Young Justice

The Hunt

Season 2, Ep 17, Aired 2/23/13
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  • Lex sends his new team of super-powered teenagers on a mission... to rescue Young Justice.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Brandon Vietti

  • Doug Murphy

  • Greg Weisman

  • Sam Register

  • Jamie Thomason

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  • How the tables have turned!

    By bentazcraft, Feb 23, 2013

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    • Arsenal: He was using you--as a distraction to lure Black Beetle away from the crystal key so one of his other pawns could steal it.
      Luthor: Hmm, Deathstroke's more of a bishop, actually.

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    • Characters appearing without dialogue: Batgirl, Beast Boy, Deathstroke, Green Arrow, Guardian, Impulse, Plastic Man, Robin, Superboy, Wonder Girl, Zatanna

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    • The Wonder Woman doll's colors are on the wrong side. Red is supposed to be top and blue on bottom.

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    • Flashheat Feb 24, 2013

      Have to admit, despite how much Godfrey annoys me, he did a fantastic job of humiliating the Reach Ambassador on live television. Wonder what sort of repercussions that'll have on the Reach's activities on Earth.

    • RaizenYusuke Feb 26, 2013

      I did as well. Godfrey gives the JL crap, but his gripes do have some merit to them. Despite beng pro Reach he didn't let that stop him from reminding people the Reach lied about having a space fleet when they said they only had one ship. It reall distrubed me he was the only reporter to question this. It is like everyone else was taking stupid pills (or Reach juice?).

    • roweantarts Feb 27, 2013

      Or indeed distracted by the Reach's revelation of Blue Beetle saving the world, and the Reach's "gift" of war world.

    • DBTrilogy100 Feb 23, 2013

      The Runaways take center stage once again in today's episode of Young Justice (Invasion), written by Brandon Vietti, himself!

      *The episode kick starts at War World with the Reach Scientist and Black Beetle discussing the current situation. According to Black Beetle, the hidden fleet was apparently noticed and he is very angry at Mongul for his role as "Spanner In The Works". The two also mention how there is one "loose end" left...

      *That "loose end" is quickly revealed to be Arsenal as he tries to make his escape! Considering how War World is about the size of the moon (and has many rooms within), it would make sense that Arsenal would not be found by Nightwing in the previous episode. The question is how did he survive for so long without any food?

      *We then cut to the United Nations, where the Reach Ambassador continues to promote Blue Beetle as a savior of both Earth and the Reach. When a little girl asks him why the Justice League didn't stop War World, the Reach Ambassador takes the opportunity to bad mouth the Justice League and claim that War World was "a bully they couldn't handle". It's going to be very satisfying when that slime ball gets exposed for the fraud he is...

      *At Taos, we see the four runaways using their powers on Reach related ads. Asami's powers still don't seem to be wind based, I suppose they must have changed them in this series to make her more distinct from the likes of Red Tornado. I wonder if there is any symbolism for new feelings in regards to Tye hitting the ad with Blue Beetle on it...

      *The Runaways compliment each other in how well their powers and skills have improved over time. Fortunately, we learn that Tye doesn't hold any ill will towards his friend, Jaime Reyes. In fact, he makes it very clear he wants to save him from the Scarab that possesses him. Very heart warming to see Tye still thinks well of his friend.

      *Outside the perimeter of War World, Nightwing and Miss Martian (in the camouflaged Bio-Ship) attempt to find their missing comrades. When Nightwings asks for an update, Miss Martian sadly replies that she could not detect them but adds that War World is big enough that they could simply be out of reach of her powers. Nightwing decides that they should head back to the hanger he investigated in the previous episode and go from there...

      *Back in Taos, the Runaways are in their "Head Quarters" (for lack of a better term) and receive a message from none other then Lex Luthor. The corrupt corruptive executive offers them a chance to get back at the Reach by rescuing the young heroes imprisoned on War World! Of course, knowing Luthor, he has an ulterior motive behind this...

