You Can't Do That on Television

CTV (ended 1990)
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  • S 11 : Ep 1

    Changes aka Project 131

    Aired 7/21/04

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  • Cast & Crew
  • Ruth Buzzi

    Miss Take/Miss Fit/Other Roles (1979-1980)

  • Alanis Morissette

    Alanis (1986)

  • Adam Greydon Reid

    Himself (1984-1987)

  • Vik Sahay

    Himself (1986-1987)

  • Klea Scott

    Herself (1982-1984)

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  • This was a sketch comedy show for young adults that was very popular in the 1980s. The series began life as a live variety show in Ottawa, Canada in 1979, which featured comedy sketches, music videos, and call-in contests. After the first season, the series was given a massive retooling and became a videotaped sketch comedy series. Its biggest success came when the series found its way south to the United States and became one of the trademark shows of Nickelodeon, a new cable channel aimed at children, where it aired until 1992. YCDTOTV may be long gone, but one of the shows trademarks, people getting covered in green slime (usually when they said "I don't know?"), has become a Nickelodeon staple.moreless

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  • Quotes (11)

    • (When asked if Cindy was ever in love) Cindy: It was a frog. Moose: Cindy, that's no way to speak of our French Canadian cousins!

    • Bradfield: Dad, what's the definition of "ignorance and apathy"? Senator Prevert: I don't know, and I don't give a sh-... care.

    • Nasti: What's the largest lake in Canada? Jim: The Great Bear Lake. Nasti: Part two, for freedom or the green slime: How many fish are in it? Jim: I don't know. (he is slimed)

    • (Mr. Dime on the phone talking about locking the Executive Washroom) Mr. Dime: I don't CARE how much it's going to cost! Last time, someone else got in there, they used *all* the toilet tissue! Cost me over three hundred dollars! (pause) Nevermind *HOW*! None of your business!

    • Mr. Schidtler: Jami, are you smoking? Jami: No, sir, I'm Burning!

    • Kevin: All the world's a stage And all the men and women really players Which explains why us actors are paid so low. Ross: Get on with it or I'll get one of those other actors to do your intro for ya! Kevin: We're serving a cultural feast, so get your ketchup ready.

    • Ross: Let's get on with it, shall we? Now strike the baby, kick the pup and crush the blacks. Christine: Ross, I knew you were prejudiced, but isn't that taking it a bit too far? Ross: What? Christine: "Crush the blacks"? "Strike the baby"? Ross: No, these are technical terms. Like "baby," a small lamp, so when we say "kill the baby," we mean (snaps fingers) turn the lamp off. Christine: Technical terms? Ross: Yeah, like "soak the star." Christine: Soak the star? (water is own on her) Ross: Well, you said it.

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    Notes (163)

    • The opening animation is completely different from the 1981 and the 1982-90 intros. It features the Parliament Buildings instead of " The Children's Television Sausage Factory" and ends with a pastel shot of Les before being stamped with You Can't Do That on Television.

    • Special Note about the Season 1 episodes: Episodes from this season were one hour long and in a variety show format, as opposed to the 30-minute pre-taped sketch format of seasons 2-10. Also, these episodes were aired live and never re-run, thus info on the plot of many season 1 episodes is unavailable. The masters of the season 1 episodes have long since been destroyed by CJOH productions, and VCRs were not common in 1979, so it looks as if the first season of YCDTOTV is lost forever.

    • A very bizarre scene has the Mcdonald's characters (popular in the late 70s) running around the link set with the YCDTOTV cast.

    • Marc Baillon is introduced in this episode as the token "frog" (French Canadian).

    • Music inserts in this program include Billy Joel (Say Goodbye To Hollywood), Donna Summer (The Last Dance), and Andy Gibb.

    • Like the rest of season 1, this episode was a one hour variety show that aired live.

    • One of the contests involves a date with Sarah West as the prize.

    • Lisa Rudy gets slimed a record 6 times in this episode!

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    Trivia (43)

    • The first time green slime appeared on the series. Would soon become one of the show's trademarks.

    • This episode marks the first time in a long tradition when someone is slimed for saying "I don't know". The first cast member to say those immortal words with gooey results is Jim Stechyson.

    • The music video of the Commadores was really a clip from the 1978 movie "Thank God, It's Friday!"

    • Lisa Rudy gets slimed a record 6 times in this episode!

    • During Jim's slime scene, Nasti hits himself with the whip.

    • During the first phone-in contest, Jim talks about the prizes, and when he gets to the hat, he puts it on his head. When he takes it off, he says "Oh, That's RIGHT! There WAS something inside!" when he notices the gift certificate inside the hat.

    • Notice Lisa says "I Don't Know" when she was at Barths but she doesn't get slimed.

    • The water and pie both missed Christine on this episode. The water mostly fell on her lap and the pie only hit the left side of her face.

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    Allusions (2)

    • Cindy: Frogs aren't human.

      Marc: Any more this and we will separate!
      Late in the 1970s, Quebec was divided over the prospect of separating into an independent country. Canada and Pierre Trudeau, returned to the Prime Ministership, watched nervously as it came to a vote in 1980. By a narrow margin, Quebec voted not to secede.

    • Lisa: I'm the Doctor, and this is Nurse Luke.
      Luke was one of the best-recognized characters on the ABC soap opera General Hospital during the early 1980s. His marraige to Laura was ranked by TV Guide as one of the top TV events of the decade.

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  • i love this show i thought i was going to cry when charmed ended but now i got another best buddy yay me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By klatey, Oct 04, 2007

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    By Speedy15021975, Apr 07, 2007

  • I love this show!

    By EZR07, Jan 03, 2007

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