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Season 2, Ep 16, Aired 2/16/13
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  • While Cheshire and Sportsmaster hunt down Aqualad to take revenge for Artemis' death, Black Manta gives his prisoner, Miss Martian, 24 hours to live.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Stephanie Nicole Lemelin


  • Jesse McCartney


  • Danica McKellar

    Miss Martian

  • Khary Payton


  • Nick Chinlund


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  • Aqualad is back!! :-D

    By bentazcraft, Feb 18, 2013

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  • Quotes (3)

    • Miss Martian: I realize, Cheshire, that we'll probably never be friends.
      Cheshire: You can leave out the "probably."

    • Sportsmaster: You're a chump, Slade. The Light betrayed me, they'll betray you too.
      Deathstroke: Not if I take a seat at their table.

    • Deathstroke: Leaving so soon? And without a goodbye.
      Cheshire: Goodbye.

    Notes (2)

    • Characters appearing without dialogue: Captain Marvel, Dr. Fate, Rocket, Vandal Savage

    • Fred Tatasciore replaces Wentworth Miller as Deathstroke.

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    • antilifecu Apr 10, 2013

      I can't deny feeling sorry for Black Manta. The way he has been played by Aqualad and Tigress is brilliant. This is my favorite episode hands down.

    • Kindredtown Feb 19, 2013

      One thing I'm surprised about is that Gordon Godfrey wasn't shown talking about the Reach ships that came out of no where. He probably took too many sips of their soda to care.

    • JonathonWolf Feb 21, 2013

      It would have been fun to watch him spin it. I doubt he would have allowed himself to have egg on his face over it. Probably find some way to justify the Reach hiding an entire armada on Earth after outing the Justice League for having Watchtower. Though, I can't see how having a gigantic satellite base went unnoticed unless they had some kind of cloaking technology.

    • Kindredtown Feb 22, 2013

      Yeah, it feels as if Earth's satellites would've spotted it. It didn't seem that well hidden to begin with. It was on an asteroid. So they possibly had some type of cloaking technology that made it not show up on radars and things like that.

    • sion8 Feb 17, 2013

      One of the best episodes in a while for me and it made me very happy to be a fan of it!

    • RaizenYusuke Feb 16, 2013

      I loved this one. Miss M, Aqualad, and Artemis were brilliant all throughout the episode. They managed to turn their bleak situation around and showing us that they are still a damn good team, despite the 3 of them not working together in a while. They played Black Manta and Deathstroke for months, while trying to come up with a plan. Just when it seemed like Nightwing's plan had gone to hell they salvaged it pretty good, and the heroes still have 2 inside men on the Light now. Speaking of Nightwng I did really enjoy his B plot. It is always good to see Dick showcase his detective skills. There is a reason why Dick can fill in for Bruce when he is away. I was expecting Nightwing to find Aersenal and he would tell him what was going on, but in a way I think Dick piecing it together himself was more satisfying. The end of the episode you can tell he pieced it together, but wasn't willing to admit Blue turned, so watching the Reach broadcast and him snapping Robin's birdarang had more impact, at least for me. The heroes obviously know Blue and Green are on the Reach and Light's side now. Miss M got away, so she, Dick, Artemis, and Aqualad can work together to find the team and get ready to counterattack.

    • DBTrilogy100 Feb 16, 2013

      The last 1/4 of Season 2/Invasion kicks start with a battle royal on all sides of the morality spectrum!

      *The episode starts in late May with Black Manta asking for an update. Deathstroke confirms that Kaldur's healing is progressing, but slowly. The Light Member requests Deathstroke to keep up the good work of watching, who responds with a silent nod.

      *Telepathically, Miss Martian and Artemis try to form a plan about how to save the former once she finishes fixing Kaldur...only for us, the audience, to learn that Kaldur is already healed! They have been faking to get more time to form a plan! All-in-all, it's good to see Kaldur is all better now, the poor guy's been through enough!

      *Black Manta enters the room and informs his captive how impatient he has become. He demands she finish the healing process in 24 hours or she dies! Miss Martian mentally laments that things have gotten worse for them...

