Yes, Dear

Mama Said Knock You Out

Season 4, Ep 15, Aired 2/9/04
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  • Episode Description
  • Jimmy sees a chance to get even with his tough female supervisor when he learns Christine is a menace in the boxing ring.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Anthony Clark

    Greg Warner

  • Jean Louisa Kelly

    Kim Warner

  • Liza Snyder

    Christine Hughes

  • Mike O'Malley

    Jimmy Hughes

  • Joel Homan

    Dominic Hughes

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  • Quotes (12)

    • Billy: (imitating Burgess Meredith as Mickey) "Alright, Rock, I'm gonna teach you a trick to get some speed in those legs, see. In the old days, chicken chasing was how we trained. See, now if you can catch this chicken, you can catch greased lightning, see?" Frank Stallone: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Whoa, whoa. I'm not Rocky. Alright? I'm not Sylvester Stallone. I'm his brother, Frank. I don't wanna do this. Billy: Come on, man. I do a really good Burgess Meredith. Just play along. "You're the champ! You're gonna eat lightning and crap thunder, see!" Frank Stallone: Come on, this is so stupid. After 30 years in the business, I can't believe I still got to listen to this stuff. Now, Bill Murray's brother does the show sometimes. You make him do lines from Ghostbusters, hmm? No. No!

    • Jimmy: Are you alright? Christine: Yeah, I'm fine. Jimmy: Then why are you still down? Christine: Because if I stay down, she can't hit me anymore.

    • Billy: I don't know, Jimmy. Can you live with yourself as a man having your wife handle your dirty work? Jimmy: Well, what do you expect me to do? Fight a girl? Roy: You got a point. We've seen you fight a girl.

    • Bess: Alright, you want me to go a few rounds with her, set it up. Any time, any place. Roy: I know a place with this pit that they fill up with Jell-O. Bess: Keep it up, and you and me are going a few rounds. Roy: Promises, promises!

    • Billy: You're having soup for lunch? Roy: Canned, too, huh? What happened? Christine's hammer fist knock you off solid food for a while? Jimmy: I happen to like soup, okay? And I can chew just fine, you idiot. Billy: Why are you looking at me? Roy said it. Jimmy: Because I can't move my neck.

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    Notes (1)

    • A clip from this episode was featured on the same day's The Wayne Brady Show, with guests Mike O'Malley and Liza Snyder.

    Allusions (3)

    • The title is borrowed from a 1990 LL Cool J song.

    • The tag spoofs Rocky, with guest star Frank Stallone (who played the timekeeper in the movie) getting angry about being confused with his more famous brother.

    • Roy: "Ain't gonna be no rematch."
      This is what Carl Weathers' character, Apollo Creed, says to Rocky in the film of the same name.

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