Xena: Warrior Princess

A Day in the Life

Season 2, Ep 15, Aired 2/17/97
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  • Episode Description
  • Xena and Gabrielle spend a day trying to save two villages, one from a band of thugs, the other from a giant, while getting on each other's nerves and trying to fend off the amorous advances of a lovesick farmer.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Renee O'Connor


  • Lucy Lawless, MNZM


  • Alison Wall


  • Michael Hurst O.N.Z.M.

  • Willy de Wit


  • Fan Reviews (5)
  • Minyas debut.

    By PinderPower, Aug 16, 2008

  • It's all in a day's work...

    By HelianthusXX, Jul 25, 2008

  • An absolute Xena classic - you cannot help but fall in love with this episode.

    By la_survive, Jan 08, 2008

  • In this great, lighthearted episode, we spend a day in the lives of Xena and Gabrielle, as they squabble and bicker while simultaneously trying to save two villages from a giant and a warlord's men respectively. One of the very best comedy offerings...

    By Jay-Spacedust, Dec 30, 2007

  • Life sure sucks for these 2!!!

    By lenzinoH20, Jul 14, 2006

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (8)

    • (Xena and Gabrielle argue after she puts the pinch on a soldier)
      Soldier: Uhh, could you guys talk about this some other time?
      Xena: Oh, yeah, I've cut off the...
      Soldier: ...Flow of blood to my brain. I've heard all about it. What do you want to know?

    • Gabrielle: Another one's fallen for you. Xena: Again! Why does this always happen? Gabrielle: (sighs) It’s the blue eyes, the leather. Some guys just love leather. Xena: I think a wardrobe change is in order. Gabrielle: You could wear chain mail? Xena: Yeah, but I think that would just attract a kinkier group. Gabrielle: You’re probably right. Xena: On the other hand, I could just stop bathing and wear a smelly wolf’s skin around. That would turn ‘em off! Gabrielle: That’s true. Of course, then you would also be traveling alone.

    • Gabrielle: Which way? Xena: I don’t know, I’ve never been here before. Gabrielle: Xena, you know, you should’ve asked for instructions while you had the pinch on that guy. Xena: Well, you were there, why didn’t you ask him? Gabrielle: Oh, like you would want me butting in on one of your pinch interrogations. Xena: Why not? You ask good questions. Gabrielle: Really? Thank you!

    • Hower: Does Xena ever think about settling down and getting married? Gabrielle: No. She likes what I d-- (she's hit by a fish) I think she likes what she’s doing.

    • Gabrielle: We did it! We did it! Yeah! When Gareth gets here, we’re gonna have a-- piece of parchment floating in the air...with a belt-buckle hanging on it. Xena, what is this supposed to do?

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    Notes (7)

    • In Australia, this episode aired before "Intimate Stranger". So with the airing out of order, the viewers learn that it was Xena is in Callisto's body who killed Theodorus and the surprise of this body switching and the killing was essentially spoiled.

    • The special effect used to make Gareth appear larger than Xena is called a forced perspective shot.

    • Xena battling Gareth was originally intended for the episode "The Giant Killer" earlier in the season, but that episode was too long, so it was cut from the story and used here instead.

    • Ever noticed the piece of roadkill in Gareth's footprint? That was real. On the way to the shoot Michael Hurst, the episode's director saw it and said it was just what the shot needed.

    • This episode is regarded as one of the 10 classic Xena episodes of all time.

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    Trivia (4)

    • While playing the "Who Am I?" game, Gabrielle guesses the following warlords whom Xena has killed in previous episodes (in guessing order):
      Atyminius - "Mortal Beloved"
      Dagnine - "Orphan of War"
      Toxeus - "Death in Chains"
      Mezentius - "The Path Not Taken"
      Sinteres - "The Royal Couple of Thieves"
      The correct answer is Theodorus (though technically it was Callisto who killed him after Ares put her in Xena's body) - "Intimate Strangers"

    • The scroll that Gabrielle is working on while Xena has a bathroom break is actually the story of their encounter with Bacchus and his Bacchae. Xena and Gabrielle encountered Bacchus in the earlier second season episode "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun".

    • Xena put together the first kite in Greece in this episode, though she preferred to call it "flying parchment". Kites are thought to have been invented in China, so maybe this is something she learned from Lao Ma.

    • Goof: During the hot tub scene, Gabrielle rises up high enough that you can see she is wearing something over her breasts to hold them down.

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