff ) but most of the videos are about car and quad and bike vidios so mostly they are at high speed.

    Some of the videos are just amazing how the people surived in 1 some one was tryin to concer his fear of hights by bungey jumping but his cord was not atached so he fell the whole way down to the bottom and servided.

    it is shown on axnmoreless

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    This Is A Great Tv Show! You Just HAVE TO WATCH IT Sometime. Its so amazing, and wonderful. Yet a little scary at times.

    By Xanderthal88, Mar 03, 2007

    This show is really really good. Its about many different videos, in each something truly amazing happens, from a spectacular car crash, to a person catching on fire, even somebody being trampled by an elephant. Some of my personal favourite videos, include, a dancer whose hair and face catch on fire, a man being attacked by killer bees, a 8 storey building crashing to the ground, and a man trampled by an elephant. Some videos may frighten young children, but its a really great show.. I truly love it! My family & I sit down and watch it on FOX8 every friday!moreless

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