      *Aboard War World, a concerned Nightwing demands to know what happens to his team! Captain Atom simply asks Blue Beetle to inform the young hero what he had told him and the other League members earlier. Blue Beetle says that a Boom Tube was activated by Mongul in an attempt to escape, Blue Beetle went through it in a state of panic. Well, at least Arsenal didn't get framed; speaking of Arsenal, I wonder if he eventually got captured shortly after the end of War?

      *Blue Beetle continues to keep up the deceit by claiming Impulse last had the War World key before his capture. Captain Atom mentions that he instructed the rest of the Justice League to take shifts in guarding the key pedestal to ensure whoever took it won't be able to use War World...

      *Blue Beetle and Green Beetle are warped to El Paso thanks to Dr. Fate's magic. Once they make it to their destination, the two Scarab holders silently nod to each other as Jaime retracts his armor and heads inside his home...

      *Deathstroke continues to keep a watch on Black Manta's captive, but seems to have missed something boarding the sub...

      *This something ends up being two individuals...Sportsmaster and Cheshire, ready to carry out their vengeance! Cheshire growls that she is only teaming up with her dad to avenge Artemis' death, not for Sportsmaster's selfish reasons of preserving his reputation. Then again, Greg Weisman did mention on his Q & A website that Sportsmaster thinks he loves Artemis, even if he doesn't truly understand what love is. Make what you will out of that information...

      *Sportsmaster retorts to Cheshire by sarcastically mentioning how close the sisters were and finishes by saying Cheshire and he are more alike then she cares to admit...

      *Telepathically, Artemis asks her friends if they are agreed on their plan. Miss Martian doesn't agree, saying she doesn't want them to blow their cover for her; Kaldur responds that they won't put her in harm's way in a heart warming manner.

      *Initiating the plan, Tigress tells Deathstroke she needs a moment to get coffee and stretch her legs after 12 hours straight. The Light's current enforcer assures her he understands and gives her the OK; a Manta Solider takes Tigress position while she takes her break.

      *One of the Manta Soldiers casually offering Tigress some coffee was pretty funny, I admit.

      *In Kaldur's room, the air vent covers breaks off and a device drops down to electrocute the Manta Solider into unconsciousness! As expected, Cheshire drops down and with a snarl in Artemis' name, throws a sai at Kaldur!

      *Miss Martian manages to deflect the sai from hurting Kaldur! Cheshire venomously questions why she would defend "the one who killed her friend". Miss Martian tries to telepathically tell Cheshire she doesn't understand, but Deathstroke soon restricts her telepathy, leaving Cheshire to viciously shout what could she possible not understand! Too add to that, the vengeful sister locks the door to keep others from coming in!

      *Deathstroke quickly contacts Black Manta to inform him of what's going on! The Light Member quickly sends out a P.A. announcement throughout the sub to get to Kaldur's room and open it immediately! Once the announcement is made, Black Manta rushes to his son's aid!

      *Back aboard War World, Nightwing continues to investigate the hanger where the team was captured. He picks up Robin (III)'s birdarang and samples it, discovering that it was scratched up from trying to hit Blue Beetle's armor...

      *Back aboard the Manta Sub, Cheshire notes how Kaldur seems "out of it" and pieces together that Miss Martian was responsible for that, making her more confused as to why she would defend him. She says this takes the satisfaction out of killing him, but reaffirms she is not here "for the giggles". She also notices the inhibitor collar and pieces together that Miss Martian is powerless, making her easier to defeat...

      *Miss Martian, however, proves she won't go down so easily and fights Cheshire for control of the Manta Solider laser gun! The battle for leads to a lot of shooting throughout the room...including the camera Deathstroke is watching through!

      *With the camera out, Miss Martian tries to tell Cheshire the truth about Artemis, but the young assassin refuses to listen being blinded by her rage and knocks Miss Martian out!

      *Kaldur reveals himself to be back to a normal state of mind, which Cheshire is glad of as she can feel satisfied taking him down! Kaldur tries to reason with her by telling her Artemis is still alive and even on this sub in a calm and polite manner. Upon hearing this, Cheshire seems to be less tense...but then grabs Kaldur from behind and holds her sai at his throat! She venomously growls that she won't believe his "lies" and gives him a speech about how hated he is on all sides of the morality spectrum and how she'll see he is heartless once she cuts him open!

