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  • Nostlagia Critic: So Arnold goes climbing on the roof after he instructs his daughter to go to the safest spot possible. In her room under her bed. Dude, this isn't a boogeyman drill, these are real fucking terrorists.

  • Nostalgia Critc: But he doesn't live alone. He lives with his cute little daughter named Jenny, played by Alyssa Milano. Oh, wait a minute, wait a minute. I always wanted to use this. (Takes out a tape player and hits "Play") Tape: Hello, this is the Nostalgia Critic. I realize that I missed pointing out in my Double Dragon review that the woman playing the gang leader was in fact Alyssa Milano. I acknowledge this obvious missed opportunity and apologize. However, if another event occurs where Alyssa Milano is featured in a stupid movie, I have prepared this joke. Who's the boss? I'll tell you who. Her agent, for picking such horribly god awful roles. The joke has concluded. Nostalgia Critic: Well wasn't that nice of me? Tape: This message will self-distruct in one second. Nostalgia Critic: Huh? (The tape blows up)

  • Nostalgia Critic: So as the credits roll, we find out that Arnold's name is John Matrix. Neo: Woah. Nostalgia Critic: As he and his daughter Jenny do all the things that they see people do in commercials about life insurance. They tickle each other, they go running, fishing, swimming. (Sees them feeding a deer) Oh god, a deer? Really? Did we just get teleported into a Disney film? When do the birds fly in and start singing "Zip-a-dee funcking doo-da."

  • Chuckie: They're trying to make me use that (points to toilet) instead of my diaper! Phil: Aww, that can't happen. Lil: Yeah, how's it gonna fit in your pants? Nostalgia Critic: Aww, this is just too pwecious. Tommy: Maybe you could just stop pooping altogether. Nostalgia Critic: And that's just gross. Lil: Maybe you could put a lot of napkins in your pants and use it like a diaper. Nostalgia Critic: That's even grosser. Phil: Maybe you could poop in your room and hide it in your toy box! Nostalgia Critic: OK, STOP, STOP! Look, whether you call it poopie or poo-poo or whatever, it's still shit! You're talking about shit!Knock it off, you're grossing me out!

  • Nostalgia Critic: But not even Angelica in all her evil could prepare you for the scariest, ugliest, most horrifying creation that Nickelodeon Studios has ever produced-Doug"!. Now perhaps some of you are wondering why I think so harshly of what appears to be a relatively harmless cartoon. Well, let's just say you knew someone with a very similar name. Someone who grew up with that name all his life. And happened to be raised at the exact same time this show came out. (leans into the camera) Do you think any jokes or funny remarks in connection to this show could possibly affect his life in any negative way? Do you? DO YOU?! (starts to imagine kids laughing at him) Kid: Hey, look! It's Doug Funnie Kid: Hey, Doug Funnie. Where's Patty Mayonnaise? Kid: Hey, Doug Funnie! On the way to school? Kids: (Chanting) You're Doug Funnie! (The Critic starts to crack up, as is evidenced by the faces starting to form) Nostalgia Critic: (snapping back to reality, the voices stop) Whoa! Excuse me, I was having one of my random psychotic episodes brought on by this very show. Luckily, I didn't take anyone's life this time. But with that sai- (lifts his hands to reveal they're covered in blood)

  • Doug: (love-struck) Patty Mayonaisse... Nostalgia Critic: (as Doug) She's just as bland as I am!

  • Nostalgia Critic: (commenting on how unrealistic Roger Klotz from ''Doug'' is) I mean what kind of a boy would travel around with a cat, wear leather, cover his hair in gel, obsess over his looks and constantly go after a submissive boy roughly his age? Oooh (Remembers Lucas from The Wizard).

  • Nostalgia Critic: (regarding Aaahh! Real Monsters) The story was about an academy of monsters whose job was to go out into the world, scare the daylights out of people, and return back to report their progress. Gee, wouldn't it be horrible if some other successful studio pawned that off as their idea? (cuts to the video cover of Disney's Monsters Inc.) Ha-bullshit!

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Notes (41)

  • Turtles Forever was one of two possibilities for the 100th episode review.

  • This is the first episode to be filmed in widescreen.

  • When the video was on Doug's YouTube account, it was divided into two parts. Part 1 covered the first TMNT Movie, while Part 2 covered TMNT 2 and TMNT 3

  • According to Doug Walker, this episode is the 100th episode of The Nostalgia Critic. Which episodes he did not count into this has yet to be explained. This episode was also previously titled the '100'th Episode.

  • This episode was actually scheduled for December 9, 2008, but it was delayed to February, 13 2009 because Doug lost his voice, which is why this episode is the first silent review. The other reason for the schedule switch was that the Culkin family's oldest daughter died and he felt that it was in poor taste to release the episode at the same time.

  • Doug and Rob Walker have created a commentary for this episode.

  • This is the final review that would be uploaded onto YouTube before was up.

  • The episode was originally going to be uploaded on 3/24/09.

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Trivia (37)

  • This is the first episode to feature the "Adventure Ho!" gag.

  • This is the first episode where the Gollum love/hate impression is featured.

  • Unlike his other reviews, the Nostalgia Critic acts uncharacteristically hyper and speed-talks through a synopsis of the film. This became his inspiration for his other character, Chester A. Bum and the Bum Reviews.

  • First use of the Nostalgia Critic saying elephant to summon The Burger King.

  • This is the first appearance of the Nostalgia Critic's pistol, as well as his first "death."

  • This is the first episode where the Nostalgia Critic is seen in his chair reviewing the material, as well as his first use of his catchphrase "Hello, I'm the Nostalgia Critic. I remember it so you don't have to."

  • This is the first episode to use the shrug and foghorn gag.

  • The actors playing Jason, Trini, and Zack actually left due to a contract dispute, not because of the their color or race.

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Allusions (7)

  • Fozzie Journalism Raoul Puke says he's the father of "fozzie journalism", a parody of "gonzo journalism". Fozzie and Gonzo are both Muppet characters.

  • "Father of Fozzie Journalism" Raoul Puke says that he's the "father Of fozzie journalism", like Hunter S. Thompson's title of "father of gonzo journalism".

  • Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas Raoul Puke is a parody of Raoul Duke from the film "Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas". His opening line from the film is also parodied.

  • The part where Teddy Ruxpin tells the Nostalgia Critic that he wants to kill him while saying his name is a parody to the Twilight Zone episode "Living Doll," which is about a man who hears his daughter's doll telling him that it's going to kill him.

  • The opening to "Nostalgia-ween" shown here in this episode, along with the other three Halloween themed episodes, is a parody to the opening to The X-Files.

  • Stephen King's Maine

    This is a parody of the theme song to Gilligan's Island.

  • The song that the Nostalgia Critic sings at the end is a parody of the song "Poor Old Jack" from the film, The Nightmare Before Christmas.