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    The best cartoon ever

    By JohnJohnson5785, May 05, 2015

    How to draw Wolverine -

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    Top Shows - If only I could remember it more

    By anastasia1243, Feb 08, 2014

    Various ep (97)

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    an introduction to mutant life

    By Lotti, Nov 23, 2013

    I will happily admit to people that I love comics (especially for the great art that often features on the covers) but my love for Marvel in particular started with X-Men, and this is the show that introduced me to them! I don't watch many of the comic-turned-cartoons any more, but X-Men will always be a favourite of mine. As a child I loved Rogue, and even back then would 'ship' her and Gambit! This is something I can watch time and time again, and I love the theme tune too!moreless

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    A joke.

    By emeraldcity, Jun 27, 2013

    For some reason Marvel Comics were favoured as the comics to turn into films in these times. Marvels compeditors-DC Comics, had the more interesting artwork & better titles like The Shadow & a kid I never liked the style of artwork that was a regular feature in Stan Lee's Marvel comic line up. It tended to appeal to kids who were a bit dumb. Overly stylized & lacking thought, Marvel comics kept coming-and like the comics these films kept coming-one pompous over produced bucket of violent goo after another-like a smell that won't go away-literally. This film is no good on so many levels it is hard to quantify-its very violent so its not for kids-it has little value as a coming of age movie so it doesn't work for teens-and it is basically an exercise in dumbness so its not for adults either. So what is it? A perfect example of why shareholders in companies that make films have the right to take those big companies to court for failure to perform. I guess the only reason why actresses like Famke Janssen appeared in films like this is the paycheque-it sure can't be for the artistic self expression-which is a joke. Weeeeeeeeee.moreless

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    The Greatest Super Hero Cartoon of All-Time

    By CansisKid, Jun 12, 2012

    I think pound-for-pound the '90s X-Men cartoon was the greatest super hero cartoon ever, even over Batman:The Animated Series. I thought that the X-Men cartoon had the deepest storylines of any super hero cartoon. Also, it had the best animation. The show is better than Batman Beyond, Justice League, Avengers, or any other X-men cartoon that came after. For anyone who loves super hero cartoons, this is the best of the best. The last several episodes SUCKED though. Maybe the last 10 episodes because they changed the animation and voices, and the stories were awful.moreless

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    The best X-Men cartoon ever

    By MarvelownsDC, Jun 01, 2012

    I have all 5 seasons of this on DVD and I love watching it over and over again

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    x-men is about somepeople all over the world whos genes has mutanted givng this people powers.

    By jack756, Aug 23, 2011

    as a guy born in november of 1990. i watch this as a kid but now that im older i like it alot more than what i did at first.

    the writing is clever and its stayed fresh over the 5 seasons run.

    the action scenes are very well done for a cartoon.

    this cartoon does x-men justice.

    the show is very good if u can get over the fact the show is a cartoon.

    it does take alittle while to get over the drawings alittle seeing how new cartoons in 2000slooks nothing like cartoons that were in the x-men 1990 days but u get over it pretty quick.

    for those who never seen this or dont know anything about x-men i say watch this its gives u almost all the characters and their backgrounds making u a new fan and for old fans this showwill make uenjoy x-men more than what u did.

    love this show:)

    if u ask me whos my favorite x-men ill say storm and cyclops .storm is so strong willed, a great beauty for blacks to see,and i love her powers..cyclops is very serious,smart,hardworking and responisble just like me which is nice to see on tv..moreless

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    X-Men:Evolution made it look stupid.

    By McRazor, Dec 09, 2010

    I watched X-Men:Evolution before I watched this show...and I was preety dissapointed when I finally did watch it. Everybody were saying how it's cool and great ,but it doesn't look that way for me. Shore ,people like it because it was made by comic ,and that's OK with me...but what about those people who don't read comics ,like your's truly? Marvel cartoons got one big flaw in comparasion with WB shows ,and that is - they are laying too much on comics.They think that all people who watch the show ,read comics as well ,and beacuse of that ,the characters are not defined ,the show itself is without some basic pattern...get the picture? I'm really sorry for I didn't watched this show earlier...I would maybe respect it more. But this way ... I'm sorry ,but ,thumbs down for the X-Men and Marvel ,and thumbs up for DC and Evolution.moreless

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    Best X-men series so far

    By G3ckOz, Oct 10, 2009

    This show was/is without a doubt the best series in the X-men franchise. It caught my eye when i was still a young boy and now more than a decade later i'm re-watching this whole show.With every episode i'm beginning to like it again, more and more. Such a good strong plot and storyline, characters strongly built, and the X-men are truly a team here. Although I am not a hardcore X-Men fan like most of the reviewers here, I have to admit that this is one of the few animated TV shows that present complex characters in intense, action adventured situations, with mature situations and plot. I think most of us here have seen this show but if not i do recommend it, since there's no other like itmoreless

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    Professor X forms the team of the best. To save the world. Fight for there share for the world. They over come the odds agisnt Megneto, sinsiter , apoclips, and other terms of events.

    By Maxis-Either, Jan 30, 2009

    Wow the legendary Xmen. Grown up at there prime. This is the best i seen of them.. I accauly like the the shows I followed it. This one ment alot. The most. Now i collect the marvel comics' book. As It the first taste for me ever saturday morning on Fox. Now that was good progaming on the part of marvel comics. I enjoyed it. Favourite villain The Juggernutt. It's the supper sterngth, beeing invonerable, and mythical. The stagments where well done!! the fueds with past life, also was precented well. My favourite of all tv shows in and of time. It is now 2009 i like marvel comics. As this one is the best to me.moreless

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