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  • Haunted by visions of ghosts and spirits, Kimihiro Watanuki seemingly encounters a mysterious witch named Yuko, who claims she can help. Kimihiro accepts her help out of desperation, but realizes that he has just been tricked into working for the witch in order to pay off the cost of her services. He is soon employed in her little shop which is a job that turns out to be nothing like his previous work experiences!moreless

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  • S 2 : Ep 15

    Shunmuki (OVA-2)

    Aired 6/23/09

  • S 2 : Ep 14


    Aired 2/17/09

  • S 2 : Ep 13

    Repaying Kindness

    Aired 6/26/08

  • S 2 : Ep 12


    Aired 6/19/08

  • S 2 : Ep 11

    A Secret

    Aired 6/12/08

  • Cast & Crew
  • Colleen Clinkenbeard

    Yuko Ichihara

  • Sayaka Ohara

    Yuuko Ichihara

  • Todd Haberkorn

    Kimihiro Watanuki

  • Jun Fukuyama

    Kimihiro Watanuki

  • Cherami Leigh

    Himawari Kunogi

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  • Angus_Mac

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  • Quotes (26)

    • Yūko: Mokona, since the part-time worker's come today, we're drinking! Drink 'til you drop, you know? Mokona: We're gonna drink! Watanuki: (points at Mokona) This black stuff bun is a drinking buddy? Moreover what's a Mokona?

    • Yūko: Oath. Promise. Contract. They must not be violated. These are things that cannot be betrayed. Specialties are also there. Unconcsious lies and warped truths. Warped truths, and the disclosure of evil intentions. The disclosure of evil intentions and unconscious lies. Who is this sinful one? Next ×××HOLiC: "Falsehood" Shall I grant your wish?

    • Yūko: In this world there are many strange things. However, no matter how strange or bizarre a sight is, if there is no one there, if there is noone to see it, if people are not involved, it is just a simple phenomenon. Just something happens. That is because in this world people are the strangest beings.

    • Yūko: Foxes. Dogs. Badgers. They foretell dubious omens. Things that lead us to an abominable future. Interest. Curiosity. Nonchalance. Opportunity is always about sacrifice. What is the necessary price? Tears? Blood? Or is it life? Next ×××HOLiC: "Angel" Shall I grant your wish?

    • Yūko: Is it okay? Isn't it bad? The answers to the questions that were asked. Insincere chatter and faulty wisdom. Caught in the meeting between dreams and trust. The work that is measured by the direction it goes. That outcome is already known. This outcome no one knows. Do you want to know? Next ×××HOLiC: "Divination" Shall I grant your wish?

    • Yūko: I was thinking that I'd show you what real divination is like, Watanuki. Watanuki: Yeah, but I already said I'm not interested in it. Categorizing millions of people into a dozen groups... Sounds pointless. Yūko: But the girls just love this sort of thing. It sure would be a good way to start a discussion with Himawari... Watanuki: Show me the way!!

    • Yūko: Barriers, rifts. Break the hallucination of evil. Words repeated to barricade this place and that place... the paper-thin difference. Black night. Misty moonlit night. The eve of birth. The fluttering wings in the bright moonlight. The chalice help under the moon light. Tonight, how does a festival of drinking sound? Next ×××HOLiC: "Shiritori" Shall I grant your wish?

    • Mokona: Now... all we need is sake. Watanuki: Don't start suddenly giving me snobbish orders, you! Yuuko: That sounds great. Please prepare some sake.

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    Notes (26)

    • Additional Crew Art Director - Hiroyo Izumi

    • Japanese Title: 「ヒツゼン」 - "Hitsuzen" "Hitsuzen" literally means destiny, fate, or inevitability.

    • Additional Crew Storyboard - Kaoru Wagatuma Art Director Collaboration - Hiroyo Izumi Art Director - Kaoru Wagatuma

    • In the manga chapter corresponding with this episode,the lying woman actually died rather then being injured. And Watanuki was with Himawari.

    • Japanese Title: 「キョゲン」 - "Kyogen"

    • Additional Crew Art Director - Junichirou Taniguchi

    • Japanese Title: 「エンゼル」 - "Angel" Phonetically, the Japanese would pronounce the title as "Enzeru."

