The Lotus and the Steel

Season 4, Ep 13, Aired 2/3/96
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  • Episode Description
  • Finding himself continually losing control, Wolverine takes a sabbatical to Japan, in an effort to find inner peace in temple-building. Instead, he faces a village under siege by a group of bandits, and struggles to help them without compromising his search for his true nature.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Don Francks

    Sabertooth/Victor Creed

  • Cedric Smith

    Professor X/Charles Xavier

  • Paul Haddad

    Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner

  • Cal Dodd


  • Alyson Court

    Jubilee/Jubilation Lee

  • Fan Reviews (1)
  • Wolverine goes to Japan to find inner peace, but he just gets himself involved in more fighting.

    By ZaleIsBackAgain, Feb 20, 2007

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (4)

    • Wolverine: (after Silver Samurai teleports away) Somehow I DON'T think he's local.

    • Wolverine: Who's Evel Knievel? Kisara: He is my brother, Soichi. He... has a wild spirit. Wolverine: My condolences.

    • Wolverine: I got a lotta memories. So what if a few of 'em ain't real?

    • Wolverine: (as the villagers stare at him) What, did I step on a duck?

    Notes (4)

    • Once again, here's a list of things as they are in versions aired in Canada & the UK, and how they're different from the version aired in the country of origin, the US: - The title is "Lotus and the Steel" instead of "The Lotus and the Steel". - Onscreen font is bolder. - Wolverine flashes back to his carving his and Silver Fox's names on the cabin door, then facing the costumed Sabretooth inside, instead of being told off by Silver Fox at the end of "Weapon X...". - Flashback to Wolverine letting loose in the Danger Room from "Till Death Do Us Part (1)" instead of him and Jean from "Captive Hearts". - Wolverine replies by saying, "No. She's happy. I love her enough to want her to stay that way.", instead of no reply - The "oriental music" during the montage of Logan's working is different (louder, more "cheery"). - Wolverine walks to the village mob gathering, carrying the bundle of logs on his shoulder, as Soichi says "Since I was a child, I have watched our people work hard only to have these criminals take what little we earn." The US version cuts right to Logan dropping the logs, and Soichi mentioning thier children, the image flipped to the right side. - Wolverine's nightmare is more coherant, showing a clip of the adamantium bonding scene from "Repo Man"; his leaving Yuriko from "Out of the Past (1)", then facing her as Lady Deathstrike later in that episode; various images from "Weapon X, Lies, and Video Tape" with Sabretooth and Logan exchanging remarks about their shared past, ending with Creed's forced abandoning of Maverick & Silver Fox; Nightcrawler urging Logan to open his heart from "Nightcrawler"; ending with new animation of Wolverine walking along the beach, looking into a puddle in a rock, and seeing his reflection turning into Sabretooth's (the rest of which plays out in both versions the same). - The children in the tree don't make giggling sounds. - The cutting off of Samurai's sash makes no sound effects. - The final shot of the episode does a "shrinking circle" fade, letting Jubilee's final remark of "who was that Oku guy, again?" actually be heard. - Season 3 style end credits.

    • Animation Company: Philippine Animation Studio Inc. (incorrectly listed as AKOM).

    • Original broadcast end-credits-scene: "Days Of Future Past (2)"; Cyclops runs into the Blob/ Blob prepares to sit on the X-Men, which Jubilee finds gross.

    • Silver Samurai makes his first (and only) appearance here. His history with Wolverine is a lot more involved in the comics (he's the brother of his fiancee and gained his armor from Logan's ex-wife).

    Trivia (12)

    • Beast, Gambit, Rogue and Storm do not appear in this episode. Cyclops only appears in a flashback of old footage, and Jean Grey appears in a flashback of new footage, however, has no lines.

    • Nightcrawler and Sabretooth appear (and speak) in rememberances within Wolverine's mirror.

    • Wolverine's history in Japan was previously dealt with in season 3's "Out Of The Past (1)".

    • Takaki pulls out his sword when preparing to defeat the "ignorant peasants", yet in the next shot, he lacks a weapon, and both hands are on the bike's throttle.

    • When driving into the village, the footage of the bikers rolling over the hole-trap is replayed, though nobody falls this time around.

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    Allusions (3)

    • title: The Lotus And The Steel
      The title refers to the meditiative position Wolverine is shown practicing, and the steel of the Silver Samurai. There's other meanings to it (such as the delicateness of the lotus vs the hardness of the steel), but that seems to be the main one.

    • Silver Samurai: Gaijin!
      The name Wolverine is repeatedly called by the Japanese men in this episode, Gaijin, generally means "foreigner", despite not being an accurate translation of the word.

    • Wolverine: Who's Evel Knievel?
      Logan compares Soichi to the famous American stunt-man and motorcyclist.

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