Young Justice


Season 2, Ep 18, Aired 3/2/13
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  • Episode Description
  • The team attempts to free Blue Beetle from The Reach's control and avert Impulse's prophecy

  • Cast & Crew
  • Denise Boutte


  • Cameron Bowen


  • Lacey Chabert


  • Marina Sirtis

    Queen Bee

  • Mel Zwyer

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  • Quotes (2)

    • Ambassador: Enjoy your advantage while you can. The Reach tracked my every move. And when we're through with you, there won't be enough left for a DNA identification.
      Blue Beetle: Nice death threat. Could it get any more technical and dull?

    • Rocket: Girlfriend, someday you have to tell me how you figure out those backward words so fast.
      Zatanna: Maybe backwards is my native tongue.

    Notes (3)

    • Denise Boutte takes on the role of Rocket, previously played by Miss Kittie.

    • Heroes appearing without dialogue: Aquaman, Atom, Beast Boy, Flash, Guardian, Superboy, Wonder Girl

    • Villains appearing without dialogue: Mongul, Devastation, Mammoth, Shimmer

    Allusions (1)

    • Blue Beetle: Great. Now I'm Peter Pan.
      Referencing the characters that first appeared in author J.M. Barrie's Peter and Wendy (1911), and subsequently rose to prominence in the 1953 animated Disney film. Peter comes from Neverland to bring Wendy Darling into his world, where she has a number of adventures.

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    • Flashheat Mar 05, 2013

      So I went back and re watched Beneath, where the chamber with the hieroglyphs and the beetle picture supposedly appeared was indeed there. The giant beetle picture only shows up in the corner for a few seconds, but it was indeed there.

    • roweantarts Mar 03, 2013

      Did I see Batgirl and Robin aboard the watchtower? I thought only senior members of the team were authorised.

    • RaizenYusuke Mar 04, 2013

      Nightwing was just being a Dick to Roy when he told him that lol. I would chalk it up to the writers forgetting about that rule when they wrote and drew that scene. It happens all the time, writers and animators making a little goof like that.

    • MajLorne Mar 03, 2013

      If I remember the timeline right, if this was after the hall of justice was destroyed, then perhaps it was ok since their earth base was gone.

    • roweantarts Mar 03, 2013

      Except Nightwing stated that only senior members of the team were authorised after the hall of justice was destroyed.

    • MajLorne Mar 03, 2013

      Oh, well I guess a goof in the animation department, unless batgirl was there to explain the images she took? Yeah I can't explain it then. You are probably right.

    • roweantarts Mar 03, 2013

      I can buy Batgirl being old enough to be the watchtower, but Robin (and he was there in that overhead shot) wasn't on the Bialya mission, and he's almost definitely not a senior member of the team

    • Kindredtown Mar 03, 2013

      I liked the episode and I liked the plan that the team came up with to get Blue back on their side. I'm glad the people of Earth are starting to realize that the Reach aren't at all what they first appeared to be. I'm glad the whole L'gaan/Megan thing is done with. It didn't seem like it was going to go anywhere. He wasn't really a likable character, but still having him dumped like that gave me some sympathy towards him. One thing that annoys me though is that Wonder Girl still lacks speaking parts. It seems that they didn't really care to do much with her in this season and planned to branch things out for her in the next one, but if we don't get a third season she'll never have her potential as a character really shown. It would have been interesting to see what would have happened if Black Beetle ended up being sent to help Green and Blue. But overall the episode and the execution of it was good.

    • RaizenYusuke Mar 04, 2013

      It bugs me too Wonder Girl hasn't been developed as a character. I think the writers brought in too many characters to develop all of them this season. They probably planned to develop the characters they couldn't fit in this season for the next season, not realizing this season could be its final one. I feel bad Lagoon Boy though. He wasn't given a lot of likable qualities and I think it was intentional to make us dislike him for being Miss Martian's rebound guy.

    • Kindredtown Mar 07, 2013

      I'm sure it was intentional. If he was a likable character we would be more affected if they decided to kill him off in the season finale or in the next season. But yeah they did place too many characters in this season for them to be able to branch out the development of the separate characters.

    • MajLorne Mar 03, 2013

      I don't see the problem with this episode. I'm just glad it finally wrapped up the blue and green beetle issues. I wasn't too crazy about the Lagan and Megan shipper, so I'm happy they finally ended it. I'm saddened to know we have only 2 eps left. Why couldn't it get the typical 26 ep season? Such a rip off to get shortchanged by 6 eps. I did enjoy the humor in this episode and further seeing the reach losing control. I do agree that it's getting annoying seeing the light getting closer to their goal. Even 6 more eps could be enough to get started on them as I doubt we will see the light's agenda work out in just 1 ep at best. I did enjoy robins line about the no powers when they were talking about Ted kord. Pity wonder girl still has no development other than being the muscle.

    • RaizenYusuke Mar 02, 2013

      I liked this episode. It felt rushed with all the info and no hints to their plan, but it wrapped up as much of the questions as it could. It has been a while since I saw the episode where the girls invaded Queen Bee's island, but I think I remember Batgirl found something before she was knocked out and we never found out what it was. So I want to say the writers planned this out early in the series. I notice whenever the team faces Black Beetle or Green Beetle they never get help from the JL. It is kind of odd, since they had no problem helping out on the field before. Black is tough, but I keep thinking Captain Marvel could kick him around a bit. Lagoonboy and Miss Martain plot wasn't interested in, but it had to be resolved. I do feel bad for Lagoon though. The writers brought him in as M'gan's rebound boy and never fleshed him out as a character. It was like his sole reason was to be Miss Martian's rebound boy and be hated by the fandom (the writers gave him little good qualties to be coincidence). My biggest gripe was the team only won, because the Light allowed it. It is getting really annoying how they are playing the Reach like a fiddle. How can they even do that? Bart's future the Reach took over the Earth. Impuse came back in time nd tld the heroes who have been actively trying to change it. However, the Light should have no knowledge of this, yet their plans have aleady changed the future (freeing Jamie, exposing the Reach fleet to the world and stole war world crystal etc.) The Light winning more than the good guys was refreshing, but their scope is getting a little too large. What is annoying is they have made no mistakes or recieved any legitment loss, making them something of invincible vlllains who manipulated everyone and everything and being 4 steps ahead of anyone. It reminds me that they have some deal with Darkseid and makes me wonder if they are even playing him to this extent, which I would find to be ridiculous.

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