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  • Morph: Wolverine! Pull back! (Morph throws Wolverine out of the way and the Sentinel fires) Jean: AHHH! Xavier: What's wrong, Jean? Jean: It's Morph! Can't you feel it? Xavier: Morph? I... don't sense anything...

  • (Jubilee is coughing after inhaling knockout gas as she approaches Cyclops) Jubilee: Who are you? Cyclops: Cyclops. Get down! Jubilee: (falling into Cyclops' arms) I don't have a whole lotta... choice.

  • (Jubilee accidentally destroys an arcade game) Jubilee: No! Not again! Arcade Manager: Hey you! Do you know how much that game costs?! Jubilee: Yeah. A quarter.

  • Morph: When I got in trouble in school, I used to turn myself into the Principal (laughs) Beast: Consider yourself fortunate; I had dandruff.

  • Sentinel: Stand aside, I must apprehend that mutant. Gambit: Hey, apprehend this! (Gambit shoots his flaming cards at the Sentinel)

  • Jubilee's Father: (Talking about Jubilee) She’s one of them Martha, she needs help. Martha: But how could you register her with that mutant control agency as if she where some sort of criminal. Jubilee's Father: The agency isn’t a prison Martha, its an outreach program to help these unfortunate people…. Its for her own good. You know I love her. Martha: But what will happen to her now? Jubilee's Father: I don’t know. Let’s just hope the neighbors never find out our beautiful Jubilee's a mutant. They would never understand.

  • [After Jubilee runs into Storm and Rogue knocking them over] Jubilee: Hey! Why don't you watch where you're going? Rogue: Us! What bug crawled up her shorts? Storm: I believed it's called youth, Rogue.

  • Storm: Storm, mistress of the elements, commands you to release that child! Rogue: Lighten up on the speeches sugar.

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  • The original "preview" version (aired only once) featured not only mistakes (in the opening, Xavier's name logo in opening colored gray, Magneto has coloring mistakes in his costume, and day and night background inconsistancies; Cyclops' glasses when visiting Jubilee's parents are black instead of red; Rogue is incorrectly in costume in Gyrich's picture; Gambit's eyes were often normal colored; Beast often lacked the shadows in his hair and fur; Jubilee is sitting in the War Room when the team is watching the President's speech; the shot of the soldiers at the end had them in red riot gear instead of green uniforms) but also two lines which ended up being edited out in all repeats (when Rogue asks "what bug crawled up her shorts?" Storm replies "I believe it's called youth, Rogue", and after Gambit saves the female store clerk she responds "well, call me irresistible!").

  • Originally scheduled to air on September 12, 1992 (then October 10, then October 24), this episode was postponed repeatedly due to animation delays. As it was, the first version aired had numerous animation mistakes. The corrected version ended up making its debut in January 9, 1993.

  • Other Voiced Characters: Martha (Jubilee's Foster Mother), Martha's Husband, Various Sentinels, Cop, Panicked Woman, Arcade Manager, and Woman in Store.

  • This wasn't the first time the X-Men had made animated appearances: the 1966 toon The Sub-Mariner had the original team in the episode "Doctor Doom's Day"; the 1981 series Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, the team appeared a few times (notably "The X-Men Adventure"). And again on the 1988 aired-in-syndication special Pryde Of The X-Men.

  • Animation Company for every episode this season: Akom Production Company.

  • The scenario with Jubilee's foster parents dealing with mutant registration, as well as her destruction of the arcade game, were re-used in the live-action "Generation X" TV movie which aired on Fox in 1996.

  • During the first season, when aired on Fox Kids, featured a "computer interface" with CGI character profile models during the end credits (and a very different metal guitar theme song). Some later airings replaced these credits with those similar to season 2. To read what they said, check out the recap above.

  • An original X-Man to the animated series, Morph, is loosely based upon a shape-shifting character from early in the comics named Changeling. He became so popular, that an alternate version of Changeling in the "Age of Apocalypse" comics run was named Morph.

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Trivia (770)

  • This episode features the first appearance of the X-Men (Wolverine, Beast, Cyclops, Storm, Jean Grey, Gambit, Rogue, Professor Xavier, Morph, and Jubilee), the Sentinels, Henry Peter Gyrich, and Senator Robert Kelly.

  • Magneto's cadre of villains in the opening credits sequence includes Thunderbird (or Warpath), Pyro, Mystique, Sabretooth, & Avalanche. Also included on his side are Juggernaut and Gargoyle (an old Incredible Hulk villain), who aren't mutants in the comics, yet seem to be considered such on the show.

  • Cameo appearances seen in the Mansion's monitors include mutants Domino (the white woman with the eye-spot), Cannonball (the blast-bottomed guy), Sabertooth (the feral creature featured on the news), Magneto (using his magnetic powers with his back to the camera) and an ad for the "Genosha Beach Inn", which will play a larger role in the episode "Slave Island."

  • (Here's the Sentinel's mutant-scan readout) Mutant File: 051063-244 Subject: JUBILEE Name: Jubilation Lee Height: 5' / 152 Centimeters Weight: 90 lbs / 40 Kilograms Race: Chinese-American Address: 764 Lucille Court West

  • Rogue's comment about putting her boyfriend in a coma at 13 will be shown to us in the season 1 episode "The Cure".

  • The Sentinel scan read-outs for Storm, Rogue and Gambit read "Ht. 5'11, Wt. 127 lbs"; "Ht. 5'8, Wt. 120 lbs"; and "Ht. 6'2, Wt. 180 lbs", respectively.

  • While being held prisoner by Guyrich, Jubilee is held down by three straps in addition to the wrist and ankle restraints. When she escapes in the next episode, the straps are strangely absent.

  • Footage culled from the Sentinel's head in the Mansion includes a shot of Jubilee on her bed crying. Unless the Sentinel staked her out prior to the earlier scene, it couldn't have gotten that shot (since it landed AFTER she was out of her bedroom entirely), nor that angle (which would be from an interior wall).

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Allusions (199)

  • "Victoria's Secret" While in the mall Storm and Rogue stand in front of a store named "Elizabeth's Secret", which is a parody of the store "Victoria's Secret."

  • Beast: The faint heart averted many feet and many a tear, in our opposed path to perservere.
    The "minor poet" Beast paraphrases is Coventry Patmore, from his poem "Farewell", in the collection "The Unknown Eros."

  • Television: Aggression, by Calvin Clone.
    The commercial Morph watches and mimics is for "Aggression", a perfume by "Calvin Clone". It's a parody of the "Calvin Klein" brand of various perfumes and other highly priced products.

  • Beast: Though I am always in haste, I am never in a hurry. John Wesley.
    Beast quotes the 18th century Methodist Church founder.

  • Beast: As archimedes said when he discovered the principal of displacement... eureka!
    Beast refers to the famous Greek, who actually did say "eureka" (which means roughly, "I've got it!") when he devised his notable principle of buoyancy.

  • Wolverine: Hey, Tin Woodsman! I'm gonna send you back to Oz, in pieces!
    Wolverine refers to the Tin Woodsman and Oz, from the L Frank Baum series of "Oz" books.

  • Beast: Looks like I'll have time to catch up on my Dostoevsky.
    The book Beast plans to read while in prison awaiting trial, titled "Crime and Punishment", is very appropriate reading indeed (considering both his legal plight, and how long it'll take to read it!)

  • Beast: To paraphrase the Bard... I am a mutant. Have not a mutant senses? Affections? Fed with the same food, warmed and cooled with the same winter and summer as a human is? If you prick us, do we not bleed?
    The original quote Beast alters to make his point comes from Shylock's lament in William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice.

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