Young Justice


Season 2, Ep 11, Aired 1/12/13
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  • Episode Description
  • An alien gladiator traps Young Justice in the Hall of Justice for a winner-take-all combat.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Chad Lowe

    Captain Marvel/Billy Batson

  • Phil LaMarr


  • Bryton James

    Virgil Hawkins

  • Vanessa Marshall

    Mrs. Berkowitz

  • Kevin Michael Richardson

    Guardian/John Jones

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    By DeangeloHill1, Jan 17, 2013

  • Awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By YueRaven224, Jan 14, 2013

  • Its about time!!!

    By bentazcraft, Jan 14, 2013

  • awsome

    By AzimNoori, Nov 25, 2012

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    • L-Ron: Greetings and salutationisms, Earth champions. I am L-Ron, major domo to the great master. and you are my prisoners.
      Captain Marvel: This is Plastic Man's April Fool's joke, isn't it. Okay, Plas. You got us.

    Notes (2)

    • Character bios: Despero

    • Heroes appearing without dialogue: Beast Boy, Lagoon Boy, Black Lightning

    Trivia (1)

    • Trivia: Among the Golden Age costumes in the Hall of Justice are: Firebrand, Wildcat, Green Lantern (Alan Scott), the Red Bee, the Flash (Jay Garrick), and Sandman. The Amazo android is also on display.

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    • RaizenYusuke Jan 12, 2013

      The Despero main plot though was dull and uninteresting. I felt bad for Mal. He barely gets to see Bumble Bee as it is. He is clearly afraid she is out growing him.

    • RaizenYusuke Jan 12, 2013

      This wasn't one of my favorite episodes. I just wasn't feeling the gladior styel and version of Despero. What I found interesting in the episode was the therpy sessions with Black Canary that showed us Static's powers awakening and Blue Beetle's internal debate on if he should tell the JL about his dark future or not. At the end I thought the character knew what i meant to be a true hero. He fess up to the League, but asked them to get the scarb off to make sure that future doesn't happen. The Reach played the Justice Leagu by revealing serects they kept from the public, like the Watch Tower (which has been a serect since the first episode) it was a nice throw back and reminds me of the Cadmus arc of Justice League Unlimited about how secrets the JL keep from the public can spread distrust among the world's governments. MM dealing with the fact that her telepathy to destroy Aqualad's mind was nicely explored. She was so riddled with guilt she was afraid to do anything, just like the last episode and in the end she very relucantly used them to save the day.

    • DBTrilogy100 Jan 12, 2013

      The second half of Young Justice's 2nd Season/Invasion starts with an unexpected alien ambush in the middle of the current chaos!

      *It's April Fool's Day, but it's no joke that a shadowy (3 eyed) figure is being told of potential "challengers" by a robot...

      *Captain Atom meets up with the Reach Ambassador at the United Nations, subtly hinting to the ambassador that he knows his true intentions. Godfrey, as always, takes the time to take jabs at the Justice League; this time when Atom asks to speak with the Reach Ambassador in private.

      *Like Disordered, Black Canary takes up the position of "warrior therapist", this time for the young people captured by the Reach and at the STAR Lab in Taos! After Tye Longshadow finishes his session, Virgil Hawkins is next!

      *Blue Beetle is happy to see Tye safe and sound, but the Scarab reminds Jaime that Tye doesn't know Blue Beetle is Jaime. I did get a chuckle out of his improvised excuse to stretch.

      *Virgil's session with Black Canary marks the first time we get to hear him talk in this series. His voice sounds familiar, but I can't quite place my ears as to who is voicing him. I also got a kick out of the nod to the title of his animated series! It's also understandable why Virgil is "on edge" and Black Canary definitely deserves kudos for her approach.

      *Nightwing brings Superboy, Miss Martian and Mal Duncan to an old warehouse with the intent of it serving as the temporary home of the three (and Beast Boy). Thus providing in-show confirmation of Greg Weisman's statements that those 4 lived at Mount Justice before its destruction. Nightwing also adds that the team will be operating in the basement of the Hall of Justice, for the time being. Mal isn't keen on the warehouse and decides to find a more suitable location for himself; Nightwing suggests that the other two head for the Hall of Justice to gather their salvaged valuables. On another note, I glad Miss Martian isn't acting passive-agressive towards Nightwing as I feared might have happened.

