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  • Sir Humphrey: Make him something important. What's he interested in? Television? Jim Hacker: Hasn't even got a set. Sir Humphrey: Fine, make him a governor of the BBC.

  • Bernard Woolley: That is why that torpedo landed on Sandwich Golf Course. Jim Hacker: Sandwich Golf Course? I didn't read that in the paper. Bernard Woolley: No, of course not: there was a cover-up. The members just found a new bunker on the 7th fairway the next day.

  • Jim Hacker: Tell me, General, where is the Hot Line? General Howard: Which one? Jim Hacker: The one to Russia. Bernard Woolley: The Red Hot Line, Sir. General Howard: That's in Downing Street. Jim Hacker: So in an emergency, I can get straight through to the Soviet President? General Howard: Theoretically, yes. Jim Hacker: Theoretically? General Howard: That's what we tell journalists. In fact, we did once get through to the Kremlin, but only to a switchboard operator. Jim Hacker: Couldn't the operator put you through? General Howard: We never found out. He didn't seem to speak much English.

  • Sir Humphrey: With Trident we could obliterate the whole of Eastern Europe. Jim Hacker: I don't want to obliterate the whole of Eastern Europe. Sir Humphrey: It's a deterrent. Jim Hacker: It's a bluff. I probably wouldn't use it. Sir Humphrey: Yes, but they don't know that you probably wouldn't. Jim Hacker: They probably do. Sir Humphrey: Yes, they probably know that you probably wouldn't. But they can't certainly know. Jim Hacker: They probably certainly know that I probably wouldn't. Sir Humphrey: Yes, but even though they probably certainly know that you probably wouldn't, they don't certainly know that, although you probably wouldn't, there is no probability that you certainly would.

  • Sir Humphrey: Don't you believe that Great Britain should have the best? Jim Hacker: Yes, of course. Sir Humphrey: Very well, if you walked into a nuclear missile showroom you would buy Trident - it's lovely, it's elegant, it's beautiful. It is quite simply the best. And Britain should have the best. In the world of the nuclear missile it is the Saville Row suit, the Rolls Royce Corniche, the Château Lafitte 1945. It is the nuclear missile Harrods would sell you. What more can I say?" Jim Hacker: Only that it costs £15 billion and we don't need it. Sir Humphrey: Well, you can say that about anything at Harrods.

  • Employment Secretary: The National Union of Teachers are scared stiff that conscription will expose the fact that school leavers, while of course being tremendously integrated socially and creatively aware ... Sir Humphrey: Can't actually read, write or do sums, yes.

  • Sir Humphrey: How did this come about? I shall need a very good explanation. Bernard: Well, he's very keen on it. Sir Humphrey: What's that have to do with it? Things don't just happen because Prime Ministers are keen on them. Neville Chamberlain was very keen on peace.

  • Sir Humphrey(about Hacker): He's got No.10, a salary, a pension for life. What more can he want? Bernard Wooley: I think he wants to govern Britain. Sir Humphrey: Well stop him, Bernard!

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  • Sir Desmond Glazebrook previously appeared in the Yes Minister episodes Jobs for the Boys and The Quality of Life.