Yes, Dear

High School Reunion

Season 5, Ep 4, Aired 3/9/05
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  • Episode Description
  • At the gang's high school reunion, Greg plays along after he gets mistaken for one of the cool kids, but Jimmy is jealous when Greg's stolen identity threatens to challenge his bid for "Coolest Guy." Meanwhile, Kim schemes to get her high school stalker interested in her again. And a dirty, old teacher is still interested in Christine.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Anthony Clark

    Greg Warner

  • Jean Louisa Kelly

    Kim Warner

  • Liza Snyder

    Christine Hughes

  • Mike O'Malley

    Jimmy Hughes

  • Erika Kaestle

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  • Jimmy and Greg compete for "Coolest Guy" at the high school reunion.

    By attilasd, Jul 04, 2006

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  • Quotes (16)

    • Kim: I can't wait to introduce you to all my old friends. Greg: Why, so I can get a "how the hell did a guy like you get a girl like her" look?

    • Todd: I wanted to make you jealous, and it worked! Diane isn't my wife, she's my cousin! Yo, Diane! It worked! Kim: That's your cousin? But when I walked by earlier, you two were making out! Todd: That's called dedication!

    • Jimmy: Forget it. It's too late. There's no way I'm going to win. Christine: That's exactly what you said 15 years ago at the halftime of the championship game. Am I going to have to, uh, boost your confidence again with a little... "pep talk?" Jimmy: I'm starting to feel a slow rise in my confidence level. You think there's an ambulance around here? Christine: I doubt it. But I bet there's still that nice, little spot behind the vending machine. The price of soda may have gone up, but, lucky for you, I'm as cheap as ever.

    • Jimmy: I'm--I'm happy because I was voted "Coolest Guy" in high school! I mean, there's not an hour in my day that doesn't go by without me thinking about that, and that makes me smile. And I know that's kind of pathetic, but, you know, it's all I got. When I get depressed because I'm--I'm thinking about my crappy job as a security guard, I think about being "Coolest Guy." When Greg makes fun of me for living in his guesthouse, I think about being the "Coolest Guy." It's the only thing that makes me happy. Christine: What about me and the kids? Jimmy: Well, that, too... When you and the kids are really getting on my nerves, I think about being the "Coolest Guy."

    • Christine: What are you doing? You were supposed to cut in as soon as you were done reading the votes. Jimmy: Yeah, I'm sorry, I forgot. Christine: You forgot? Thanks a lot. Mr. Shipley might not be able to feel anything below his waist, but he's got no problem feeling below mine.

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    Notes (4)

    • Given the region (DC), name (Yorktown High School), colors (Blue), mascot (Patriot), the school in this episode is based on the real Yorktown High in Arlington, VA -- the same school that Katie Couric (The Today Show) attended.

    • Co-star Lisa O'Malley is Mike O'Malley's wife.

    • Although he is listed as a star, Joel Homan does not appear in the final cut.

    • Music: "Take My Breath Away" by Berlin; "Hot for Teacher" by Van Halen; "Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osbourne

    Trivia (1)

    • In "The Day of the Dolphin," it was stated they were in the Class of '86.

    Allusions (1)

    • Peter: Hey, Drew, I still owe you fifty bucks from when the Redskins won that Super Bowl. Greg: I told you the Redskins were gonna win. And if I remember correctly, I believe that was a hundred.
      A nod to this being episode 100. The Washington Redskins won Super Bowl XXII in 1988 (against the Denver Broncos).

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