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  • S 2012 : Ep 12.13.12

    Best of Dec 13, 2012

    Aired 12/12/12

  • S 2012 : Ep 12.06.12

    Best of Dec 6, 2012

    Aired 12/5/12

  • S 2012 : Ep 11.29.12

    Best of Nov 29, 2012

    Aired 11/28/12

  • S 2012 : Ep 11.15.12

    Best of Nov 15, 2012

    Aired 11/14/12

  • S 2012 : Ep 11.11.12

    Best of Nov. 11, 2012

    Aired 11/7/12

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  • Morgan Webb


  • Blair Herter


  • Kristin Adams


  • Adam Sessler

    Co-Host (2003-2012)

  • Jason Frankovitz

    The Disembodied Voice (2003-2005)

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  • It's Game Time. Airing on G4, X-Play provides reviews and previews of the latest video games. Hosted by Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb, each episode rates new video games releases on a 5 point scale and previews soon to be released games with game trailers, clips and hands on demos with the game makers. Mixed with highbrow and lowbrow humor, it's "TV's gaming source, that feeds your daily gaming addiction." Originally airing on the ZDTV network in 1998 as GameSpot TV, the show was hosted by Adam Sessler and Lauren Fielder for the first year and Sessler and Kate Botello afterwards. A typical episode began with an update of information posted on the GameSpot website then went into game reviews where games were ranked according to GameSpot's 0.1-10.0 scale. Other segments included interview game designers and hints and cheats on games. In 2001, TechTv acquired ZDTV and changed the name of the show to Extended Play. Much of the original format remained, but the rating scale was simplified to the 5 point scale. Botello remained with the show for a year, and Sessler would host on his own until 2003 when the name changed to X-Play and he would gain another Co-Host with Morgan Webb, formally of The Screen Savers. With the inception of X-Play, the show became more comical and darker. Skits were added that included many of the crew of the show and became fan favorites. More mature games and subject matter were discussed and it wasn't unusual to see someone "die" in an episode (only to be revived in the next one). While the reviews and previews remained the show began to show some variety show elements which many fans enjoyed. Self depreciating humor and recurring characters helped make the show more than just a simple review show. During this time G4 merged with TechTV and later disbanded many of the networks former employees. X-Play survived the merge and would later become the only show that survived that period, including all of the original G4 shows. Eventually, the skits were removed, the humor was toned down, and X-Play became a streamlined show more like it's roots with game reviews, previews cheats and interviews with game designers and members of the gaming community. With additional correspondents (American Idol contestant and former G4 Cheat! host Kristin Adams and former Road Rules member Blair Herter) the occasional dirty reference and a wide library of games to choose from, X-Play has become one of the most watched shows on G4 and boasts to be the highest rated video game show on television. On October 26, 2012, it was announced by G4 that X-Play (along with Attack of the Show) was canceled and would endproduction at the end of the year.This was due to G4 being rebranded in February 2013to the Equire Network, a channeldevoted to the"metrosexual" demographic. The final episode aired as a one hour special on Wednesday January 23, 2013.moreless

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  • Quotes (97)

    • Morgan: Stop attacking me with your show Pereira.

    • Disembodied Voice: For the first time ever on G4, two long haired girls on screen at the scame time. It's Tina Wood and Morgan Webb.

    • Tina: I'm just used to doing the witty banter with my Co-Host Laura Foy and you know talking to people I can never see. Morgan: Ghosts? Tina: No silly, callers.

    • Morgan: Tom Clancy's Slinter Cell: Chaos Theory makes its long awaited and not really anticipated debut on the N-Gage. Dozens of people around the world have never been happier.

    • The Sess: Nintendo is a Japanese company.

    • The Sess: Funny how a company named Rare hasn't put out a good game in five years.

    • The Sess: You know, if I ever said something that stupid, I would shave my ass and shoot my self.

    • Adam V: If humans can love and love causes pain, then all humans must be destroyed.

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    Notes (43)

    • Hosted by Adam sessler.

