You Don't Say!

NBC (ended 1969)
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  • Two stars, each with a contestant, try to guess an answer (a person, place or thing)from the clue-giver who says a sentence with a missing word at the end,the clue word which the clue-giver does not say(thus the name of the show "You Don't Say!") a word that sounds like the answer or hints it. Not allowed is for the sentence to refer to the answer nor clues that directly point to the answer or part of the answer (upper case clues). However, there is some leniency. For example, if the answer is George C. Scott, one cannot say "Great....." because that is part of the answer. However "Getting off .... free" is legal because it is Scot, not Scott -- it doesn't point directly to the answer. (As Tom Kennedy says "Missing clue must not be a proper name.") Also illegal is the saying of the missing clue by the clue-giver. In each case, using proper names or clue-givers saying missing clues disqualifies the clue and forfeits the turn to the other team.> The object is to get three points to win $100 and then play the bonus board game, where an answer and three clues were sent in by a viewer. The winner then has these clues revealed to them and if the contestant says the correct answer they win $300/$200/$100/ and the viewer wins $150 merchandise from a major catalogue. If the contestant wins a 3-0 shutout(called a blitz game) and also guesses right on the first clue of the bonus board, that player also wins a new car! (Prior to 1968, players could win a trip to some destination via TWA airlines.) This NBC game show ran from 1963-69. The 1975 version (seen on ABC) used the same rules but a different format: four stars gave clues to two contestants. Names of places were added as well as famous names. Contestants in turn would choose a star for a clue. The first clue paid $200 & descended by $50 for each miss. Once a star was picked, that star couldn't play again until all four stars had a turn to give the clues. $500 or better won the game & a chance @ the Bonus round. The contestant gave the clues on the bonus round to the stars & had 6 chances to try to get each star to guess the name (or place). The contestant won $500 for one star, $1,000-2, $2,000-3 & $5,000 for all 4 stars. If the player got each star to guess correctly on one clue, the player won $10,000! In both the NBC & ABC versions, contestants stayed until they lost twice (or hit the $20,000 limit; ABC). Soap operas Bright Promise (NBC) & The Edge of Night (ABC) replaced You Don't Say!moreless

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  • Cast & Crew
  • Tom Kennedy (III)

    Host (1963-1975)

  • Jay Stewart

    Announcer (1963-1964)

  • John Harlan

    Announcer (1964-1979)

  • Jim Peck

    Host (1978-1979)

  • Ralph Andrews


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