    • Additional Crew Storyboard - Yishitaka Koyama Direction - shunsuke Terasawa Art Director - Kenichi Ishimaru

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    Trivia (14)

    • A Midsummer Night's Dream The title of this movie is based of the famous comedic play of the same name by William Shakespeare. However, the plot of this movie is very different from the play's plot.

    • Maru-dashi and Moro-dashi まる(Maru) and もろ(Moro) are very common syllables found in Japanese names. Watanuki Kimihiro had no reason to assume that their names were the buildup to a joke. But he is absolutely right - they aren't cute names! Both まるだし(marudashi) and もろだし (morodashi) mean "exposing yourself in public." It's almost as if Yūko had decided to call her two assistants "Streaking" and "Flashing."

    • Hitsuzen In the manga by CLAMP, Yūko explains that the Kodansha Japanese Desk Dictionary, Second Edition reads hitsuzen (ヒツゼン) is "a naturally foreordained event. A State in which other outcomes are impossible. A result which can only be obtained by a single casuality, and other casualities would necessarily create different results."

    • At the beginning of the episode, the two boys that work at the store Watanuki went to, are Kazahaya and Rikuo from the manga Legal Drug by CLAMP. They work at that store during the day and at night they go on "odd" jobs. These often involve supernatural elements and the boys use their own powers to complete them.

    • The pipe fox makes its debut in the series. It is also known as Kudakitsune and is later named Mugetsu.

    • The number four is a homonym for death in the Japanese (also Chinese and Korean) language.

    • Maru and Moro mention they can't leave the shop since they have no souls, and would cease to exist if they left.

    • After the older twin gets her hair cut her hair color changes to a lighter shade.

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    Allusions (9)

    • Clamp crossover: Cardcaptor Sakura When Watanuki is in the warehouse, he passes the original staff that Sakura Kinomoto used in the Cardcaptor Sakura manga and TV series.

    • Mokona Mokona originally appeared in CLAMP's Magic Knight Rayearth. However, the Mokona in that series was white with a red jewel and only ever said, "Pū!" In the manga, ×××HOLiC's Mokona could communicate with the white Mokona in Tsubasa, who also received updates from the earlier Magic Knight Rayearth model. The black Mokona is simply Yūko's drinking buddy in the anime, but at least Mokona can still see spirits.

    • CLAMP cross-reference: Chobits Moro and Maru read one of the picture books that Chi was following. Watanuki is given some headphones in the shape of Persocom ears.

    • Clamp crossover: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle When Maru and Moro are beating the rug, Moro uses the staff from Fay D. Flourite of the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle series.

    • Kitsune: Nine-Tailed Fox The pipe fox, Kudakitsune, revealed its true form, which includes having nine tails. This is typical of the Asian mythology of fox spirits, and made popular by shows like Naruto and InuYasha.

    • One of the picture cards features White Mokona from CLAMP's Magic Knight Rayearth and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.

    • CLAMP references Watanuki selects a Piffle PhingS hair pin set. Piffle Princess is the toy company from the CLAMP series Angelic Layer and the icon is related to one in the season 2 opening episode of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle when the gang visit Piffle World.

    • When Watanuki crawls out of the well all wet, Yuuko says: "You are just like Sadako!" This is a direct reference to Sadako from the movie Ringu (aka The Ring) which also involves a well and a girl crawling out of a TV.

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  • Fan Reviews (13)
  • Interesting...

    By indigo, Apr 02, 2012

  • Kimihiro Watanuki, a boy who can see spirits, inevitably enters a wish granting shop which would change his life forever.......

    By PhantomDragon16, Nov 22, 2008

  • Kimihiro Watanuki bares a cursed gift which not only let's him see evil spirits but also attract them also. One day he enters into a mysterious shop run by Yuuko. She offers to remove the gift on one condition; Watanuki must work in her strange shop.

    By HPGirl28, Apr 28, 2008

  • Ahead of it's time. xxxHolic not only teaches you life lessons but it's dark adult theme leaves you wanting more. Yuko makes this show what it is.

    By princeszkathy, Dec 09, 2007

  • XXX Holic is a cool anime......for me....

    By Libran_CCY, May 09, 2007