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  • Jim Cornette: (as the 4-way ends in a "no contest") The wreck just took place! The brakeman has gone to sleep, somebody forgot to throw the switch, and the trains are off the track!

  • Vince McMahon: It has been said that anything can happen here in the World Wrestling Federation, but now more than ever, truer words have never been spoken. This is a conscious effort on our part to open the creative envelope, so to speak, in order to entertain you in a more contemporary manner. Even though we call ourselves sports entertainment because of the athleticism involved, the key word in that phrase is entertainment. The WWF extends far beyond the strict confines of sports presentation into the wide open environment of broad-based entertainment. We borrow from such program niches like soap operas like The Days of Our Lives, or music videos such as those on MTV, daytime talk-shows like Jerry Springer and others, cartoons like The King of the Hill on Fox, sitcoms like Seinfeld, and other widely accepted forms of television entertainment. We in the WWF think that you, the audience, are quite frankly tired of having your intelligence insulted. We also think that you're tired of the same old simplistic theory of good guys versus bad guys. Surely the era of the superhero urge you to say your prayers and take your vitamins is definitely passe. Therefore, we've embarked upon a far more innovative and contemporary creative campaign that is far more invigorating and extemporaneous than ever before. However, due to the live nature of Raw and the War Zone, we encourage some degree of parental discretion as it relates to the younger audience allowed to stay up late. Other WWF programmess on USA such as Saturday morning LiveWire and Sunday morning Superstars, where there is a 40 percent increase in the younger audience, obviously however need no such discretion. We are responsible television producers who work hard to bring you this outrageous, wacky, wonderful world known as the WWF. Through some 50 years, the World Wrestling Federation has been an entertainment mainstray in North America and all over the world. One of the reasons for that longevity is as the times have changed, so have we. I am happy to say that this new vibrant, creative direction has resulted in a huge increase in television viewership, for which we thank USA Network and TSN for allowing us to have the creative freedom, but most especially we would like to thank you for watching. Raw and the War Zone are definitely the cure for the common show.

  • (The Nation's music plays) J.R: Looks like The Nation is coming out.....(notices DX coming out as the Nation) No!!!! The King: (realises the same thing) Oh my God. J.R, look at this. J.R: (in a laughing tone) I am not believing this. (DX makes their way to the ring) Well, you gotta know your role and I think we're gonna find out what everybody's role is here, now..... The King: Look at DX. I mean, the Nation. Look at the Crock, uh, Rock. And look at B-Lo over there. (laughs) J.R: B-Lo. And look at that yahoo dressed up like Owen Hart. The King: I guess they're gonna come down here and lay some smackdown. J.R: Well I can tell you this. I know that The Rock is in Miami, at his home watching this tonight. Owen Hart is in Calgary. And Mark Henry is down in Texas..... The King: And I bet the furniture in all 3 of their houses are flying around the room right now.....(notices the Owen Hart imposter)....look at this guy's nose. (DX are in the ring) J.R: Well, we have not seen. We have not seen DX all day, folks, so this is very un-characteristic for these guys. The King: (notices the word "Mizark") What is that, Mizark??? What does that mean? J.R: Like you would know. The King: (laughs) Look at this, this is great. He is The Rock, look. J.R: The part of The Rock will now be played by HHH. Look at that eyebrow. (the audience cheer) The King: Look at the Godfather. "Godfather": Pimps up. Hoes down. West SIDE!!!!!!! J.R: What's that mean?

  • The "Crock": You know The Crock, just came from the bathroom..... The King: The Crock. The "Crock":....and whoooo!!!! You should've smelt what the Rock was cooking. (the fans, J.R and The King laugh) The King: Look at B-Lo. J.R: The Nation's ain't gonna like this. The "Crock": I ain't thinking....ya should've smelt what The Rock was baking. "B-Lo": The Rock was baking. Brother was baking. (runs to a turnbuckle and poses) The King: Look at D-Lo, he's the man. Look at 'em shake his head. (laughs) No wait, that's B-Lo. (B-Lo lies on the canvas while The Crock looks down on him) The King: Uh-oh. J.R: What's going on here now? (The Crock takes his elbow pad off) The King: Uh-oh, it's the People's Elbow, J.R. J.R: Ah, the best damn elbow in the business.....according to The Rock. Look at this. (he Crock goes for the People's Elbow. He does the hand movement, bounces off the ropes, turns around, then......) The "Crock": (just as he was about drop the People's Elbow) As a matter of fact....... (everyone laughs and gives The Crock a standing ovation) J.R: The People's Elbow. The King: And the people are standing up, look at this.

  • The "Crock": When it comes to The Crock and the ladies.....and The Crock hits, rock bottom. He has no choice but to lay the smackdown on himself. "B-Lo": Ya hear that? The brother smacks himself down. (runs to a turnbuckle and poses) The King: (laughs) Look at B-Lo. J.R: Aw man, I.....can you imagine The Rock? He's broken every piece of furniture in his living room right now.