      *At the Hall of Justice, the trio are gathering their things with the help of Bumble Bee, Captain Marvel and Zatanna. Mal tries to ask Bumble Bee if he can stay with her for the time being, but she says her home wouldn't be too accommodating for him.

      *As Zatanna is exiting the hall, she gets stopped by the robot from the episode's beginning! The robot introduces himself as "L-Ron" and proclaims himself the servant of a powerful gladiator who seeks to challenge the best Earth has to offer!

      *We also see the full form of this alien gladiator! If I'm not mistaken, that's Despero, whose first animated appearance was the Hearts and Minds Two Parter from Justice League. I admit, when I read the episode description, I thought the villain was going to be Mongol, the War World Dictator.

      *Zatanna tries to cast a spell, but the alien quickly uses his 3rd eye to put her in what seems to be a catatonic state! L-Ron tauntingly tells the motionless magician that magic "is cheating" and confirms that his master is, indeed, Despero. Just to make life more difficult, L-Ron activates an energy field around the Hall of Justice! This is going to be one painful "cage match"!

      *The other heroes are soon made aware of the intruders and try to face off against them, save for Bumble Bee who tries to get Zatanna "out of it".

      *In an office at the United Nations, Captain Atom, the Reach Ambassador and Tseng have their private meeting. Atom brings up how the Reach have been on Earth before their reveal, but the Ambassador lies that it was to ensure they could find the right moment to show "peaceful intentions" while also playing the "speciesist card" and mentioning the League being wanted criminals in a sector of space.

      *The Reach Ambassador further undermines Atom by mentioning what the Young Justice Team did in Before The Dawn (leaving out what he and his associates were doing, of course). He also requests Atom to show prove, undermining the creditability of potential witnesses such as the captured kids by calling them "impressionable young fans". It's at that moment when Atom gets a message about the attack at the Hall of Justice!

      *Back at the Hall of Justice, we see Wade Eiling and the army trying to get the energy field down! This makes this episode Wade's first "official" appearance in the animated series as he's Failsafe appearance was a simulation, though he did "officially" appear in the tie-in comics. Speaking of the tie-in comics, I'm glad to say that I got the first two trade paperback volumes (issues 0-13) for Christmas and have enjoyed reading them!

      *Captain Marvel is putting up the best fight against Despero! He tries the "SHAZAM Lightning trick" on him...but it fails...and turns him back to Billy! It was almost a shock to see Billy as a teen now, but then again, it has been 5 years and teens can get pretty tall (it is nice to see the character designers not use the "teens are short trope", on another note).

      *L-Ron claims Despero shouldn't have to waste his time with kids and the 3-eyed alien proceeds to put Billy in a catatonic state!

      *Mal tries to tell Miss Martian to "brain blast" Despero (suggesting he doesn't know how far she goes...or rather, went), who responds with a panicked refusal!

      *Back at Taos' STAR Lab, Impulse finishes his session with Black Canary. He pulls Blue Beetle aside to assure him he didn't mention the former's "evil future form", saying that so much as mentioning it to others could cause it to happen and adding that it's best to keep it to themselves. The Scarab agrees with this course of action...but adds that Impulse should be eliminated to prevent him from changing his mind, which Jaime refuses, of course. The banter between Jaime and the Scarab are always pretty funny!

      *We then return to the Hall of Justice where things keep getting bad for the heroes! Eventually, Mal and Miss Martian are the only ones left standing (though Superboy seems to just be knocked out rather then catatonic)!

      *Seeing most of her friends in a catatonic state brings the Martian bad memories from the previous episode as she gets a better look at those (arguably) "in a fate worse then death". If Kaldur's predicament was her wake up call, then this would be the slap in the face that completely wakes her up!

      *When things look hopeless...Mal challenges Despero while wearing Guardian's costume! I recall hearing that Mal eventually becomes Herald, but is him being the second Guardian also from the comics?

      *Miss Martian plays along with Mal's act and gets herself and Superboy out of harm's way. Mal hamming it up was a Crowning Moment of Funny! I bet Kevin Michael Richardson was having a blast in the recording session!

      *Superboy regains consciousness and is caught up to speed with Mal's plan telepathically. The Boy of Steel is prepared to help, but his exe still shows doubts in herself adding how she can't bring herself to psychically attack again. Superboy bluntly tells her she doesn't have to use that method to help and gives a quick pep talk!