    • Co-Host of GameSpot tv was Lauren Fielder

    • First air in 1998.

    • In 2000 Gamespot tv turn into a new show called Extendid play.

    • Last time air was 2000.

    • I have no episodes for GameSpot tv.

    • This marks the first appearance of the Darth Fanboy character.

    • Alternative Title Big Celebrity Blow Out; FF: Crystal Chronicles and more

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    Trivia (13)

    • This episode contains the Reservoir Geeks parody of Reservoir Dogs' initial diner scene.

    • This episode marks the first appearance of Drunk Link and Drunk Writer.

    • Kevin Pereira is jokingly pushing his own G4 show Attack of the Show. Attack of the Show was renamed from The Screen Savers and begain airing new episodes under its new name only a few days before this episode aired (March 28, 2005).

    • When the scientist holds down F8 on his computer, you can clearly see that the computer is off.

    • In the last part of the episode, the two co-hosts meet up with the Star Wars fanboy who had his hand cut off by Morgan in Season 1.

    • In the "Lego movie games we'd like to see" sketch, there were four potential movie games, but in the original episode, there are only three.

    • This begins a three episode arc with Julie Stoffer from G4's The Electic Playgroung as Guest Host.

    • Adam has a sore throat on this episode and mentions the fact at the beginning; however his review segments were done prior to his illness since they sound normal.

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    Allusions (21)

    • Star Wars reference Adam: Punch it Chewie Morgan: Roarrrrrrr!!! Quotes make reference to the Star Wars characters Han Solo and Chewbacca.

    • The entire episode parodies the film Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

    • Previous episode reference After the preview of Inuyasha: Feudal Combat, Adam makes comment that Morgan hasn't mentioned that many Prime Time Drama references since the episode they reviewed a Tony Hawk game and she referenced Chicago Hope.

    • During the preview for Inuyasha: Feudal Combat, Morgan makes numerous reference to the television show Melrose Place.

    • Song - Pass the Dutchie Morgan: Uh oh, looks like somebody busted out the hookah. Remember kids, pass it down the right hand side.
      Reference is to the 1982 song "Pass the Dutchie" by Musical Youth. One of the lyrics is "Pass the dutchie down the left hand side." One can assume that either the X-Play writers got the lyric wrong, or they were stating that you pass the dutchie left and pass the hookah right.

    • Film: Animal House Morgan: I want Niedermeyer dead. He's worthless and weak. While Morgan is discussing the NHL's Scott Niedermayer she makes this quote. It has multiple references to the film Animal House.
      Neidermayer was a member of the antagonistic Omega Theta Pi fraternity. He was a cadet officer in the college's ROTC program and during the movie says "You're all worthless and weak! Now drop and give me twenty!" At the end of the movie, he is the one credited as being killed by his own troops in Vietnam.
      Also, after Bluto's famous uninspiring "German's invading Pearl Harbor" speech he says he wants all of his enemies dead, "Wormer, he's a dead man! Marmalard, dead! Niedermeyer..." at which Otto interrupts and says "Dead" and continues with his speech that inspires the members of Delta Tau Chi.

    • Tina Wood: Tonight marks the biggest gaming event of the year, and it starts right now. Tina hosted G4tv.com and their intro slogan for every episode began with "starts right now".

    • Episode Title - The Adios, 9th Planet From The Sun Episode Title stems from the reclassification demotion of Pluto from being the 9th planet in our solar system to being classified as a dwarf planet on September 13, 2006.

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  • Fan Reviews (137)
  • from Bad to Average and that's me being nice

    By MadMetalCrimson, Jan 21, 2013

  • Tv's most watched and longest running video game show. Despite the changes it's gone though over the years.

    By danharr, May 15, 2011

  • Is okay but used to be alot better.

    By diamond07, Jan 15, 2008

  • THese people dont know what gaming is about!!!!

    By Kennymustnotdie, Jul 27, 2006

  • If you like people talking about how good a game is with added humor, you should definitely change the channel so you see this.

    By bulletsword, Jul 24, 2006

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