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    brago comes back and better.

    By lighting_blond, Jan 12, 2007

    go go go. this episode is good. brago comes back and kicks butt. but before that pamoon was still fighting zatch and ponygon. they were holding on there. then zatch made pamoon a friend. pamoon became a friend of zatch. also when pamoon became good zofis came and burned pamoons book. that was crazy. also again brago and sherry come to save the day. i can't wait until next episode.

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    brago is back and stronger.

    By lighting101, Dec 24, 2006

    well in this episode brago come's back but with a new look his eyes are plain white. also kido came but as a cloud. well zofis comes and attacks and burns pamoon's book. and pamoon was happy because he has friends now. and zofis was happy to do the favor. then alot of 1,000 year mamodo came and attack ponygon and zatch and kiyo and mr.sunbeam. whata battle zatch fought with just him self wiht no power. then brago come and sherry got new clothes. and one of their most powerful spell come and they say it and zofis is shock that brago and sherry found him or her. i love this episode.moreless

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