      *Blue Beetle gets his session with Black Canary and confirms that the Reach are the true creators of his Scarab, but they can't control it. Black Canary says this makes him their best bet against the Reach, to which he agrees with a hint of sadness...

      *I gotta hand it to Mal, he's holding up really well against Despero! He's definitely grateful for Black Canary's training!

      *As Mal has pointed out, I'm surprised Despero hasn't spoke all episode and L-Ron has been doing the talking! This seemed like the opportune moment for Keith David to reprise the role from Justice League, seeing as how he played Goliath from Gargoyles and Tombstone in the first episode of The Spectacular Spider-Man, two shows Greg Weisman had a hand in making.

      *Despero and L-Ron soon figure out Mal is bluffing, good thing Superboy was able to help him out!

      *Miss Martian finally had it with the sight of her catatonic friends and uses her powers to restore them back to normal! This really shows a good sign that there is hope for Kaldur to recover!

      *After recovering, Zatanna immediately uses Miss Martian's telepathic link to temporarily take control of Mal to say a spell that gives Despero a taste of his own medicine! She telepathically tells Superboy this, adding that she doesn't know how long it will last. The Boy of Steel says it's plenty of time as he delivers a mighty punch to Despero!

      *Despero has finally been defeated...but the Hall of Justice has been destroyed in the process! Man, our heroes just can't catch a break!

      *Captain Atom arrives and he and Captain Marvel try to break down the energy field from both the outside and the inside...too bad it doesn't work!

      *The Reach Ambassador and Tseng arrive soon enough and the former continues to put up his charade by getting rid of the energy field with a device of his, forcing the current leader of the Justice League to begrudgingly thank him.

      *The Reach Ambassador replies with a backhanded regret of the hall's destruction, but saying it's good they still have the Watch Tower! Tseng is shocked to hear this and the Reach Ambassador falsely and smugly claims he didn't know that was a secret from the public. The Reach Ambassador's "passive-agressive" undermining really makes him such an unlikeable character, though that does make him an excellent villain.

      *Godfrey is quick to report this, all while further demonize the Justice League and praise the Reach for their "honesty". Greg Weisman sure wasn't kidding when he said things were going to get worse for our heroes!

      *He also mentioned on his Q & A website that the Watch Tower doesn't have a laser cannon like it did during the "Cadmus Saga" of Justice League Unlimited, hopefully that detail will somewhat calm the citizens in the show down.

      *The next day, we return to the warehouse from earlier where Superboy, Beast Boy and Mal are all situated. Nightwing mentions that Miss Martian opted for a different location, citing the warehouse as being too much like "a boy's dorm room"...

      *Fortunately, we see soon enough where she went, Martian Manhunter's apartment in Chicago (obviously disguising herself as her "uncle's" human identity)! I also got a kick out of the "brick joke" from Alienated!

      *She soon gets a call from Lagoon Boy, which she ignores...but then a knock comes to door. Superboy reveals it's him and says he and Miss Martian need to talk. We don't see what the conversation is, but we'll probably find out next week.

      *Nightwing, Captain Atom and Black Canary meet up to compare notes with each other. Soon enough, Blue Beetle burst in to confess what he learned about the future! Impulse arrives shortly after and he (as well as the Scarab) try to talk him out of it, but Jaime doesn't listen and reveals the information pleading they get rid of the Scarab!

      Another eventful episode, though not to the same degree as the previous one! L-Ron was pretty funny and Despero was quite tough, though I wish he spoke. Miss Martian is taking steps in the right direction and Blue Beetle is dealing with a lot of stress. The Reach Ambassador slowly demonizing the Justice League is unfortunately slowly working. Though if the title for next week's episode is anything to go by, then maybe this charade won't last long. I guess we'll just have to wait and see next week!

    • KindredTown1 Jan 12, 2013

      This episode was great. Got to see a display of Static's powers. Mal donned the Guardian costume, and Blue Beetle revealed what he was told about the future.

    • BrokenArrow1119 Jan 12, 2013

      When Static was brought on screen I smiled. Hopefully it's not a one time thing

    • mohammedalene Jan 12, 2013


    • KindredTown1 Jan 13, 2013

      I watched it on Cartoon Network. It'll come on again tomorrow. You'll also probably be able to watch it on youtube by now.

    • stephencardon Jan 03, 2013

      did it even air?

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