      *Luthor provides them with the Mother Box, explaining how it will Boom Tube them into the fortress and can pinpoint the Kryptonian DNA of Superboy. Virgil is willing to go for it and the others agree as well once Luthor mentions they'd be "returning the favor" to the heroes who saved them back in Before The Dawn.

      *When Asami requests the device take them to War World, it complies...but they end up right in front of a group of Reach Soldiers!

      *The Runaways' surrender fake out plan was both funny and effective!

      *Word of the Runaways' infiltration manages to (pardon the pun) the Reach Scientist and Black Beetle, who are furious with this news! Black Beetle sets out to handle things himself, while the Reach Scientist makes a call...

      *The Reach Ambassador is in a dressing room when he receives the Reach Scientist's message and he is not happy about what he's hearing! After seeing hints of it in War, we see more of him loosing his cool and showing his true demeanor as he angrily orders his associate to make sure things don't further go downward for them, right before a brunette woman comes in to tell him the show is about to start...

      *Back at War World, Nightwing and Miss Martian are back at the very same hanger from the previous two episodes. Miss Martian asks if Nightwing had already checked very inch of the hanger; Nightwing answers that he has, but beats himself up by saying he probably missed something obvious like how Blue Beetle became brainwashed when Green Beetle "fixed" his Scarab.

      *Miss Martian tells him she's the one at fault, because she was unwilling to find out the truth from Green Beetle due to what she did to Kaldur, which lead to Jaime trusting him too easily. Nightwing counters that he should have told her and Superboy of the undercover mission, but Miss Martian realizes that they are now just trying to top each other in a "guilt game".

      *She adds that they and others have made their share of mistakes and that they need to stop beating themselves up and do what they can to stop the villains, finishing up by quoting something Nightwing said in Misplaced, back when he held the mantle of Robin! Miss Martian definitely deserves props for handling the situation better then Superboy did in The Fix, it was also very much a Crowning Moment of Heart Warming. I just hope they don't forget B'arzz is likely a victim of the Reach, just as Jaime is; I'm sure he isn't such a bad guy when being possessed by Reach technology.

      *Things definitely get better for the duo as Sphere manages to find them! Miss Martian asks her if she'd able to locate Superboy, her response seems to indicate the answer is "yes"!

      *Elsewhere on the giant space station, the Runaways prove themselves to have greatly improved in their respective powers by plowing their way through the Reach Soldiers with little (if any) difficulty! Little do they realize, they have caught the attention of Arsenal, who silently follows them from a distance...

      *We return to Earth to see the Reach Ambassador is on the air with G. Gordon Godfrey, always a joy to hear Tim Curry ham it up! The show seems to progress as we would expect...but then Godfrey calls the Reach Ambassador out on the hidden fleet, reaffirming Black Beetle's statements at the beginning of the episode!

      *The Reach Ambassador is obviously caught off guard by this and tries to claim the fleet helped Blue Beetle save Earth in a befuddled manner. Godfrey then pulls up the clip from War where the Reach Ambassador said they only had one "peaceful exploring" ship! Godfrey may be a base breaker, but I'm sure even those not fond of him will agree that it was satisfying and a Crowning Moment of Awesome when he ripped the Reach Ambassador a new one!

      *Back on War World, the Runaways finally come across some holding cells, which holds the captured Young Justice team members and Mongul! Tye notices that they seem to be unconscious, to which Black Beetle reveals himself by saying that they are in a stasis of sorts and that they will be joining them soon enough!

      *Virgil immediately warns his friends at how powerful Black Beetle is, recounting what he saw in Before The Dawn! Tye activates his "astral giant" ability to prepare, but Black Beetle effortlessly knocks him out! Ed hanging a lampshade at how their "big gun" just got curb-stomped by Black Beetle was kinda funny, I admit!

