You Bet Your Life

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    I have a DVD for this. It was fun and funny! Groucho is a good host!

    By level2460, Dec 06, 2009

    I only saw a few episodes, but they had something in common, they were certaintly superb! I know why monetery earnings are so low. ($1,000 was worth a lot more in the 50s.) If this show were running today with the same exact money amounts, it would proabably end up with low ratings and only 1 year of air-time. Groucho was a great host. He wasn't boring like some other game show hosts. The ?s were kinda-hard-but-fun. But, they should of put it in color. The mystery word thingy where the bird comes down when you say a certaint word in the interview. If you say the word, you win $1,000. It would be so random if you were the contestant. So the interview isn't as boring as some other game shows. Bottom line: Nice Show!!moreless

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