      *Tigress reaches the control room and tells the remaining Manta Soldiers that she'll "hold down the fort" and that they should get to Kaldur's room quickly! She smashes up a control panel that disables the inhibitor collar! She tries to tell Miss Martian this telepathically, but soon figures out something is amiss and rushes to her friends' aid!

      *As Black Manta makes his way to his son's room, Sportsmaster sneak attacks him and knocks him out! Passing Manta Soldiers immediately rush to their leader's aid and hold off the intruder long enough to get their boss to safety! But Sportmaster is undeterred and launches an explosive to knock the Manta Soldiers out...Black Manta regains conscious right after and charges his former enforcer with a mighty yell!

      *The "Evil Father Showdown" was a Crowning Moment of Awesome, it's always interesting to witness "Evil Vs. Evil Battles", you wonder who to root for!

      *Tigress soon discovers the brawlin' dads fight to the death! Black Manta notices her and asks for help, which she complies! He further asks her to keep the intruder held off as he rushes to his son's aid, luckily Artemis has no qualms about fighting "dear old dad"!

      *Outside Kaldur's room, a group of Manta Soldiers place a bomb on the door so that they can enter! Upon seeing their boss arrive, they start to tell him of their plan...until he shoots the bomb with his helmet laser to quicken the process! Dang, Black Manta keeps proving what a "Papa Wolf" he is!

      *Entering the room, Black Manta quickly removes the rubble on Kaldur...but Cheshire gets back up and knocks him out after he does so! Cheshire then muses how she can kill off the Father & Son "Manta Duo" and prepares to deliver a finishing blow!

      *Luckily, Miss Martian regains consciousness and notices the inhibitor collar is off! After phasing it off of her, she quickly uses her psychic powers on Kaldur, Cheshire, Sportsmaster and Artemis!

      *Artemis awakens to find herself in a mental replica of her bedroom, where the other 4 soon appear to join her! Cheshire questions the marian how she dare to invade her memories in a bile manner, but Tigress tells her sister that it's actually her memory...

      *Miss Martian proceeds to show that Kladur did not truly turn to the Dark Side and faked Artemis' death so that she may join him, under the disguise of Tigress, to discover the Light's plan and their partner, the Reach. Cheshire is overjoyed to learn that her younger sister is still alive and Kaldur thanks them for their cooperation...

      *But Sportmaster is still skeptical, claiming that what their seeing is just "some Martian trick"! Cheshire questions how he can't sense that Tigress is her own daughter, but the Tigress assures her older sister that she knows how to get their dad to believe them...

      *With that, Miss Martian returns everyone to the physical realm. Black Manta soon regains consciousness and Miss Martian & Cheshire proceed to put on an act. Miss Martian declares she doesn't condom assassinations, but will look the other way due to how Black Manta treated her the past two months and phases through the wall.

      *Continuing with the charade, Cheshire is about to finish off Black Manta when Kaldur pushes her out of the way, "forcing" her to retreat. Black Manta is relived to his son back to normal and proceeds to hug him, thankful for his aid! Black Manta may be evil, but that moment was still heart warming; you almost forget he is a member of the Light upon seeing that.

      *Elsewhere in the sub, Tigress proceeds to use a technique on Sportsmaster...a technique he recognizes as one he taught Artemis! Finally believing her, Sportsmaster tells his "baby girl" that her undercover plan is good by him in a surprisingly warm tone! He then comments how he and his oldest daughter should make their leave and proceeds to meet up with Cheshire; all while Artemis is unsurprised at him not commenting on how glad he is to see her safe...

      *Only for us to see Sportsmaster quickly stop by the control room and blow it up, saying that this will keep anyone from knowing what his "baby girl" has been doing! Another surprisingly heart warming moment from a villain! I guess ol' "Crusher" has a soul after all, however twisted and corrupted it may be.

      *The "Assassin Duo" make it to the sub's exit...but are soon stopped by Deathstroke! Tigress quickly appears to continue the charade by "fighting" Cheshire, while the Light Enforcers (former and current) duke it out!

      *Sportsmaster warns Deathstroke that the Light will betray him just as he was betrayed, but Deathstroke replies that they won't when they offer him "a seat at their table", which really sets the ex-enforcer off! Artemis also takes a moment to muse at how concerned Cheshire was for her, who tries to deny it.

