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    One of the most pointless shows on Sci-Fi

    By MrRossZ, Oct 07, 2011

    Who came up with the idea of putting wrestling on science fiction channel? I can understand (more or less) if it was something along the lines of battle bots, but this is plain rediculous. The programming people on Sci-Fi seem to be canning decent shows like Dresden Files and insert this kind of stuff. Pretty soon the BSG runs out and they indert Razor instead, DF is dead, Flash Gordon is a joke, Painkiller is killed, Eureka is not much of a show - and I'm not even going to mention the B movie craze they have -- this is getting to the point that the Sci-Fi channel devolves to just another sawdust filled pointless thing that most ppl will ignore.moreless

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    This is a review on this weeks ECW.

    The Main Event: Swagga vs. Matt Hardy

    Good Show

    By rvdkid9602, Mar 16, 2011

    This show is remember for 2 things: Tommy Dreamer retirement speech, and Hardy/Swagger match, and the rest of show was all right.

    Match 1: Paul Burchill/Katie "Sexy" Leavs. Dj "That 70's guy" Gabriel/Alicia "I was remembered for Wedding Planner" Fox: This was an okay match showing off the girls mostly. *1/2

    Match 2: Boogeyman vs. Jobber: The only cool thing is Boogeyman. But why keep destroying jobbers instead of giving him people that are at least known.


    Dreamer Speech: This was a fantastic promo, and delivered great and emotional, and I felt like crying when Dreamer was. But give him a shot or run with title, because he's been working hard for being only ECW Original wrestler left. Dreamer is Ecw!!!!


    Main Event: Matt "I'll never die, but knees are" Hardy vs. Jack "Young Buck" Swagga: This was a solid match, and as good or little better than Swagga's match last week against Finlay, and they had good chemistry, but my opinion on Swagga's title win, is I'm torn, because he's a great talent, but Hardy still had some good time left has champ, but Congrats Swagga!!!!


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    By j_oneill21, Mar 16, 2011

    Really disappointing!!!! Lacked any creativity what so ever! Maybe it was just this one episode, I don't know but this week was bad. Boring, and just plain dull. Now I know they only have an hour on air, but comeone guys! You can do better than that. We want to see Extreme Wrestling. That's why its called ECW. Extreme Championship Wrestling. You guys have an hour, make a better effort. Surprise your viewers, bring in I don't know Stone Cold Steve Austin or someone. Just for an appearance. Just make a better show. PLEASE!!!! I'm ready to just shut it off altogether.moreless

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    Not so extreme,but an ok show

    By mgerety, Mar 16, 2011

    ECW on Sci-fi is not ECW at all. They should change the name of the brand to something else. The least they could do if have the World title matches be extreme rules. I don't watch it every week just because I am not a big fan of the show and only catch it when I am home. They should bring back the Hardcore title for this brand. To me it is the worst of the three brands. It is still a have way decent wrestling show. If WWE was to get rid of any of their shows I'd say this or Superstars because there is way to much WWE on TV. Its on everyday but Wednesday and Saturdays and their are rumors of a possible Wednesday show.moreless

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    What does wrestling have to do with science fiction?

    By steveo9009, Mar 16, 2011

    Nothing. So why is it on SyFy? I can't even imagine a reason that wouldn't insult wrestling fans, so I won't speculate beyond saying $$$.

    The least they could do is add some special effects. Throw in a vampire, a witch, and an alien.

    They could do secluded matches, for the safety of the audience, where super powers could be used and the lives (or even souls) of the competitors could be at stake! Guest stars from various shows could show up from time to time, tech from Eureka could be employed. A wrestler could be posessed by a demon and the Ghost Hunters could show up and exorcise it!

    Bottom line, if it's on SyFy it should have content related to science fiction and/or fantasy.moreless

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    It started off okay, tried to do the job. Took away a Velocity show that I never ever watched. But how far has it come?

    By Govvy, Apr 27, 2010

    I would assume that the WWE could hold this down rather well. But sadly things went from good, okay, bad, better, then terrible. What is the point in having an ECW World Heavyweight Champion if he isn't going to even be on ECW? And what is the point in cross branding ECW? It just makes it an even weaker brand.

    When they started, they had the Big Show, who just seemed too big for ECW. Then Test came and went, shamefully something went wrong right near the beginning of ECWs return. Even Khali looked way out of place here!

    When Lashley came and won the title, things looked a little better, but instead he had to be this dominant former army Sargent. There hasn't been any decent competition since the start, sadly there still isn't. The only good thing is CM Punk and one or two others who can wrestle. But this isn't enough. No where near enough to support me and my hunger to actually see the sport.

    Now to make things worse Vince came into ECW to take the title, screwing things around and releasing Sabu who is ECW through and through. Now all that is left is RVD and CM Punk who at this moment in time look like they will never have a "chance in hell" to get that title.

    That is what is wrong with ECW, no other titles, just a single title in the wrong hands in the wrong place and frankly on a different show. And to quote Jerry (The King) Lawler, "Extremely Crappy Wrestling".moreless

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    WOW!!!!This is not even extreme......

    By Wiktor360, Oct 18, 2008

    I remember when this was extreme and that was from 1993- 2001 and kind of June 2006- November 2006. Now, I dont even bother watching this show because its bad. How is it called "EXREME championship Wrestling" when the last time they had a extreme rules matches was months ago. During the draft of 2008, they took out the best superstars from from ecw. THere are only like 2 origanals left. All I have to say is why bother watching this show when its not extreme and there are not any good superstars. When Mark Henry,Matt Hardy leave........ Thats it for Extremly Crappy Wrestling. Now, somehow I agree with jerry lawler about ecw. Overall: 4/10moreless

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    ECW: Whats so Extreme about it

    By pitbull3, Sep 12, 2008

    The New ECW is no where as good as the original one was. It is decent but not as good since they added Smackdown guys on it. THe lack of hardcore matches really has me asking why call it ECW at all. They should at least either have the main event be hardcore or the world title match should be under "extreme rules" I don't see anything Extreme about it. I still enjoy the show, but it could use some major changes. I just want them to stop giving the belt to guys who come over from smackdown. ECW has many guys who deserve the belt Benjamin, Burke, Morrison,dreamer, and others. Like I said its decent but deserves an upgrade.moreless

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    Bringing back Ecw is a really smart thing The WWE did.

    By skysofly4, Jun 10, 2008

    Ecw needs to be longer. I have loved Ecw since it started in the 1990"s. some of my favorite superstars are Rob Van Dam, CM punk, Tommy Dreammer, Stevie Richards,John Morrison,and The current Ecw champion Kane. It was about time they gave Kane the a Championship lately he has had a rivalry with chavo Guerrero. I was also glad to see Chavo win the Ecw championship. By far my favorite rivalry since Ecw started back up has to be Cm punk vs John Morrison. They bought the best out of each other which carried over into their matches and promos. I still have them on my dvr.moreless

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