  • The King: Wait a minute, look at this guy. Is that his nose or did they park a bus on his face? J.R: It's supposed to be Owen Hart. "Owen": (in the exact voice as the real Owen) WELL ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, AND IT'S TIME FOR A CHANGE. (the crowd laughs) The King: Look at this. That is Owen Hart. Did you hear that voice? "Owen": So what? Nobody listens to me. Nobody gives a damn what I think. And what the hell am I doing wearing this ridiculous outfit? I look like a damn road sign. (J.R and King laugh) What the hell am I, a school crossing? You know, I tried to be a tough guy....but I just couldn't grow my damn beard in. And you know what? I, am not, a nugget. I'm a black heart, damn it. A WINNER, A SOLE SURVIVOR. WHOOOOOO!!!!! (The King laughs some more) J.R: Well. Things are not well in Calgary tonight. The King: That is Owen Hart. "Owen": And if anybody smells what The Rock is cooking? It's me. Look how big my damn nose is. (The King breaks out laughing) What the hell am I? An aardvark? WHOOOOOO!!!!! "B-Lo": What does the brother look like? An aardvark? The King: B-Lo, look at B-Lo.

  • "Mizark" Henry: (in a droopy tone of voice) Hey hey hey, Rock. I don't know what you're cooking. Smells like s**t. But I'll eat some anyways. (laughs) The "Crock": You know something, Mark Henry.....(takes shades off) Mizark Henry. I know you're the World's Strongest Man, and the Crock's got one hell of a body himself. But there's one thing the people wanna know. How do you gets your pecks to go all the way around your back like that? J.R: Oh man!!!!! "B-Lo": What he wants to know, is how...... Crock, Mizark and Godfather: SHUT UP!!!!! (B-Lo goes to the corner and poses once again)

  • HHH: Look. Shut your mouths and know your role. Nation, it's real simple. We got two words for ya: (with the audience) SUCK IT!!!!!!!

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  • This episode marked the final WWF appearance of Randy Savage, who would leave for WCW the next month.

  • Nielsen rating: 2.1

  • Nielsen rating: 2.3

  • Nielsen rating: 2.2

  • Nielsen rating: 2.6

  • Shawn Michaels vacates the WWF World Heavyweight Championship on this episode

  • Nielsen rating: 2.1

  • Bret Hart's infamous heel turn is featured in this episode

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  • Finkel announced Jeff Hardy as being from Virginia, he is from Cameron, North Carolina.

  • Vince McMahon actually had to do his entrance twice for simulcast because Nitro didn't cut to the Raw simulcast yet when he did his first entrance. In fact, Vince was on his way back up the ramp when Nitro finally cut to the simulcast. Paul Heyman quickly made an excuse saying Vince is doing his entrance twice just because he can. Also, during his speech he said "Not only is this speech being shown on TNN, it also being shown on TNN: Turner Network Television. He accidently said TNN instead of TNT.

  • Austin had the bandage on the wrong leg.

  • Shawn Michaels actually threw Marty Jannetty through the Barbershop Window. This occurred after Michaels turned on Jannetty (and ending the Tag Team of the Rockers) hitting him with a superkick (aka Sweet Chin Music). Also, the event did not occur 15 years ago. It occurred 11 years ago on January 17, 1992.

  • When Ric Flair calls Randy Orton to the ring, Randy comes out with Ric Flair's entrance music instead of his own music.

  • When Kane tombstoned Linda into the steel, Linda's head didnt even hit the steel.

  • When Shane pushes Kane into the dumpster of fire, you can see that there was another part of the dumpster that Kane went in.

  • JR says this is the first time Lita's been on Raw for over a year.What about when she came on a couple of monthes ago?

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  • Kane attcked - HeadbangerMoshe & D'Lo to cause no contest, In last 1/2 hr Rocky was handcuffed & taken away by security in the back, Owen Hart called out Dan Severn who had on a neck brace. Owen attacked Severn. As medical crew was loading Severn in ambulance- BlackMan attacked Owen who was saved by the Blue Blazer. Mr McMahon had the cage lowered and had Patterson, Briscoe & Sgt Slaughter get in cage with BossMan who then beat them up to punish them. Till Austin comes out & attacks Bossman- stooges then help BossMan. Shane McMahon gets in ring to stp it. Vince calls off BossMan - Then Undertaker comes out and attacks Austin--Kane then come out & using his "powers" sets parts of the cage on fire. Then helps Austin to beat on Undertaker to end the show.

  • Triple H: There's no crying in wrestling!
    This was a reference to the famous, "There's no crying in baseball!" quote from "A League of Their Own."

  • Kane: It's a nice day for a white wedding
    A song from recording artist Billy Idol which he talks about a white wedding.

  • Trish Stratus: Really? Funny, I didn't know Hugh Hefner was training people
    Hugh Hefner is the publisher of Playboy Magazine.

  • Batista: (to Triple H) Are you talking to me?
    This quote that Batista utters to Triple H during their face-off this week is a famous quote by Robert DeNiro from the movie "Taxi Driver." In fact, Batista was actually one of the WWE Superstars that took part in the Taxi Driver Trailer Parody to promote Wrestlemania 21.

  • The green slime is an allusion to the show Nickelodeon Slime Time Live and the slime made popular by the station.

  • The Kevin Federline segment received a lot of attention from the media and some of it was negative publicity for having a non wrestler in the ring win a match.

  • JBL: Cole, I hope you get drafted to OVW. Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) is an American independent professional wrestling promotion based in Louisville, Kentucky. OVW is mostly recognized for its up-and-coming wrestlers and serves as the official primary training ground for World Wrestling Entertainment.

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