Young Justice


Season 2, Ep 14, Aired 2/2/13
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  • Episode Description
  • When The Reach's teenage experimental subjects take off on their own, Nightwing sends Blue Beetle after them. Jaime catches up to them but soon has to deal with a marauding android, Red Volcano, and the teenagers help him out.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Jeff Bennett

    Red Volcano/David Wilcox

  • Bruce Greenwood

    Eduardo Dorado Sr.

  • Kevin Grevioux

    Black Beetle

  • Janice Kawaye

    Asami "Sam" Koizumi

  • Phil LaMarr

    Green Beetle

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  • Quotes (4)

    • Virgil: But, hey... Ed can teleport us out.
      Ed: Haven't you been paying attention? I can only teleport myself, and only along sight lines. Which makes escaping from a windowless, locked hallway somewhat difficult!

    • Red Volcano: No head. Where's Amazo's head?
      Eduardo: Listen. The Justice League sent the head to another location as insurance.
      Red Volcano: Then I'll take your head as compensation.

    • Red Volcano: Burning plasma. Really. You don't seem to have grasped whom you're dealing with. The name is Volcano.

    • Red Volcano: You'll have to do better than that, meat bag.
      Blue Beetle: I'm really more of a meat box.

    Notes (1)

    • Challenge of the Homage of the Superfriends
      The four runaways are a homage to the Challenge of the Superfriends series. They include an interracial group that include a black teenager with electrical powers (Virgil = Black Vulcan in the Superfriends), an Asian who can manipulate winds (Sam = Samurai), an Indian who can grow giant- (Tye Longshadow = Apache Chief), and a Hispanic teleporter (Eduardo = El Dorado).

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    • roweantarts Feb 02, 2013

      I loved every second of this episode, but I couldn't help but think that the Artemis/Miss Martian situation needed to be addressed urgently.

    • RaizenYusuke Feb 02, 2013

      So Green was a secret agent after all and turned Blue to the Reach's side. So once again the obvious choice was the correct one. Another Light victory. It would be nice to actually see them lose for once. The episode was pretty good though. The runaway kids and unfortunately future Light agents were likable. I like this version of Virgil and loved the riding on trash can lids. I can't wait to see him in the Static costume.

    • MajLorne Feb 04, 2013

      Yeah, I was disappointed about green beetle being evil. Unless like someone said of him being a triple agent, then that's not fair that the bad guys have all the advantage. I really don't like the idea of the light and the league having to team up against the reach.

    • roweantarts Feb 04, 2013

      I doubt the Light would need to team up with the league, with their child hero team, the league of assassins, the Bialyan Military, not to mention help from Deathstroke, The Terror Twins, Icicle Junior, Mammoth, Blockbuster, Bane, Kobra and their own abilities, they've got far more resources than the League

    • DBTrilogy100 Feb 02, 2013

      Just as the title suggests, this episode gives focus to the teen runaways!

      *We begin at the Taos S.T.A.R. Lab where Virgil is being tested by a scientist. Virgil is getting tired of these tests and asks for a lunch break. Parts of A.M.A.Z.O. are also brought to this lab.

      *All of the meta-humans except for one of them are on their way to lunch...until they hear that said meta-human arguing with his dad in a nearby room!

      *This boy's name is "Eduardo" and he has teleporting powers, according to his argument with his dad. It looks like he is an expy of the Super Friends character, El Dorado. The argument worsens when his father blames him for his predicament, Eduardo retorts that he wanted to be with his father and decides that was a mistake...

      *After another run of experiments, the meta-humans decide to runaway from S.T.A.R. Lab...with the exception of the former Neutron, Nathaniel. He replies that the scientists mean well by protecting them from the Reach and the planet from them. The younger ones still don't listen to him and precede with their plan...until Nathaniel pulls an alarm switch!

      *Despite the best efforts of security, the runaways still manage to give them the slip thanks to a blackout! After seeing Asami's powers, I must admit that I am still unfamiliar with who she is based on.

      *At his house, Jaime gets a call from from Nightwing who asks him to find these runaways. Jaime is reluctant to do so, but relents when Nightwing says his friendship with Tye could prove helpful in getting through to them.

