Happy Tree Friends

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  • S 4 : Ep 33

    Camp Pokeneyeout

    Aired 1/16/14

  • S 4 : Ep 3

    Splendid's SSSSSuper Squad - Mirror, Mirror

    Aired 11/18/08

  • S 4 : Ep 2

    Buddhist Monkey - Three Courses of Death

    Aired 9/23/08

  • S 4 : Ep 1

    W.A.R. Journal - Operation: Tiger Bomb

    Aired 9/2/08

  • S 3 : Ep 100

    Asbestos I Can Do


  • Cast & Crew
  • David Winn

    Lumpy / Splendid

  • Rhode Montijo

    Lumpy / Splendid

  • Kenn Navarro

    Cuddles / Lifty / Shifty

  • Dana Belben

    Giggles / Petunia / Cub

  • Aubrey Ankrum

    Flippy / Pop

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  • show Description
  • What's cute, cuddly and horribly wrong? The adorable and extremely dangerous lives of the Happy Tree Friends, of course. Join these cute, sweet little critters as they picnic in the trees, frolic happily in the forest, step on bear traps, and into the paths of speeding cars. So join in with all your favorite furry animals, their great adventures and graphically horrific accidents and dismemberments and don't forget to wash your hands first!This guide will cover all information and episodes including all episodes from HappyTreeFriends.com!Season 1 Section: All web-premieres/exclusives listed in the "Watch Episodes" page (excluding Smoochies and Kringles).Season 2 Sections: All TV episodes. Season 3 Section: New HTF Webisodes (Post-TV series) Season 4 Sections: Ka-Pow! Episodes-----------------------Character Guide:Cuddles: This cute little yellow bunny will make you laugh and cry as he runs along playfully, making mischief or being eaten by a crocodile.Giggles: This shy and sweet little chipmunk will make you go "aww" with her "giggly" attitude.Handy: This helpful carpenter beaver will give you a hand, or rather, what's left of it.Lumpy: The blue dim-witted moose, whose attempts at doing anything become a disaster warning.Toothy: The buck-toothed beaver who tends to bite off more than he can chew.Nutty: The screwy squirrel with a sweet tooth with sweets sticking all over himself. Sugary situations turn sour when he gets involved.Petunia: The skunk who is as sweet as she smells (also wears an air freshener necklace)!Sniffles: The nosy, nerdy anteater who always sticks his nose into trouble.Splendid: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's Splendid the Flying Squirrel! This super-powered flying squirrel will do whatever a super-powered flying squirrel can to save you from danger!Flaky: The prickly porcupine usually gets her pines in a prickle, I mean, pickle while fearing the many perils that surround her!The Mole: This mole with a mole may be blind, but he can still see what's what's going on around him. Not really, but still manages to survive most of the time.Disco Bear: He's not dead...yet! This break-dancing bear likes to get his groove on and the disco ball off-of him.Russell: Avast matey's! Pirate otter spotted off the port bow! Searching for pirate booty rather than having it handed it to him.Mime: The reindeer with actions that speak louder than words and won't shut up! Lifty and Shifty: These thievious little raccoon brothers will swipe anything they can get their grubby little hands on. They just need to work on getting away with it.Cro-Marmot: Literally, the first "inanimate character." This ice-encaved, prehistoric cave marmot will do "absolutely nothing" to make you laugh. Flippy: War-torn and relieved of his military duties, this gentle bear veteran will reminisce old battles and "share" them with you personally.Pop: The man of the house who does what he can to keep his son from danger, only to bring it to him.Cub: Loveable, huggable, cutesy "cuddable" baby bear Cub loves to play and explore the world around him. Under the (sort of) watchful eye of Pop, he stays out of trouble and into danger.moreless

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (2)

    • Pop: (muffled) Hold on, Cub! I'm coming!

    • This is the only episode where there was a distinct human voice used. The voice being that of the narrator.

    Notes (154)

    • In order of somewhat appearance (Left to right): Lumpy, Giggles, Cuddles, Toothy. (screenshot)

    • This was the pilot episode of Happy Tree Friends television series.

    • Original International Air Dates: Czech Republic: June 15, 2010 on HBO Comedy.

    • When this episode aired on YouTube, it is alternately entitled, One Foot in the Grave.

    • Character Debuts: Sneaky, Mouse Ka-Boom, Tiger General.

    • First episode of the series.

    • Cuddles, Giggles and Toothy each has a different part of their look in this pilot episode. Cuddles: Has white cheeks instead of pink. Giggles: Doesn't have the light pink streak on her face. Toothy: Has 2 hairs on his head that don't appear in other episodes.

    • Episode Moral: Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover!

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    Trivia (42)

    • Cro-Marmot is not only voice-credited but he also doesn't appear in this episode.

    • Dean Mac Donald is credited as The Mole despite being a silent character, just like in the previous episode. This is possibly just a joke.

    • The character ironically named Handy does not have hands, and always appears to get his jobs done offscreen.

    • It was originally called the "Splendid Adventures," but the title has changed when it aired.

    • The outfit Lumpy wears resembles the outfit of Mr. Scrooge from Charles Dicken's "A Christmas Carol"

    • In "Sea What I Found", after Lumpy's arms and legs got torn off by an air hose, his left antler broke off. But in another scene after the ship broke, it was switch to Lumpy's right antler broken off.

    • At the part in "Concrete Solution" where Lumpy mixes some cement and pours it into a mold, he later presses in his hands, and also Nutty slips on it and makes a very large crater. But, towards the end of that episode, the block of cement falls on Lumpy, and the place where Nutty slipped on it and Lumpy's handprints are both gone.

    • Unless you count Class Act, this is the only time Splendid the superhero dies.

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    Allusions (25)

    • The Exorcist: This episodes contain references to the hit classic horror movie, specifically when cub turns his head 360* and vomits at Pop, and Lumpy dressed as a reverend.

    • Splendid's SSSSSuper Squad is loosely based on the Super Friends and/or the Justice League.

    • Splendid slightly resembles Superman, a character from DC comics.

    • Lifty and Shifty hold an icon in "Gems the Break". If you look closely, you'll see that the face of the icon resembles the face of a Goron from "The Legend of Zelda" video games.

    • In Easy For You to Sleigh, Lifty and Shifty pull Pop & Cup's Christmas tree up the chimney in a manner very similar to the Grinch.

    • When Lumpy chops his alien clones' body parts off as they regenerate themselves, it is a reference to the moat famous Fantasia segment, "Sorcerer's Apprentice."

    • Sniffles carries around a blood-stained smiley face badge that is a reference to the Watchmen.

    • Nutty's costume is similar to that of Batman.

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  • may be violent but its a good show

    By monkeyface10, Apr 18, 2015

  • happy tree friends

    By eddieisswaysway, Apr 18, 2015

  • Well, I really hated the Copyright Lawsuit episode on Youtube

    By BuddyBoy600alt, Apr 01, 2015

  • I miss them :(

    By LovelyMissWeirdO, Jan 31, 2015

  • a show not meant for kiddies

    By marlenecollins73, Sep 23, 2014

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