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    On your seat

    By anastasia1243, Feb 22, 2014

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    Heartbroken Sister

    By Nicolemartin945, Nov 04, 2013

    I used to love this show until I saw the last day of My 17 Year old brothers life used as the beginning of every show :'( on YouTube the video is ppsted as Batman:/ a commercial for Batman plays right before. Please take this clip off of this show. It literally makes me sick to my stomach! My brother was not a criminal! He just needed some help. police should not have killed him.

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    By hdwes, May 23, 2013

    this show is nothing more than propaganda to instill fear in the public so the police can steel more of the peoples rights reminds me of Germany in the late 1920s

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    Could Bother TRYING to get the Stories Right

    By Doodlydoo, Apr 11, 2013

    I was watching a marathon of the revived show tonight and noticed a clip from a mass murder in 2011 from Grand Rapids, MI. Being from Grand Rapids and having almost been right in the middle of that specific situation, I was interested. The story was all fine and good until they got to the end. That's where things started being less than correct. At the end, they said Dantzler drove his SUV into the woods and then shot himself before the SWAT team could get to him. This is VASTLY incorrect. While he did drive off into the woods, he proceeded to exit the vehicle, run into a nearby house and take three people hostage for hours before finally pulling the trigger on himself. Not only does a quick and easy Google search tell you this information is correct, but I had a police scanner going THE ENTIRE TIME the hostage situation was taking place. I heard the cops go into the building, I heard them talking to Dantzler, I heard him shoot himself. How many stories on this show are incorrect, I wonder. And why bother telling the story if you're just going to get it wrong? This show's crew needs to do some actual research BEFORE putting a story into an episode.moreless

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    By smittyyy1, Jul 02, 2012

    Okay hear me out. this is a good show okay BUT. the fake tire screeching? the fake sirens? the reason I say it's fake is when they show the videos from a helicopter and the vehicle veers left or right and u hear the fake tire screeching....come on really. Let's take away the Hollywood crap and make this a "video". and stop zooming in and out as if that's what's happening. if you don't believe me....just watch the show!!!!! score 2.5moreless

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    Enjoyed every minute!

    By EmberDP, May 25, 2012

    I got a good sense of how brainless criminals can be from this show and it's great seeing them get what they deserve in the end. I'm thrilled this show has returned to TV with new episodes and still has the format the episodes from 1999 had.

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  • 8.5

    oh they ended this around the same time nickelodean ended rugrats but ok , this show wasfun to watch i liked the car wrecks

    By mariokart64fan, May 15, 2011

    this is a show that is better then cops , better then whats on -dog , and is similair to disorderly conduct instead its all high speed pursuits i liked this show spike needs to turn their timer back and put this baby on because tv is just getting worst and worst every year all these crime dramas im suprised this is not on any more at least i can watch as a hundred criminals crash their cars like morons other shows wanna talk about rape and such just put those people in jail cause it has no place on tv , this was the best cop show ever cops is close so is disorderly conductmoreless

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    By marek2222, Oct 17, 2009

    this show is sad cops are clearly abusing their powers they should be the ones going to jail in most cases for endangerment of innocent people that wanted nothing to do with that rage but the useless Police always makes sure someone innocent gets hurt and thats basically what the PD is good for.... and this show is trying to make cops look good ... its like they cant just let the guy drive away without anyone getting hurt and then let the detectives or who ever they are do their job if they can lol but clearly they cant and chase those people that committed real crimes and let regular people live normal lives is that what the highway patrol is for ? to endanger hundreds of innocent driver on the highway so they can show it on tv and say how good they are and how they almost got killed by the criminal they were chasing in which some cases its just kids that are scared to death and dont know any better then try and run year sure cops are real heroes LOL LMAO :Dmoreless

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    It's half good,half funny.

    By woahwoah678, Jun 28, 2009

    This show is pretty funny,but it has a bunch of videos that were one of the best shows ever to be ever made.They should have not ended this show like every other show that was one of my favorite shows to ever been made.Everybody hates this show but me.I see it on TruTv and it's one of the best shows to ever show videos of car chases and criminals.Like a guy who shoplifts and steals a air conditionair without paying it.This show is one of the very funny shows to be ever made and it should have not been ended.moreless

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    Why is it you try to make people think that officers are always in the right when, we see obviously there not? Are you commy's? It's beginning to look that way. You need to cool your heals or, your going to loose your appeal.

    By tsu392, Apr 26, 2009

    Don't be non concerning. If you think because your working for the local, state or fed gov. you are ammune to prosecution. Your hellacioucly wrong and, your own leaders will throw you to the dogs if you get caught up in a civil rights case causing them embarassement. People your working for will not allow a law suit to cause them anymore economic or political issues. For a law suit will cost them more than firing your butt. I served this so called great country and found that, their gratitude only runs so deep. Don't be presumptious. your friendmoreless

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