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    I want more Gx

    By JohnGx, Jun 16, 2014

    I honestly hated Gx when it first came out because i was in love with the first one ,i was 9 years old back then and im Greek so u cant expect a anime to be good or even treaten good as a Tv programm ,so after 4 years of watching yugioh they throw me this new stuff, i was refusing to watch because i was mad , it took me 4 years to watch this show and i actually loved it idk how but its my favourite anime so far and its 2014 .Great characters expect syrus i would give him a 5 as a grade ,although he gets better after season 3. Great storyline and amazing duels and drama about friendship and love i think Jaden is the coolest protagonist with yusei and yami following ppl seem to rly hate it some time and im sure its because of the same reason i was hating when i was 9 :P i rly know that if u go and see it even the fucking dub version u will love it .The only negative for me is the how it ended 4kids didnt dub and the japanese ppl choosed to not finish the show properly because they had 5d's coming up but who cares , i hope they do a movie focusing on Gx now insted of yusei or yuma or yuya its just not fair to let Gx out and i dont think that it had bad veiws , ppl who chosed to not see it may have a negative idea about the show but that doesnt mean ppl who had brain to see it have to get left out.. I rly think it deserves more who clain its bad and what so ever are just stacken in the past and miss the original although thats so childish u cant say a show is bad just because u miss the original ,jesus . Shame on u and your families .moreless

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    *UPDATE AND EDIT* Just watched the Japanese subbed versions and it rocks.

    By DreadAngelus, Mar 13, 2014

    Yes, indeed. It's good, but not as good as the predecessor. But whatever. They had their own qualities.

    The japanese version is totally different than the dubbed version. The voices are great, and so is the dialogue. Although, about Syrus, I still can't decide since he sounds like a girl on the original version. And all of their voices are just like what I think they should be. (Except syrus)

    The original version lacks the butchering and wounds that 4Kids decided to make. No more childish moments (still it has some silly moments but it's far from bad), you can no longer see them fight like 6 year old kids. (Really, I'm disappointed on Nightshroud on the english dub).

    The japanese cultures are back, and the unnecessary censorship is gone and it makes the show more understandable.

    The music is also different, and it's nice! It ranges from alternative j-rock with synthesizers and some orchestra) that totally beats those ear-ache inducing guitar twangs. Also, the card layout (the card layout that 4Kids changes for some reason, the cards only display the attack and defense of the monster. No box to explain it's lore and effects), is same, just like the cards in real life.

    It still baffles me about the rules being disregarded in here. Why do they always set a monster in a face-up defense position? It should be the opposite, unless with the help of spell and trap cards. But other than that, the show is watchable.

    I'm actually taking my time to watch all of it's episodes now.moreless

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    Top Shows - Prefer subtitle version

    By anastasia1243, Feb 08, 2014

    Season 1, more of the manga (05-13)

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    A Great Yu-Gi-Oh! Spinoff

    By dbret12, Jul 16, 2013

    I really thought GX was great. I never thought it was bad at all. The dub is bad and incomplete with plot holes etc, but the original Japanese version is worth watching. A great show, great characters and nice duels.

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    My top favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! Spin-Off

    By DisneyVillain, Jun 10, 2013

    I love this series so much my favorite Duel Set is Elemental Heroes and my dinosaur pets in World of Warcraft are named after Tyranno Kenzan (Tyranno Hassleberry in the English dub). The show is about a school for Duel Monsters and the Slifer Red student, Jaden Yuki.

    While Jaden's not as serious as Yami Yugi from the original, they both strongly value friendship which allows Jaden to have many friends.

    While the series started out humorous, the series got darker as the seasons went.

