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Season 2, Ep 15, Aired 2/9/13
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  • An intergalactic conqueror comes to Earth with plans to take the planet for his own.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Ketih David


  • Miguel Ferrer

    Vandal Savage

  • Phil LaMarr


  • Crispin Freeman

    Arsenal/Galet Dasim

  • Eric Lopez

    Blue Beetle

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  • AWSOME!!

    By bentazcraft, Feb 12, 2013

  • Death Star

    By sh811a, Feb 12, 2013

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    • Mal: It's great we're finally spending a little quality time together. Karen?
      Karen: Sorry, I'm a little preoccupied... with the second moon in the sky!

    • Blue Beetle: The War World knows we're here.
      Guardian: Fine with me. I like the attention. At least a big alien death moon notices when I'm around.
      Bumblebee: Was that a slam on me, in the middle of a mission?
      Guardian: Woman, when are you not in the middle of a mission?!

    • Mongul: This is your attack force? I'm insulted.
      Superboy: Learn to cope.

    • Mongul: My grand laser emitter would have ended your world in a matter of minutes. Another mercy. But it seems the mercies of Mongul are not appreciated. So we will do this the hard way, and the War World will unleash all its weapons upon the earth. You're welcome.

    • Guardian: Super-cycle! Guard our backs. I love a lady I can count on.
      Bumblebee: All right, I get it. I'm a bad girlfriend. Now quit pouting.
      Guardian: Who's poutin?!? I'm not poutin'!

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    • Characters appearing without dialogue: Wondergirl, Adam Strange, Batman, Beast Boy, Black Beetle, Black Canary, Captain Marvel, Doctor Fate, Hawkman, Hawkwoman, Icon, Impulse, Robin, Rocket, Wonder Woman

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    • RaizenYusuke Feb 10, 2013

      Green Lanterns can't go to a planet that invited the Reach there. Hal, John, and Guy effectively can't go home (unless the Reach get kicked off world). This might explain why Hal ad Guy have been on Oa and didn't return to help JL with several of its members left Earth. Savage isn't as stupid as I thought he was. He actually does seem capable of backstabbing the Reach. War World and Mongul stunt proves that. They took 2/3rds of the Reach's invasion fleet. Mal is going to be active Guardian now? That is cool. I never really got why he joined the heroes to begin with. Him being a Guardian helps make up for that. Arsenal is one of the few additona characters who has managed to break out of the background and make a impression. He gets more respect for being able to so, while his more established clone Red Arrow has been around since season 1. Sucks Robin and Wonder Girl are still glorfied extras. It sucks since the show is ending without Robin and WG getting much development.

    • DeangeloHill1 Feb 10, 2013

      This episode was the best yet if you ask me the thing about this show is that every week it tops itself it's crazy how can a show be so addicting and good blue beetle finally became what impulse was trying to stop a menace to society and to the future what i really wanted to see at the end when blue beetle strike the team i seen him miss robin and since robin is my favorite character i wanted to see him take down blue beetle himself but arsenal went crazy and ruined what i thought was going to be a good match up.

    • MajLorne Feb 09, 2013

      Dbt, once again with the fine detailed review. I too was happy that 2/3 of the reach's fleet was destroyed, though it feels cheap that it was shown only on a screen as opposed for real. I do like arsenal now, he's become pretty bad ass in his own way and I guess what perfect way of cutting loose than on a pretty invincible bad guy? Keith David doing a guest voice spot is a joy. Though I kinda like Eric Roberts snake like evil bad guy take on the war lord. The blue beetle treachery was a surprise this fast, I agree. Though if he knocked everyone out, I don't see why he didn't just escape (I mean isn't he capable of surviving in space?) oh well. I am saddened this is likely the last 1/4 of the season since cn canned the show. I just hope the finale is satisfying enough to wrap up loose ends. I will miss this show more than jlu and that I'd never thought I'd say since I also enjoyed that show.

    • MajLorne Feb 10, 2013

      Oops, correction about the fleet destruction. I wasn't paying full attention when I watched it the first time, on my 2nd viewing I did see the destruction. Nm on that point then. And I think Keith David would've been better voicing black beetle than the current guy. I know the show wants to make the aliens sound alien, but you can barely hear or understand what he's saying without the captions.

    • DBTrilogy100 Feb 09, 2013

      The 3/4th mark of Season 2/Invasion brings another alien conqueror into the fray, written by Greg Weisman's brother, Jon!

      *We begin the episode in early April with the court on Rimbor! Superman confesses that he is unable to understand the Rimbor Judge. After a quick search, the judge finds the universal translator and asks if the Man of Steel understands him now.

