Young Hercules

FOX (ended 1999)
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  • S 1 : Ep 51

    Valley of the Shadow

    Aired 5/14/99

  • S 1 : Ep 50

    Ill Wind

    Aired 5/13/99

  • S 1 : Ep 49


    Aired 5/12/99

  • S 1 : Ep 48


    Aired 5/11/99

  • S 1 : Ep 47

    Under Seige

    Aired 5/10/99

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  • Follow teenage half-god/half-mortal Hercules and his friends, Iolaus and Jason, as they learn about life, love and friendship on their action-packed adventures and watch as they encounter Hercules' not-so-loving Olympian family and the consequences of such encounters. Basically a prequel to: Hercules, the Legendary Journeys. The voiceover during the theme went as follows: In an age of light and darkness Zeus, King of the Gods, rules the universe. He had a son, young Hercules. Half-god, half-man, young Hercules longs to find his place in this world... the father he's never known, and what it means to be a hero. Before the man became legend... before the legend became myth... came the greatest adventure of all... young Hercules. FILMING LOCATION/TIME: Young Hercules was filmed on location in Auckland, New Zealand from May 1998 to January 1999. BROADCASTING: UNITED STATES: The series aired on FOX. CANADA: The series aired on YTV and FOX ============================= Runtime: 30 min (50 episodes) Country: USA Language: English Color: Color Sound Mix: Dolby =================== Production Companies * MCA Television * Renaissance Pictures Distributors * MCA Television * Studios USA Television Special Effects * Flat Earth Productions ============================= Awards Daytime Emmy Awards 1999 -- Nominated Outstanding Sound Editing -- Tim Isle (supervising music editor), George Haddad (sound/adr editor) Outstanding Sound Editing -- Yuri Reese (re-recording mixer), George Haddad (re-recording mixer), Richard Hansen (production mixer) Outstanding Sound Mixing, Yuri Reese (re-recording mixer), George Haddad (re-recording mixer), Richard Hansen (production mixer) Writers Guild of America, USA 2000 -- Nominated --WGA Award (TV) Children's Script -- Shari Goodhartz [For episode "Hind Sight"] ============================ Release dates Sweden -- 3 January 1999 France -- 10 April 1999 Spain -- 2000 Hungary -- 26 May 2001 ========================== Filming Locations 1. Auckland, New Zealand 2. Los Angeles, California, USA 3. New Zealand ======================= CREW Directed by Chris Graves Charlie Haskell Andrew Merrifield Simon Raby (block 13) T.J. Scott (pilot) Writing credits (in alphabetical order) Michael Edens series (episode "The Between Friends") (episode "Down and Out in Academy Hills") (episode "Winner Take All") (episode "Under Siege") (story) (episode "The Prize") (writer) (episode "Head that Wears the Crown") Brian Herskowitz Eric Lewald head writer Julia Lewald head writer John Loy Steven Melching Doug Molitor co-story Brooks Wachtel writer (episode "Battlelines") Produced by Cynthia Hsiung .... producer Sam Raimi .... executive producer Robert G. Tapert .... executive producer (as Rob Tapert) Original Music by Joseph LoDuca Cinematography by Kevin Riley Art Direction by Nick Bassett Makeup Department Lynn Barber .... makeup artist: second unit Michael Krehl .... makeup artist Production Management Nicki Ellis .... production manager Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Michele Priest .... first assistant director Quentin Whitwell .... second assistant director Art Department Chris Hollyer .... property master Sound Department Markus Braack .... sound mixer: foreign version Jason George .... adr supervisor Tim Isle .... music editor Steve Scoville .... dialogue editor Brad Segal .... supervising music editor Special Effects by Jabin Dickins .... floor supervisor Ryan Hartnett .... special effects technician Visual Effects by Kevin Blank .... visual effects Steve Bobertz .... visual effects coordinator Everett Burrell .... visual effects supervisor Kristen Fitzner .... visual effects Omar McClinton .... visual effects coordinator: Flat Earth Productions David Rednour .... digital artist Eric Reinhard .... 2D composite artist: Flat Earth Productions Rod Ripley .... data management: Flat Earth Productions Kevin Struckman .... digital effects artist: Flat Earth productions Kenneth Voss .... digital artist (uncredited) Stunts Ben Cooke .... assistant stunt coordinator Glen Levy .... stunts Sheree Swords .... stunt double Sheree Swords .... stunt performer Other crew Steve Bobertz .... assistant editor Daniel Kolton .... composer: additional music Stephanie Laffin .... casting associate: New York Dale McCready .... camera operator Howard Meltzer .... casting: New York Allison Wilke .... casting assistant (pilot episode) ======================= TRIBUTE: Xena Star Smith Killed In Fall 18 February 2002 (StudioBriefing) New Zealand actor Kevin Smith, 38, who played the recurring role of Ares on the syndicated TV series Xena Warrior Princess and Young Hercules and had recently landed a leading role opposite Bruce Willis in the upcoming feature Man of War, has died of brain injuries in Beijing following a fall. Details of the apparent accident were sketchy. Smith, who presumably is no relation to the American director of the same name, had reportedly just completed work on a joint Sino-U.S. production. His death touched off an outpouring of grief on a Xena website as well as eulogies from New Zealand newspaper columnists and political figures. The country's Associate Arts, Culture and Heritage Minister Judith Tizard said in a statement, "Kevin Smith was a wonderful New Zealand actor who was known not only for his enormous talent and amazing beauty, but also for his intelligence and self-effacing humor." ==============================moreless