      *Looks like Blue Beetle is going solo for this episode, which means there's likely to be more heated arguments about whether he is stealing the spotlight or not. Personally, I don't have any qualms with Blue Beetle's role thus far. The Reach are from his rogue gallery after all, it only makes sense that he would have such an importance role. If worse comes to worst, Beast Boy, Batgirl and Robin III (along with Tempest, for that matter) will likely play a big role in the video game (if they don't get to shine in the remaining episodes), at least, since they will be playable characters. Having said that, it would be nice to see more of Wonder Girl. But hey, the crew are at a disadvantage of having 6 episodes less then Season 1, so I'll cut them some slack.

      *The runaways arrive at a bus stop where they contemplate their next move. Doing so, we learn of the limits of the powers for Eduardo (who can only teleport where he can see and is not able to have a "passenger") and Tye (who has not been able to control his size shifting powers at will).

      *The other runaways chastise Virgil for calling his parents. Like he said to Black Canary back in Cornered, Virgil mentions he was only mistaken for a runaway, he was just waiting for his sister at a train station before he got captured.

      *He decides that they should join him at his house in Dakota since the rest of them aren't too keen on returning to their respective homes. Eduardo retorts that they won't be able to find a cure there, to which Virgil responds with an admittance that he likes his powers.

      *Their conversation soon ends when Asami points out (literally, as the others don't speak Japanese) that Dr. Wilcox and some security guards from S.T.A.R. Lab are just outside!

      *Blue Beetle quickly arrives on the scene, just in time to see the runaways attempt another escape! Tye's powers also activate during the commotion! Unlike Apache Chief and Long Shadow, Tye's powers create a giant astral figure rather then changing his actual size.

      *Tye's powers stop once he makes it into the forest with the rest of the runaways, where we further learn that his lack of control of his powers puts him in a "dream-like state". Blue Beetle manges to catch up to them and tries to convince them that S.T.A.R. Lab is trying to help.

      *Virgil acknowledges that Blue Beetle was one of the heroes who saved them, but Tye retorts that Blue Beetle wouldn't understand them. Blue Beetle responds to this by revealing to them that he is Jaime! Tye is glad to see his old friend again and is more willing to hear him out.

      *Even so, the runaways are still not willing to return to S.T.A.R. Lab. Jaime points out that the Reach might try to kidnap them again so long as they are on the run, Virgil responds that they are heading to his home to stay, to which Jaime retorts that the Reach will kill his parents to get to them if they were to find out!

      *After Asami says something, Jaime relents and agrees to help them in some other way. Tye surprised that Jaime "speaks" Japanese, only for Jaime to tell him the Scarab translated and that "it's a long story" was pretty funny.

      *Back at the Taos S.T.A.R. Lab, Eduardo Sr. chastises Dr. Wilcox for "giving up" on finding his son and the others. Dr. Wilcox responds by mentioning Eduardo Jr.'s habit of running away from his family members and assures him that they are more likely to listen to Blue Beetle.

      *Suddenly, an intruder storms the facility and it is...Red Volcano! Either the bad guys somehow managed to salvage his remains at Yellow Stone or he was rebuild from scratch; either way, it's trouble for everyone else! To make things worse, Red Volcano destroys the Zeta Tube to prevent any Justice League Members from coming!

      *Nightwing calls Jaime, pointing out that his other communicator isn't up; Jaime says that it's due to him being "incognito" at the moment. Nightwing seems to believe him and explains he called him to inform him of Red Volcano's recent attack as he is the one closest to it. Nightwing's non surprised tone when speaking of Red Volcano seems to suggest the robotic villain had returned before sometime in the 5 year time skip. When Jaime asks about the runaway situation, lying that he hasn't found them, Nightwing tells him the Red Volcano situation takes priority over the runaway situation as Red Volcano wishes to merge himself with A.M.A.ZO.'s parts to gain his powers, which will lead to serious trouble!

      *Tye telling Jaime that they figured out what was going on because his phone was on max volume was hilarious! Reminded me of some family members of mine.

      *In light of the situation, the runaways do decide to join Blue Beetle to help him out. It was rather touching that Ed (sort of) admitted he didn't hate his dad and Virgil backing him up on the decision to help.

      *Now that I heard him long enough, I realize that Eduardo Jr. is voiced by Freddy Rodriguez, who voiced Mas Y Menos in Teen Titans! The Teen Titans cast members in Young Justice continues to grow!

      *It seems Red Volcano's plan won't succeed as he needs A.M.A.Z.O.'s head to gain his powers. Frustrated that the head was sent to another facility for safety measures, Red Volcano decides to take the head of a captive instead!

      *Luckily, Blue Beetle and the runaways arrive to stop the rampaging robot! Blue Beetle takes on the robot himself, while the runaways attempt to help the captives!