      *Superman reiterates his point that the Justice League are not bad guys; luckily, he doesn't forget to bring up the whole being brain washed by Vandal Savage point. The prosecutor questions why one of the Earthings would do this to other Earthlings, Superman replies that they don't know yet. You would think Red Arrow, Black Canary or Red Tornado would have told the rest of the League about Savage's "survival of the fittest speech" he made to them in Auld Acquaintance.

      *The court spectators soon receive news of the Reach's arrival on Earth, which causes tremendous panic! One Krotolotean seems happy that someone took over Earth, but his partner reminds him that the Reach is not an ideal choice!

      *Upon hearing the commotion in the crowd, Martian Manhunter telepathically asks John Stewart if he knows about the Reach, who does answer with a detailed history lesson of this show's version of the aliens.

      *In the far back corners of the seats, a shadowy figure with a familiar voice talks to a certain purple wearing alien, claiming that the Reach taking over Earth would interfere with taking over the galaxy...

      *Upon hearing this, the purple wearing alien, revealed to be none other then the War World Dictator, Mongul, exits the courtroom silently. As expected, the shadowy figure is revealed to be Light Member, Vandal Savage. The question is, how did he get to Rimbor and back to Earth so quickly? In any case, that's gonna spell trouble for many!

      *Skipping to late May, Captain Atom briefs a few Justice League members and senior members of the Young Justice Team on a ship that probably brings the Death Star to mind for some viewers. Rightfully so, they are all very much fearful of it's arrival.

      *At Ivy Town, Mal is grateful to be able to spend some time with Karen, but she still doesn't seem to be paying much attention to him. At least this time, there's the reason of seeing a "second moon"!

      *The Reach's main "Power Trio" of the Ambassador, the Scientist and Black Beetle gather to discuss the arrival of this Death Star looking ship. Apparently, they are very much familiar with Mongul and are not happy about his arrival. The trio feel that they are going to need some help if their plans are to succeed...

      *This help is revealed to be Green Beetle enlightening the heroes of Mongul. In this show, Mongul was actually usurped as the dictator of his planet and War World takes the form of the ship looming over Earth. Apparently, he thinks the way to reclaim his throne is to take over the galaxy. I'm not sure if this matches up with his motives in the comics as my familiarity with the character only comes from the DCAU.

      *Cad Grant gives a report on the news, showing that the ship not only looks like, but also acts like a second moon, which means the tides are all out of whack! Of course, that's the least of Earth's problems!

      *At the United Nations, the Reach Ambassador makes a speech about how he and his people wish to ensure the safety of the Earth (which could be seen as a half-truth, they would want to protect Earth from other invaders for their own reasons, obviously). However, he does lie about how the only ship they have was one "for peaceful exploration".

      *Back at the Watch Tower, Captain Atom contacts Mongul in the hopes of reasoning with him. Mongul, naturally, says he doesn't care to negotiate and reaffirms that he sees Earth as a long term threat to his plans for galactic conquest. He also adds that they should thank him for disposing of the Reach.

      *Hearing his voice, it's quite clear that Keith David is voicing Mongul! It just wouldn't be a Greg Weisman produced show without him! Funny thing is I thought it would have been nice if he reprised the role of Despero (the show's previous alien conquer) back when discussing Cornered.

      *Since reasoning and negotiating was a "no sell", the Justice League proceed with retaliating towards the unwelcome invader! In the midsts of the assault, Captain Atom asks Nightwing if "the plan" was sucessful. Nightwing confirms that it was and the audience learns what this plan is...the Young Justice team members successfully sneaking onto War World!

      *We quickly learn that Blue Beetle's Scarab is to thank for their successful stealth plan and that the team has split into 4 squads to handle the situation. Superboy, Wonder Girl and Arsenal are going for Mongul, himself; Blue Beetle, Impulse and Beast Boy are going for the ship's "key"; Guardian (II), Bumble Bee and Sphere are going for the ship's power supply; lastly, Batgirl, Robin (III) and the Bio-Ship are helping the League on the outside of War World!

      *As "Alpha Squad" makes their way to the alien conquer, Arsenal takes the opportunity to use all his tools he couldn't use in True Colors, at least he comes off as more controlled compared to his actions in said episode. Speaking of Arsenal, it's interesting to note that today is Crispin Freeman's birthday!

      *On their way to the ship's key, Beta Squad soon are discovered and attacked by the ship's "security"! Blue Beetle quickly lets the other squads know of the changed circumstances!

      *Guardian says he has no problem with that, mentioning that at least the moon sized space station is paying attention to him! Bumble Bee calls him out for a not-so-subtle slam on her and he retaliates by calling her out on her ignoring him! It's probably the way the lines were delivered or the fact it's when their lives are on the line or both, but the argument between the two was kinda funny, admittedly.

