Young Justice

True Colors

Season 2, Ep 12, Aired 1/19/13
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  • Episode Description
  • Blue Beetle's enemy, The Reach, join forces with LexCorp and Robin takes a team undercover to investigate the new alliance.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Nick Chinlund


  • Cameron Bowen


  • Tim Curry

    G. Gordon Godfrey

  • Kevin Grevioux

    Black Beetle

  • Phil LaMarr

    Green Beetle

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    By BaronObeefdip39, Jan 21, 2013

  • green beetle

    By poeticnoetic, Jan 20, 2013

  • uh oh!!

    By fishy98, Jan 20, 2013

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  • Quotes (4)

    • Black Beetle: Any more tricks, meat?
      Blue Beetle: Just a few. (fires)
      Black Beetle: Ah... nothing like a warm plasma bath to calm the nerves and clean off the tomato stains.

    • Blue Beetle: You're just toying with us, aren't you?
      Black Beetle: What gave me away?

    • Robin: Form up. If we go down, we go down fighting.
      Impulse: I'm betting that sounded way more inspirational in your head.

    • Green Beetle: For decades the one you call Martian Manhunter has sent communications from your world to ours. television signals. They are quite entertaining.
      Robin: All Martians love television.
      Green Beetle: Indeed.

    Notes (2)

    • Injoke: Green Beetle's real name, B'ars O'ohm, is a play on Barsoom, the native word for the planet Mars in Edgar Rice Burroughs John Carter of Mars novels.

    • Heroes appearing without dialogue: Conner, Mal, Lagoon Boy

    Trivia (1)

    • Green Beetle tells Blue Beetle to set his sonic cannon to 27 angstroms. Angstroms are a measure of electromagnetic radiation, not sound.

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    • DBTrilogy100 Jan 23, 2013

      Robin (III) gets to take the spotlight in today's episode of Young Justice (Invasion)!

      *We begin the episode with Atom and Bumble Bee inside of someone attempting to do some "inside surgery"...

      *As expected, the someone the two size shapers were in was Blue Beetle, trying to remove the Scarab. Just as the Reach Scientist mentioned back in Before The Dawn, Atom concludes that the Scarab is going to stick to Jaime as long as he lives.

      *Godfrey is back for the 3rd consecutive episode and doing some more League bashing and Reach praising. Some are probably annoyed by him at this point, though he still doesn't bother me. I attribute that to Tim Curry's performance, he does well with "love to hate characters". In any case, he brings up that the Reach and Lex Corp Farms have whipped something up with their combined resources...

      *Like Nightwing says, that's not good news, so he sends Tim to lead a squad to investigate. Greg Weisman had admitted on his Q & A website that Tim was more of a supporting role than a major one in Season 2, though he has hinted that he will play a bigger role in Season 3 if it comes to pass. All in all, it is good to see the current Robin get a little more focus.

      *Nightwing then proceeds to inform the group of who else will join Robin on this mission. Blue Beetle is the first one mentioned and he is understandably reluctant to do so, but Nightwing reassures him that he is one of their best chances against the Reach (which the Scarab agrees to).

      *Impulse wants to tag along if Blue Beetle is going, which Nightwing figures and gladly allows. The fourth member of this squad is then revealed to be...the original Speedy, now Arsenal who has now joined the Young Justice Team! Besides the cybernetic arm he got in Satisfaction, he now has a haircut similar to the one he had in Teen Titans!

      *The 4 heroes begin their undercover mission by taking a tour of the "Reach assisted" Lex Corp Farms. The Tour Guide having the usual perkiness you see other tour guides in TV have was pretty hilarious!

      *When the tour guide isn't looking, the heroes bag some of the food for later for Impulse, who eats some of it to "maintain cover". I certainly got a chuckle out of that.

      *In a Light based hideout, Sportsmaster has confronted the Light about the "death" of Artemis, with Vandal Savage and Black Manta being the only members physically present with him. Lex and Savage are more then willing to give retribution to their top enforcer, the latter even calls him "old friend".

      *When Sportsmaster demands Kaldur's death, going for the "an eye for an eye" philosophy, Black Manta immediately rejects the request, Savage agrees that such a request would just cause more problems. Sportsmaster accepts...only to decide to try to kill Kaldur's father, instead! Not the wisest choice you've made, Lawrence, but you have guts...

      *Sportsmaster's attack gets intercepted somehow...

      *Aww yeah, it's Slade from Teen Titans! This time, he is being referred to by his comic codename, "Deathstroke". He looks scrawnier and has more hair compared to his Teen Titans counterpart, but it looks like we'll have to wait for a future episode before we hear his voice and see him in action.

      *Sportsmaster immediately pieces together that Deathstroke is his replacement, Savage simply comments that "luck favors the prepared". Sportsmaster demonstrated when Cheshire gets him out of there via helicopter!

      *Sportsmaster "arguing" about how he had to do the "honorable thing" of asking for the payoff to the silent and masked Cheshire was pretty funny! He concludes by confirming that now that the Light has branded him a "traitor", he has no qualms about killing Black Manta and says Cheshire is free to take vengeance on Kaldur...