      *Unfortunately, Virgil and Asami don't fair any better against the Reach Enforcer, leaving Ed by himself and having to hide! Black Beetle taunts the young hero to just teleport into a holding cell and spare him the trouble of fighting...a laser then blasts him, suddenly!

      *Arsenal reveals himself as the one responsible for that and instructs Ed to follow his lead if they are to succeed! The young archer continues to show an exceptionally growth in maturity by acknowledging and informing Ed that Black Beetle can't be taken head on, which really says a lot for Roy!

      *Ed wonders if they should free the other heroes right now so that they can help, but Roy says no an instead...frees Mongul! Ed questions Roy's recent action, but the young archer assures him he knows what he's doing. Case in point: Black Beetle and Mongul immediately stop what they're doing and proceed to beat the living daylights out of each other!

      *With the 2 villains distracted with one another, Arsenal and Ed proceed to free the captured heroes and the Runaways regain consciousness too! Arsenal warns the other heroes that Reach Soldiers are waiting for them and to be prepared for a fight!

      *Luckily for the young heroes, Nightwing, Miss Martian and Sphere have already taken care of the Reach Soldiers when the door opens up and gives them a quicker lift to the Bio-Ship!

      *Upon reaching the Bio-Ship, Nightwing praises the Runaways for their rescue efforts and offers them positions on the team! Virgil is very honored by the offer, but Ed acts ungrateful by claiming that now that they saved them they don't have to be "guinea pigs for S.T.A.R. Lab". Virgil, wisely, tells Ed to drop the attitude in a polite manner.

      *Arsenal tells Nightwing that they need to figure out what to do about Blue Beetle with his treachery revealed, but Bumble Bee takes the moment to chew out Arsenal and accuses him of treachery for his airlock stunt in War! Arsenal retaliates that he saved them and instructed the Runaways how to help out, claiming she wouldn't be here to complain if it wasn't for him! Having heard all of this Nightwing decides to...kick Arsenal off the team!

      *Naturally, this act is going to cause another "break in the base". On one hand, Arsenal is a bit of a "loose cannon" and could stand to be more aware of how his actions affect his teammates, so you can see why he should "hit the bench". On the other hand, he did try to save his teammates after his blunder and did show some tremendous character growth in this episode, so it is understandably to see this as a "slap in his face". This is even invoked "in universe" with Bumble Bee in the former stance and the Runaways taking the latter stance. Either way, I think we can all agree it's not wise to not keep an eye on him.

      *After hearing this, Virgil starts to act hostile towards Nightwing, claiming they don't need his offer or his ride home, saying they "have [their] own way of doing things"! After offering Arsenal a place on their team, the young archer gladly accepts and he with the rest of the Runaways Boom Tube out of there, all in spite of Nightwing's warnings!

      *Returning to their "head quarters", Luthor video messages the Runaways to congratulate them on their success...but is unpleasantly shocked to see Arsenal with them! Likewise, Arsenal is unpleasantly surprised to see Luthor and immediately tells the Runaways of what he did to 8 years of his life and his right arm! He adds that Luthor just used them for his own selfish reasons!

      *Luthor admits that Deathstroke did take the War World Key (calling him a "bishop" rather then a "pawn") while the Runaways made their rescue, but points out that what he told them was truthful, adding he kept his promise to help them get back at the Reach. Asami responds to this by putting the device he gave them in front of the laptop and using her powers to destroy both with Virgil coldly states "No more promises..."! We conclude the episode with the (now 5) Runaways heading off who knows where in the middle of the night...

      A rather good episode, on the whole. I liked Complications better then this one, but I did think this was a better episode for the Runaways in comparison to their first "spotlight episode". It was good to see Nightwing and Miss Martian have forgiven themselves and that their teammates are safe again. Arsenal has come a long way since Satisfaction, so I can understand his frustration at being kicked off. It was also great to see the villains get severe losses with the Light failing to get a "Young Injustice Team" and the Reach getting called out for being frauds! Next week's episode has the same title as the 12th episode of The Spectacular Spider-Man, so I share the same hunch with others as to what that episode will be about...

