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    Some ups and downs. Not a big fan of Batman.

    By Kauaimon, Oct 15, 2008

    In The Secret Life of Possum Panda, Yang follows Possum Panda to be his sidekick! This episode was sort of stupid. I mean REALLY, PP is so really Master Yo. (But, to be fair, I still watch Pokemon with Team Rocket's lame coustumes and everything. This just could be me not liking Batman *shrugs*) Dummy Up was better, It is nice to see Yang cares about his Master and misses him. That Dummy Yo-chop is really adorable =3. But still, many of the episodes nowadays are about Yang. When are they going to show a Yin episode? D=. Dummy Up was pretty sweet, poor Zarnot though. Don't worry Zarnot, one day Yang will come to like you again T.Tmoreless

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