      *Back at the Lex Corp Farm, the young heroes wait until nightfall to carry out their mission. I did get a kick out of Impulse having a hard time figuring out how to activate his suit's stealth mode.

      *Alpha Squad succeeds in getting a sample of the Reach's formula...though Arsenal takes some liberties to blow things up! He admits that he loves to make Luthor suffer in anyway he can.

      *Luthor and Mercy figure out that something is not right and are able to overwrite the hacked cameras to see what is really going on. Mercy is about to call security, but Lex assures her it won't be necessary and would be "redundant", instead he tells her to just "enjoy the show"...

      *We soon see what Lex means when the heroes get ambushed by Black Beetle! This isn't gonna be pretty...

      *In one of Black Manta's submarines, we see him and Savage come visit the catatonic Kaldur. Black Mantra truly is upset by the condition his son is in. It probably would be accurate to call Black Manta a "Type I Anti-Villain"; the guy is obviously evil, but he still has some "noble" qualities that his associates don't have.

      *Black Manta vows to avenge his son by making it clear as day that he wants Miss Martian's head on a stake for what she did to his son. Savage sympathizes with his fellow Light member by telling him he knows what it's like to be a father, which could be a subtle hint that this version of him is related to Roy, just like in the comics.

      *Savage continues to show sympathy by telling Black Manta he has brought some the form of Queen Bee's "Second-In-Command", Psimon! Oh crap, if Psimon finishes the process then Nightwing's plan is completely shot down the drain! Nice job, Miss Martian, you definitely fit the bill of "unwilling instigator of doom"...

      *Back at Lex Corp Farms, the four heroes continue to battle Black Beetle! While the armored Reach still has the clear advantage, the good guys seem to, at least, be fairing better against him compared to Before The Dawn.

      *I have to admit, Black Beetle does have some pretty funny lines!

      *Tim points out that Blue Beetle isn't doing nearly as much damage to the foe compared to last time. Jaime replies that it's because the Scarab was in control that time, to which the Scarab responses that it should do so again. Jaime refuses, still fearful of turning to the Dark Side. Luckily, Arsenal's laser seems to be doing some decent damage!

      *Eventually, Black Beetle gets distracted, giving the heroes enough time to retreat! I did get a kick out of their comments about the corn field!

      *After making it through the corn field, Black Beetle manages to catch up and cut them off! As if that wasn't enough someone else show up too...a green armored Scarab holder!

      *Naturally, the heroes have dubbed this new character "Green Beetle". For anyone familiar with the comics, is Green Beetle an existing character from the comics or is he a character that was created in this show?

      *Luckily, Green Beetle actually helps the young heroes fight off Black Beetle! Tim notices that their new friend has some rather familiar abilities...

      *Yep, Green Beetle sets up a telepathic link and confirms he is a Martian! Now I'm really unsure if he is an existing character in the comics or a new one for the show.

      *Green Beetle telepathically tells Blue Beetle to use his sonic cannon against Black Beetle. Jaime replies that his Scarab says that won't work to which, to which Green Beetle explains that that is true by itself...

      *Yep, the combined sonic cannons of Blue Beetle and Green Beetle have enough power to temporarily knock out Black Beetle (whose face also gets revealed to us)! the five some retreat before he can regain conscious!

      *We then go to the Kent Farm, where Nightwing thanks Pa Kent for allowing Green Beetle to stay in the farm. Pa Kent assures them it's no trouble and is glad to see Superboy again (who has no lines). As another note of interest, this is the 4th episode Miss Martian is absent in and the 2nd Season 2/Invasion episode that Beast Boy is absent in.

      *When asked by Nightwing, Green Beetle explains that he was an archeologist on Mars before he accidentally discover a Scarab that attached itself to him. He further explains that the Reach had placed Scarabs on all planets that they deemed "primitive". He adds that he wished to help his "sister planet" when he saw news of the Reach on Earth from the TV transmissions Martian Manhunter had provided for his people, adding that he finds TV very entertaining.

      *When asked why his Scarab isn't controlling him, Green Beetle explains that the Scarabs weren't prepared for Martian biology, which means he was able to take it over before it took him over. Talk about lucky! Nightwing decides that it would be wise for the Justice League to check his story, but also thanks him for his help.

      *Green Beetle telepathically talks to Blue Beetle to show sympathy to Jaime for his fears of getting rid of the Scarab without "loosing [himself]" and adds that he knows of a way to help him. Is he telling the truth or does he have an ulterior motive or does he sincerely mean well and does sincerely wish to help but is unaware about possible side effects? I'll guess we'll just have to wait and see.

      *Back at Lex Corp Farms, Luthor and Savage look over what went down earlier in the episode and confirm that their main objectives were still met, as expected. Luthor also tells Savage that the young heroes did well and shows him pictures of the captured teens from earlier in the season, suggesting that the Light form their version of it...

      Overall, I enjoyed this episode more then Cornered. It was nice to see Tim get some attention again and great to see Arsenal has joined the Young Justice Team! It was also great to see Slade/"Deathstroke" back in animation and the heroes get a (seemingly) new ally in Green Beetle! It looks like Sportsmaster & Cheshire are ready to carry out their revenge and Psimon being brought in to help Kaldur spells trouble! Based on the description for next week's episode, it looks like Black Manta is going to try to make good on his word to make Miss Martian pay! We'll just have to wait and see what goes down in next week's episode!