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  • Quotes (100)

    • Hercules: (seeing that Cheiron is a centaur) No offense, but I was told that you were a great warrior. What can I learn from you, how to pull a chariot? (Cheiron grabs his arm and flips him onto the ground)
      Cheiron: (smugly) No offense taken.

    • Ares: (referring to Hercules) Father's bastard? I haven't given him a thought in years.
      Discord: He plays in your temple, even as we speak.
      Ares: He's probably after the Urn I stole from Zeus. The little runt is trying to score points with Dad.
      Discord: Not so little. He's eighteen now, tall, exceptionally strong and actually quite handsome. Let me go rip his face off!

    • Strife: Oh, I'm tired of being a nobody, Ares. I mean, 'Strife, the God of War's nephew'. What does that say to anybody? I mean, I'm ready for the big time! Why can't I be Disaster or Catastrophe? Okay, well that's hard to spell.

    • Ares (when Strife complains of being overlooked): You gotta act like a God, make mortals suffer. Strife: Been there, done that. I'm Strife! I'm bad! Ares: Try naughty.

    • Ares (referring to Hercules): Obviously we can't attack him directly. But sometimes a little Strife can lead to a major catastrophe.

    • Kora: Kitchen's closing. Anything else? Iolaus: Uh, how about a slow walk in the moonlight- you, me, the stars? Kora: Alone, Iolaus, with you? Iolaus: Sure! Kora: Okay. Sneak into the Academy barn, crawl into the hayloft, close your eyes... and dream on!

    • Hercules (to Strife as they fight): You fight worse than you dress! You want to be a real God, you have to do better than that!

    • Jason (referring to Strife): Think about it, Hercules. You've thumped a God. Hercules: Ah, it wasn't a very big God.

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    Notes (36)

    • This was actually a direct-to-video movie spun-off from the series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. It then spawned the series on FOX but the lead actor was replaced.

    • Filming Locations: St Lukes, Auckland, New Zealand (studio)

    • Estimated Budget: $3,500,000

    • Awards: this direct-to-video pilot for the series won a 1999 Golden Reel Award from the Motion Picture Sound Editors for Best Sound Editing - Direct to Video - Sound - Mathew Waters (supervising sound editor), Tim Boggs (supervising adr editor), George Haddad (sound effects editor), Lisle Engle (sound effects editor), Kelly Vandever (sound effects editor), Dorian Cheah (sound effects editor), Michael Mullane (sound effects editor), Louis Creveling (dialogue editor), Jason George (dialogue editor), Danielle Ghent (dialogue editor), Robert Jackson (dialogue editor), Tony Suraci (foley editor).

    • The music for the scene where the phoenix carries off Hercules and Iolaus was written for the Xena: Warrior Princess episode Prometheus, which also has a giant bird. That bird carries off Xena while Hercules fights a troop of bird-men. The music is also a variation on the theme song for Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.

    • This episode was meant to be aired before the previous episode "Herc and Seek", since Lilith is introduced for the first time in the episode "Girl Trouble", and she is already a known and accepted member of the Academy in the other.