    • Kindredtown Feb 24, 2013

      Regarding how he survived so long without food it's because his robotic arm has a snack component. At least that's how it makes sense to me.

    • DBTrilogy100 Mar 02, 2013

      That's a good point you make. I also have a funny image in my head of Arsenal taking a snack break in the middle of his escape.

    • VirusMonster Feb 24, 2013

      Yeah, it really was another great episode! Still had to believe this is getting canceled and there's about 2 or 3 episodes left in Season 2 and I'm wondering how they're going to end Season 2 with the Reach Apocalypse. By the way I noticed you haven't been reviewing the Ben 10 Omniverse episodes anymore and I really enjoy reading your reviews on them as well as on other shows like this one. Is there a reason why?

    • DBTrilogy100 Feb 24, 2013

      Oh, I have the commentary for the Omniverse episodes typed up, but the website is giving me problems. With the exception of replies, the website isn't keeping what I post up consistently, for some reason. It let me put this post up with no difficulties, but didn't keep any of my Omniverse ones when I tried again today. Until this unusual behavior in the website gets fixed, I'm just going to concentrate on getting the last of the Young Justice commentary up.

    • Kindredtown Feb 23, 2013

      I enjoyed this episode mostly for the well-executed action and how much Nightwing and MM had been working together and hard to find the team. I enjoyed G. Gordon's attack on the Ambassador and the Reach. It seems that their plans are failing quickly. I like how Tye reacts to the fact that the Reach's Scarab is controlling his best friend. Asami's becoming a good character. All of the Runaways are really. Unless they rush a lot into these last two episodes it seems we're going to be left on a huge cliffhangar.

    • RaizenYusuke Feb 23, 2013

      The episode was ok. I didn't like how the writers execution on Arsenel being booted from the team. Nightwing kicking him off the team made sense, but he was completely unsympathetic to Roy since he joined the team. When Roy questioned why they don't use the Watch Tower Nightwing told him he ain't qualified and seemed offended for Roy daring to ask him such a question. That's stupid because Dick and the others acted the same way when they found out about the Watch Tower in season 1. It felt like Dick had it in for Roy from the start without offering any help. Red Arrow acted similar and everyone was forgiving of him and put up with him.

    • Kindredtown Feb 23, 2013

      I think the reason why Dick may be having it out for Roy is because, he spent so much time knowing the fake one and he ended up betraying the League. He didn't get to know the Real Roy and since he was with the Light for 8 years he doesn't know if he's a sleeper agent like the clone. It also may play into the fact that members of his team have died i.e. Tula and Jason and he had some others almost die like M'gaan and Aqualad. He's just trying to make sure that he desn't lose someone, because of Arsenal's mistakes. It's a case of blind judgment in this one. Arsenal tries to do things for the best, but it ends up coming out like he's doing it solely for himself.

    • RaizenYusuke Feb 26, 2013

      You make a good point. Nightwing being team leader might make him more closed off to Arsenal. It is just weird. He told Wally to give Artemis a chance even though they both knew Roy 2 longer. It didn't seem like he even gave original Roy the benefit of doubt. Like I said before I agree with Dick's decision on kicking Arsenal out. Obviously his experience is affecting his performance and he needs to deal with that before he can join. I wasn't expecting Nightwing to be more understanding like he usually is. If Arsenal had been on the team longer and acted up more I wouldn't have felt Dick was out of character.

    • RaizenYusuke Feb 23, 2013

      I don't even disagree with Dick's decision because Arsenal's actions almost got the team killed twice. It is wise to dismiss Roy from the team and get him some therapy before he goes back on the field. Dick seems way more tolerable to everyone else or sympathetic to them. It is startling considering how understanding he was of Miss M. He kind if downplayed Arsenal was abducted for 8 years too. I felt the writers executed this poorly.

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