      *Hold the phone, Blue Beetle is still able to use his armor's tools! I thought he would be weaker after Green Beetle helped him out in the previous episode! Actually, he seems stronger then ever! Hmm...

      *Adding to that, Blue Beetle seems more vicious then normal! When Virgil points this out, Tye figures its the stress from fighting a killer robot. The others figure they must double their efforts to save the captives!

      *Tye finally manages to take control of his powers during the crisis! Eduardo also is able to teleport with someone else and saves his father without having to see where he was first! Ed saying it was because he had "inspiration" was a Crowning Moment of Heart Warming!

      *At last, Blue Beetle finally blows up Red Volcano...all while being more reckless and vicious about it! Yeah, something is not right here...

      *Blue Beetle's viciousness exists even in his words alone as he chews out the runaways..until the press arrives to interview him! Absorbed by the publicity, Blue Beetle is distracted long enough for the runaways to sneak away from his watch!

      *Later on, Blue Beetle meets up with fellow Scarab holder, Green Beetle for a chat...but they are soon joined by Black Beetle!

      *It looks like Green Beetle was affiliated with the Reach after all! I admit to being fooled, I thought he was, at least, well meaning but still a possible catalyst, I didn't think he was evil before hand. Based on what Black Beetle said, Blue Beetle's scarab seems to be "on mode" again, which explains why he has been acting much more hostile! Unless something goes down in the next 6 episodes, that bad future Impulse came from still seems to be coming!

      *Meanwhile, the runaways notice a car pull up on the street their on and we hear Asami say an English phrase...that it could be trouble!

      *In the car, we see that it is none other then Light Member, Lex Luthor and his "Second-In-Command", Mercy! Lex says to her that the plan to send Red Volcano to the lab as a distraction worked perfectly and now he can proceed with the next step! I'm beginning to wonder if we'll ever get to hear Mercy talk in this series or not.

      *The runaways are surprised to see Lex when he emerges from the car. He reveals that he has been watching them for some time and that he was the one activated the blackout and the one who sent the press to distract Blue Beetle! He tries to gain their sympathy by saying he too is being used by the Reach!

      *Eduardo points out that Lex has affiliated with the Reach to make those drinks, the smooth talking corrupt corporate executive replies that he is "beginning" to suspect the Reach are going to backstab him (which could very well be a "half-truth" rather then an outright lie, given the hints of ulterior motives in the Light and the Reach's partnership). He concludes that he wishes to help the runaways to be able to do what they wish to do. Lex may not have powers like most of his fellow Light Members, but his manipulative nature is just as dangerous, if not more so!

      Another great episode! It was great to get some more well-needed spotlight for the runaways to get to know them better! Blue Beetle's "solo adventure" didn't really bother me and it did help show how the playing field has changed again. Red Volcano's return was quite a surprise for me, as was the truth about Green Beetle! It also looks like Lex Luthor's plans to form a "Young Injustice Team" are going to become a reality! Next episode marks the 3/4th way mark of Season 2/Invasion!

    • MajLorne Feb 04, 2013

      Excellent review as always.

    • DBTrilogy100 Feb 09, 2013

      Many thanks, always good to hear the commentary is being enjoyed!

    • ericwashere15 Feb 02, 2013

      Episode was pretty good. But with Green Beetle being a double agent, does that mean the Martians have already been conquered, or will be after Earth is? With television signals being broadcast to Mars, which Martians love, the Reach won't be able to utilize such 'friendly' tactics. I know Earth is the focus of the show, but M'gann has a living spaceship, which means that other Martians must as well, so we could possibly see a Martian intervention. Highly unlikely, but then again, I imagine the Light is already preparing to overturn the Reach. Whether there'll be a third season or not, there's no way the Light would just allow the Reach to conquer their home world, especially after discovering the Meta-gene. Perhaps Green Beetle is actually a triple agent...

    • KindredTown1 Feb 02, 2013

      This episode was pretty great. Loved seeing the Runaways in action. I think the girl of the team is the female version of Samurai from Superfriends, but I'm not entirely sure. Watching them work together was pretty good too. I had a feeling in this episode that Blue Beetle was being controlled by the Scarab and the end showed that I was right. I wondered what Green Beetle could've done to them that would've helped. That was my first clue. Then his disregard for the safety of others was my second and then him giving the group up was my third. So Green Beetle was basically a double agent. I wonder when he'll truly betray the League and the team.

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