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    By gracielove, Nov 09, 2012


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    Nobody knows I watch this!

    By wwecwcw, Apr 15, 2007

    I really like extreme sports. My favorite discipline is skateboarding. Sandro Dias is awesome. Before, Tony Hawk was made famous by performing the first ever 900. Now, Sandro Dias pulls of the move almost every time he performs. Everyone has their own opinion regarding this sport. I just happen to like it. The excitement it brings is great. Other disciplines: Skating, Moto-X, Snowboarding, Skiing, Surfing, and more.

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    X = Extreme, I believe that!

    By MetalSmasher86, Aug 12, 2005

    The X Games is a competition where the best of the best in extreme sports push their skills to the limit for glory. Whether it may be jumping a 70-foot gap in Skateboard Big Air, the attempt to pull off the fabled triple tail whip on a BMX bike, or pulling off a double backflip on a motorcycle, there is nothing in this contest that doesn't have an extreme factor to it. So if you enjoy high-speed death-defying insanity, or if you just like extreme sports in general, then the X Games is the sports show for you. One more thing, children, do not try those stunts at home.moreless

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    I can do that..

    By Data-Dox, Aug 04, 2005

    With my hands, legs, and head tied behind my back, I can do all those things. a McDonald’s twist, 5000, skip, crunch, break the thing, grind, 360+, bounce, slide, around the horn, through the hoop, upside-down, side to side and sideways, inverted, and kiss my shiny metal ass. It is a good show though.

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