    One of the reasons I started hating 4Kids is when they canceled GX prematurely to start with 5Ds, which also ended prematurely. Hopefully with Konami running the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise, maybe Zexal won't suffer the same fate.moreless

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    Nothing about this show retains any of the ideals that made the original so good

    By weeniehutjunior, Dec 22, 2012

    Yugioh GX is a good tv show. I can't argue with that. But its not a good "Yugioh". I've read the reviews for both the original and GX and everyone seems to think it's just about the card game. Duel Monsters, sure it they tried to advertise the cards, but it was about something more. It was about a high school kid who was too shy to make friends and too short to fight the bullies that made his life miserable. If anyone here's ever read the manga they know he entered a deep state of depression before solving his puzzle. But that's the point. This kid, who although smart, had the world stacked against him, did something no one else could and found an inner power. A power in the form of the Pharaoh. Yugi and the Pharaoh were two halves of a whole, he is both the descendant and reincarnation of Atem. THIS is what duel monsters was about, it was about how each and every one of us has an inner power and responsibility, a responsibility to use that power. It also showed us how some people could use this power for evil, with Marik and Bakura, two of the best villains in anime. The whole point was choice. You could chose who you wanted to be, you had the power to do what YOU wanted. That was what this show was about. With GX, it turned into a fullout commercial for the card game that Yugi made famous. There weren't any deep messages like in Duel Monsters. With Marik, you felt sorry for the guy and even felt yourself cheering for him sometimes, because of his dimensional backstory. Then we have his alter ego, the most insane and arguably most evil villain in the entire show. This guy was creepy in the dub and terrifying in the original, but in the manga? Man was he a horror show. With the villains in GX, there's none of that sorrow felt, none of that doubt as to whether or not they really are evil, and the one's that were truly "evil" didn't have the same "bang" as Marik's alter ego did, none of them were the monster under your bed or the thing in the closet. This show succeeded as a children's cartoon but failed miserably as a continuation of the show yugioh truly wasmoreless

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    If this is what the next generation is like, I don't want to live in the future.

    By Egg_Bomb, Jan 13, 2012

    Yugioh GX is an OK spin-off to Yugioh. It wasn't bad but it certainly wasn't good. It takes place in the future, at a dueling academy built by Seto Kaiba. The main character is Jaden Yuki, a boy determined to be the next King of Games and the show centers around his adventures. It's not the most original premise, but it carries it out somewhat well. Jaden has an outgoing personality, and is the stereotypical hero, though he has to be REALLY lucky, since he wins all of his duels. Even Yugi lost a couple of duels. His friends, Syrus, Bastion, Alexis, Chumley, and Chazz are all somewhat shallow, though they have plenty of character development through the show, particularly in the later episodes with darker tones. It's interesting to see how the characters are affected by the scenario in each episode. Speaking of scenarios, the plot sequence in each episode are usually decent, though the first season's first half is mostly about Professor Crowler trying to get Jaden expelled for humiliating him (?) when he beat him at the entrance exam. The character design is also pretty good. Humor is rare in the show, and actual laughs even rarer, with corny jokes that make you want to slap the dubbers.

    Ultimately, Yugioh GX isn't the best spin-off, though it has some good factors. Good character design and development with nice artwork, bad jokes and a really odd plot.moreless

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    Yu-Gi-Oh! GX may be very different from the original Duel Monsters, but who says that's a bad thing?

    By animenhp, Dec 04, 2011

    I notice a lot of people seem to dislike GX. Maybe it's because they find the main character, Jaden Yuki, annoying. Maybe it's because they find the idea of a duel school stupid. Or maybe it's because a lot of them are fans of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! and refuse to open their mind and actually watch GX, instead of complaining about how it's nothing like the original Duel Monsters!

    Personally, I believe it's the latter.

    What is GX about? It starts off with a teenage boy, Jaden Yuki, entering Duel Academy (which is owned by Seto Kaiba, from the original Duel Monsters). He makes friends, of course, and deals with a mean teacher, mean students, and anything else you'd expect to see in a show about a teenager going to a boarding school. Of course, there are duels, and because this is Yu-Gi-Oh!, duels lead to villains.

    At least that's how it starts off as.

    In the later seasons, the duels do become much more serious. The seriousness of these duels even end up affecting the cheerful, happy-go-lucky Jaden Yuki we had all come to know (and love!) and suddenly the show isn't just about a kid going to a duel school. It becomes something much more. I'm not going to go into further detail about that; I don't want to give anyone spoilers!

    But, I am going to say this. The show really goes into depth about the characters. And it's great seeing the amount of character development many of the characters go through. The episodes, while many of them may be very light-hearted and not as serious as the original, there many more serious episodes and episodes with darker tones.