      *Eventually, Alpha Squad manages to enter Mongul's main chamber! Mongul is shown to be more annoyed then angry about their arrival and decides to handle things himself...

      *Soon after, Mogul proceeds to curb-stomp Alpha Squad with a cool head and little effort!

      *Back at a hideout, The Reach's "Power Trio" continue to watch the space battle. The Reach Ambassador muses how he never thought he'd be rooting for Earth's Champions and the Reach Scientist suggests they go through with the "last resort" for their best interests...

      *This "last resort" is revealed to be sending a portion of their hidden fleet into battle! How these giant ships went unnoticed as they went to space, I'm not sure. None the less, it looks like the ships are getting picked off pretty easily by War World!

      *The Reach Scientist laments to the Reach Ambassador that they had lost 2/3rd of their fleet trying to fight off War World, all while Black Beetle silently growls! Well, at least the Reach got crippled significantly in the process!

      *Finding a power supply, Bumble Bee tries to disable it while Guardian fends off the hoard of "security", all while both of them continue to argue! Bumble Bee is unable to disable the power and grows frustrated, Guardian says she should redirect it, instead...which she responds to with great enthusiasm!

      *Bumble Bee's redirection of the power causes it to fry Mongul's headgear, giving Alpha Squad a chance to subdue the alien conqueror! This also allows Beta Squad the chance to unhook the War World key! Batgirl congratulates Alpha Squad, but Superboy says credit should go to Guardian and Bumble Bee for their hand in crippling Mongul. Gotta love great teamwork!

      *Watching from Earth, the Reach's "Power Trio" are glad that Mongul has been defeated. The Reach Ambassador informs his comrades that although their fleet has been greatly reduced, the War World Key could make up for it...

      *In one of the War World hangers, the squads plan to gather before returning to Earth. Now calmed down, Mal apologizes to Karen for his anger earlier and praises her great intelligence and says he should have known and should accept that one cannot keep living in high school and figures she has outgrown him. Karen responds by apologizing to Mal about how she has ignored Mal so much and admits she took him for granted and should have known better. Good to see that the worst case scenario that many feared didn't happen! The couple resolving their issues was a Crowning Moment of Heart Warming!

      *Just as the two share a kiss, Alpha Squad arrives with the subdued Mongul in tow! Arsenal muses at the couple's kiss and Wonder Girl responds to it by kissing him on the cheek! Admittedly, that was kind of cute.

      *Blue Beetle reaffirms that "the gangs all here"...and proceeds to reveal his treachery! I gotta admit, I didn't think the heroes would learn of Blue Beetle's turn to the Dark Side so suddenly, so I did jump a little!

      *Arsenal doesn't take the idea of being captured (again) very well and opens the airlock in an act of desperation! Not the smartest thing to do Arsenal, not to mention very dangerous! But then again, he was suffering from a bad case of "shell shock" and has, otherwise, been making progress since True Colors, so I think we can cut him a little slack for his brief lack of rational thinking.

      *Arsenal's plan fails anyway, as Blue Beetle isn't blown out and manages to escape with the War World Key on his own accord! Sphere also got sucked out too! Yep, the good guys are still getting "hittin' the fan moments"!

      An awesome episode on the whole! I do favor this one over Runaways, at least. I really liked this portrayal of Mongul and Keith David did a fine job voicing him! It was nice to see Mal and Karen resolve their issues and grow as a couple, as well as seeing Arsenal's progress from before. It was great to see some of the Rimbor Trial (however brief it was) and the heroes finding out about Blue Beetle's turn to the Dark Side so suddenly was quite a surprise! The Reach may have the War World Key, but at least they've been weakened severely with only 1/3rd of their fleet left! Only one quarter of Season 2/Invasion left to go and I have no doubts that a lot of big things are gonna go down in these last 5 episodes!

    • roweantarts Feb 09, 2013

      The answer to how Vandal got to Rimbor: Boom Tube

    • DBTrilogy100 Feb 16, 2013

      Ah yes, that is a good point. Users on other forums also theorize that Klarion may have used his magic to teleport him there and back.

    • roweantarts Feb 16, 2013

      Yeah, that's possible too

    • Kindredtown Feb 09, 2013

      Today's episode was fairly good. Arsenal is moving up in the rank as my favorite character in the show. He's not up there yet, but he's close. I love the way his acts and I completely understand why he did what he did. Now the team knows that the Reach Apocalypse is coming into fluition. I wonder what Godfrey is going to say next week about the Reach lying about how many ships they had. The League probably believes or well knows that Green Beetle is on the opposite side of the field. Can't wait until the episode where Lex's team saves the YJ team. And Vandal has connections everywhere.

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