      *Deathstroke calls to his "ally" to stop toying around and finish her opponent off! To keep up the act, Tigress pins Cheshire and holds a sai above her head and telepathically tells Miss Martian to show up, who does arrive on cue and (with a telepathic apology) hurls Tigress into Deathstroke, giving the "Assassin Duo" a chance to escape!

      *Sportsmaster saying they should this more often and Cheshire telling him not to push his luck was pretty funny.

      *With another mental apology, Miss Martian pushes Tigress and Deathstroke into each other and makes her own escape!

      *At Gotham, Jade thanks her mother for watching Liam for her, which makes me wonder what Red Arrow was up to during this event. Paula tells her oldest daughter to cherish her time with Liam as she sadly looks at a picture of a young Artemis. Jade then proceeds to tell Paula good news about Artemis...

      *Back at the Manta Sub, Black Manta converses with Vandal Savage and the Reach Ambassador via screen to tell them the good news of Kaldur's recovery, believing that seeing his father in danger was the catalyst that snapped him out of it. It appears as though Psimon still hasn't regained consciousness yet, as Savage doesn't warn Manta of Tigress being Artemis. Either Psimon underestimated the power of the tranquilizer or Artemis put in some extra doses to play it safe. Either way, the Reach Ambassador congratulates Black Manta, saying it has been good news for all...

      *We conclude the episode at Bl├╝dhaven, where Nightwing (still looking over Robin's birdarang) watches the news. The Reach Ambassador holds a press conference stating that the hero who saved Earth from War World was Blue Beetle (I'm still unsure how the hidden fleet in the ocean emerging went unnoticed)! Jaimie then says he is honored that the Reach would bestow their power to a human such as himself! Words are unnecessary to show just how infuriated Nightwing is, snapping the birdarang in his hand says it all!

      Another awesome episode! This is definitely one of my favorite episodes in the series and my favorite Season 2/Invasion episode! It's great to have Kaldur back to normal and his & Tigress/Artemis' cover still intact. The "Evil Father Showdown" was a great sight and it was interesting to see that even if Sportsmaster may not understand love, he is not as heartless as he initially comes off as. Seeing more of Deathstoke was great and Nightwing's investigation subplot was also good. It's also nice to see things have started to get better for our heroes, let's hope this good luck keeps up! Based on the description, it looks like we will be seeing the return of the runaways next week; it will be interesting to see what they've been up to!

    • kulukuboy69 Feb 17, 2013

      Unless Psimon is an essential plot point, I doubt he will be a factor in the coming episodes. Before he passed out he did say that the dart Tigress used will put him in a catatonic state for weeks, and if not, Tigress is still there to keep him in that state. Also, I think that the timeline for the closing episodes will take place in a matter of days. But with the constant twists and surprises, I may be totally wrong...

    • roweantarts Feb 17, 2013

      Don't forget it also took 'weeks' for Miss Martian to cure Kaldur. And it's unlikely Psimon's close enough to Tigress for her to use the drug again. If I remember Weisman's comments, this series series is supposed to take place over 6 months (like s1), which means we still have 1 more to go.

    • roweantarts Feb 17, 2013

      "Miss Martian declares she doesn't condom assassinations." sorry, had to be pointed out hahaha.

    • roweantarts Feb 17, 2013

      On a more serious note, I thoroughly enjoyed all the layers of trickery used to allow Miss M's escape whilst maintaining cover. But as Psimon has to wake up at some point, their days are still numbered.

    • RaizenYusuke Feb 17, 2013

      I don't think they need to keep up the act for much longer to be honest. They have realize that they can't keep the act up forever with Psimon around. Nightwing and Aqualad have at least known they may need a quick escape in case Aqualad is exposed.

    • roweantarts Feb 17, 2013

      I suppose not, but the deep cover is still ongoing which means unless they leave this open-ended, we're going to see them again at some point

    • ericwashere15 Feb 16, 2013

      To how the fleet went unnoticed, they were docked in the Mariana's Trench, which, while my knowledge isn't the best on this and could be wrong, should not be too close to any large city and they could also have radar repelling technology. Plus, they managed to come to Earth unnoticed in the first place, so they should be able to go back and forth no problem.

    • DBTrilogy100 Feb 23, 2013

      It looks like this week's episode ended up answering that question, after all.

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