    I'm not saying GX is perfect. It has its flaws, just like every show does. What I am saying though is that you should give the show a chance. Watch the episodes. Pay attention to the character development. Don't just decide not to watch it because someone told you it was terrible and not worth-watching. And don't just drop the show after watching the first 5 episodes, because it gets much better.

    I have seen GX bring a lot of new fans into the fandom and hopefully, it will continue to bring in fans.

    Yu-Gi-Oh! GX will continue to remain my favourite Yu-Gi-Oh! series and I personally recommend it to everyone. You should all give it a try and you might just love it as much I do.


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  • 9.5

    Keeps the era of Yu-Gi-Oh alive, Superb Show.

    By zZPH1LL1PZz, Nov 04, 2011

    Yu-Gi-Oh Gx was/is made to keep the card games alive. Bringing a whole new concept to the trading card game that has entertained people for many years Gx makes a point of giving the veiwer everything they want in a Yu-Gi-Oh show, tension, emotion and down-right awesomeness. A new protagonist is created, he has been given a wacky personality, which the writers remind you of multiple times throughout the seasons, they have successfully created an icon in the show's history through their use of wit and drama. The show also has other characters, all have their own separate back-story that fits in perfectly not too dramatc, not too sad but just right, it influences their actions in the future and gives Gx a thicker plot to work on, this also gives the writers opportunities to develop the characters to the limit and give more reason to watch to find out about the characters past. As I said before the show employs a lot of drama it combines wit with emotion really well, making you really want to watch the next installment. Overall this is probably a show that has been with me as I've grown up and is one of the best shows I've ever watched.moreless

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    Completely pointless, completely unnecessary, and a complete waste of time. Yu-Gi-Oh! GX will not bring in new fans, and is a disappointment to the old ones.

    By That_TV_Dude, Nov 04, 2011

    When I was younger I loved to see Yu-Gi-Oh, collect the cards, and still consider it to be a classic even if it was a little cheesy. It was mature, had some good characters, and the monsters were cool to look at. After the original Yu-Gi-Oh ended a spinoff was created and dubbed by 4Kids, and it was called Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. The show would take place with the events of Yugi and his pals ended, and a kid named Jaden Yuki attending a duel academy. He meets and befriends Cyrus, Alexa, and has to deal with a tough guy named Chazz. With his new friends Jaden must rise to the top of the academy. Now while the whole premise of a young boy wanting to be the best is boring, but successful this show has so many glaring problems. First the idea of a duel academy by Seto Kaiba is seriously ridiculous. Look at the first show Yugi and his friends practiced dueling there was never any duel academy to go to. I mean this is one of the dumbest plot points to ever be shown on television. The characters are all terrible, and have no development at all. Cyrus is a spineless moron, Dr. Crowler is just evil for power only, Bastion tries to be the cool kid, but isn't at all, and Jaden is just overconfident hero who has no real reason to be the greatest, and always wins duels. I am not kidding Jaden never loses at all in a duel. The same format follows him he duels, on the verge of defeat, makes a comeback, and wins. Again look at the first show Yugi lost to Kaiba only to stop Kaiba from dying. Either this kid is a cheater or he is the luckiest kid to ever live. As for the humor where it was once decent it now became corny, and unfunny jokes that made me face palm every time. The artwork is good in this show. The sets look good, the monsters are creative, and the character designs are good. The animation is OK, but it gets stiff sometimes. I also want to address the new catchphrase this show has, get your game on. It's by far one of the worst sayings ever in a show, and they never stop saying that. Also why does this have the Yu-Gi-Oh name? I know the monsters are there, but it has nothing to do from the first show. The Millennium Items, The Shadow Relm, and the characters are never in this show. Sure Kaiba has been referenced, as well as Joey with that robot, and Yami made a short appearance in episode 1, but everyone and everything else are never mentioned in this show. This show was just an unneeded spinoff to a good franchise, and sadly 4Kids didn't learn their lesson, and created another spinoff that while better than this one is still bad. Do yourself a favor and just but some Yu-Gi-Oh cards or go watch the original show, and avoid this one by all means.moreless

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