    • This episode is also known as "A Rock and A Hard Place".

    • Kevin Smith's only audition for the role of Bacchus was to put on the mask and see if he could handle wearing it. Many people are too claustrophobic to tolerate prosthetics that cover the entire head.

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    Trivia (16)

    • TRIVIA: In this episode, the cadets are tested for an award called the Dakuda and it goes to the cadet who demonstrates the highest ideals of the Academy. Lilith, forced to fight blind after an injury, is awarded the Dakuda.

    • TRIVIA: In this episode it's shown that Hercules is on very friendly terms with the God Hephaestus.

    • TRIVIA: In this episode, Lilth leaves the Academy to join the Telaquir Amazons, led by Cyane.

    • TRIVIA: In this episode, Lilith, who left the Academy to join the Amazons, returns to Cheiron's school with Hercules and Iolaus.

    • TRIVIA: Kora seems to have invented the first ever "drive thru" with her restaurant.

    • TRIVIA: When Ares says, "Goodnight, John-Boy" to Hercules before almost killing him, it's a clue that it's really Strife, because Strife is the one who always speaks in pop culture references.

    • Iolaus lost a large hank of hair when Hercules chopped it off saving him, but in later scenes there is no sign of that loss from his head.

    • TRIVIA: In this episode, Hephaestus invents an espresso machine for Kora, and uses it to make himself a cappuccino.

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    Allusions (39)

    • Acupuncture:

      Cheiron treats Hercules with acupuncture, a form of treatment that can be traced as far back as the 1st millennium BCE in China. The first Chinese medical text that describes acupuncture is the Yellow Emperor's c of Internal Medicine, which was compiled around 305-204 BCE.

    • Jason (referring to the phoenix): What do you think, it's going to rise out of the ashes and come back to life?
      Actually, that's exactly what the mythical phoenix does. Egyptian mythology says that it dies a fiery death every 500 years and is reborn out of the ashes to live another 500 years.

    • Cyane (explaining the history of the Amazons): Thousands of years ago, all the men in our village were wiped out in a single battle. From then on our ancestors knew that we needed to be strong.
      The history of the Amazon Nation in the Hercules/Xena-verse was laid out as Cyane describes in the pilot of a new show called Amazon High. When Rob Tapert decided not to put it into production, the footage was later recycled into the 5th season Xena: Warrior Princess episode "Lifeblood".

    • Iolaus: Through the arch, off the ladder, over the roof, off the well, off the wall, down the steps, nothing but pigpen.
      This is a take-off on the series of McDonalds commercials with Michael Jordan and Larry Bird calling and then making impossible bank-shot baskets. This gag was also used in the Hercules: The Legendary Journeys episode "Just Passing Through" by Hercules and Iolaus.

    • Title: Amazon Grace
      This is a reference to the famous hymn Amazing Grace.

    • Galatea was a statue created by the sculptor Pygmalion. When the man fell in love with his creation Aphrodite took pity on him and brought the statue to life.

    • Title: Cyrano de Hercules
      The title is a tribute to the play Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand. Cyrano, an ugly soldier and poet, helps the handsome but tongue-tied Count Christian to win the love of the woman they both love.

    • Ares: You know, I never cared for large families. Goodnight, John-Boy!
      This is a reference to the poular 70s show The Waltons, about a large family of depression era farmers. Before this fictional family went to sleep they would call out "Goodnight" to each other, including to the son named John-Boy.

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  • amor e amizade em suas aventuras cheias de ao e ver como eles encontram Hrcules no to amorosa famlia olmpica e as conseqncias de tais encontros.

    By brunacopola14, Mar 31, 2014

  • Hot guys in leather, how could you not love it!

    By boromirbeauty, Oct 08, 2006

  • As young Hercules continues to grow and live through his teen years, his mother sends him to Cheiron's Academy of Warriors, where he meets two lifelong friends, Jason and Iolaus, and comes into conflict with fellow Gods, and learns the way of the warrior.

    By RecoilTheMaster, Mar 14, 2008

  • Not very popular, but not so cool neither.

    By da_dunker, May 03, 2007

  • Young hercules go threw a tough time with the gods especially ares!

    By 20697360768197610848997749257662-maria4ubaby, Aug 04, 2005

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