    • roweantarts Jan 24, 2013

      [quote]Savage sympathizes with his fellow Light member by telling him he knows what it's like to be a father, which could be a subtle hint that this version of him is related to Roy, just like in the comics.[/quote] In the comics he has a daughter, Scandal Savage (went to the Tennyson school of names for that one)

    • DBTrilogy100 Jan 25, 2013

      "Scandal Savage", eh? She sounds to be an interesting character. I wonder when we'll meet her...

    • perualonso1 Jan 23, 2013

      Not bad, but aren't you being a bit harsh with what you say about Miss Martian? I know she shouldn't have messed up Aqualad/Kaldur's mind but badmouthing her won't do any good. Anyway, good review. Will you be doing the review for "Ben Again" soon?

    • DBTrilogy100 Jan 24, 2013

      Like my other commentaries, I try to type the thoughts into a dramatic and/or exciting manner. So similar to my thoughts about Fast Track, it was just written in a manner to showcase just how dramatic the stakes have raised because of Miss Martian's action, nothing more and nothing less. Think of it like the narrator from DBZ and not read too much into it. I do have Ben Again's commentary done, but the site isn't letting me post it for some reason (which is why it took as long as it did to post this episode's commentary).

    • RaizenYusuke Jan 22, 2013

      The episode was a improvement over last week. The A plot and B plot were both interesting. Sportsmaster went rogue against the Light and they replaced him with Deathstroke (Rose Wilson?). Green Beetle seems like a mole to me. His arrival was too perfect for me. Arsenal is even more of a hot head than Red Arrow. His stunt got them into a fight with Black that could have gotten them all killed. Pa was a highlight of he episode. Superboy finally has a family like everyone else. Nightwing's plan continues to fall apart. I'm not even sure Miss M told him what she did to Aqualad. If she did I think he would have contacted Artimes so they could abort the mission. Simon fixes him their plan is screwed. Good episode.

    • bentazcraft Jan 22, 2013

      I agree. Except I think Miss M already tolled Superboy (at the end of the "Cornered" episode) what realy happened and what she saw and that their keeping it between each other until the tme is right.

    • MajLorne Jan 20, 2013

      I'm still not used to this kind of format and wished we could discuss this on the forums... anyway: Green Beetle, given the armada of the reach, I think it'd be nice if he was an ally or the league comes back from their trial in time. Nightwing's plan is going to backfire if Psimon can read Aqualad's mind. I hope Artimis has an escape plan.. I'm liking the part about Sportsmaster's code of honor, always a good thing seeing the bad guys fighting each other.

    • pooeater12 Jan 19, 2013

      lol says its going to air at 10:30 when its already 12;14 -______-

    • Gislef Jan 20, 2013

      10:30 eastern.US time

    • BrokenArrow1119 Jan 19, 2013

      It's on at different times in different places

    • KindredTown1 Jan 19, 2013

      I enjoyed the episode. Especially seeing Arsenal on a mission. He doesn't play by the rules and the team needs a guy like that. I liked the introduction of the Green Martian Beetle. And we had some more focus on Tim. So overall the episode was great.

    • MajLorne Jan 20, 2013

      I'm so glad they didn't go pc on the name the way it was with Teen titans substituting his name slade vs saying Deathstroke. And sweet about the actual gun sound than some laser. Thank you DC for not bowing to the censors!

    • BrokenArrow1119 Jan 22, 2013

      All they did in Teen Titans was call him by his real name so I never really had a problem with that.

    • MajLorne Feb 04, 2013

      But it's about the censors in how you can't say the word 'death' 'kill' 'sinister' etc. everything is so pc in 'destroy' etc. are kids that babied they can't be allowed to hear such words? 80s and 90s we turned out fine.

    • BrokenArrow1119 Feb 04, 2013

      Damn right. Well said

    • BrokenArrow1119 Jan 19, 2013

      And a DeathStroke sighting. Loved it!

    • KindredTown1 Jan 20, 2013

      I hate that they call that Deathstroke. The hair and body physique makes it look more like Rose. Maybe she took the mantle in this Universe.

    • RaizenYusuke Jan 22, 2013

      Wasn't that supposed to be Rose? The long white hair didn't seem like Slade.

    • KindredTown1 Jan 27, 2013

      That's what I thought. They called Deathstroke a he in the episode so I'm not sure at the moment.

    • BrokenArrow1119 Jan 22, 2013

      I just watched this again online and I did see a tail hanging down. But I still think it's supposed to be Slade

    • BrokenArrow1119 Jan 20, 2013

      Were you talking about the blonde? If so that was Sportsmaster . You really didn't get a good look at Deathstroke other than when he fired the shot

    • Gislef Jan 20, 2013

      You could tell that Deathstroke had long white hair sticking out the back of the hood. Ravager has long flowing white hair.

    • BrokenArrow1119 Jan 20, 2013

      This comment has been removed.

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