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Quotes (130)

  • (an egg splatters on the door next to Codex) Tink: (tossing an egg up and down) Trick.

  • (Clara rings a doorbell, and the door is answered by a couple) Clara: Trick-or-treat! Blakey, say "trick-or-treat." Go on. (looking for her child, Blake, who is nowhere to be seen) Go- huh... I didn't know he could walk yet. (laughs)

  • Bladezz: You're banging him, and their Guild healer is banging my mom. That's Guild incest.

  • (Vork is doing chest compressions on Zaboo, who has fainted.) Vork: (forcefully) I am not putting my mouth to your mouth.

  • Tink: Yeah, and Fawkes made the lewdest comment about you, Codex. Codex: (flattered) Really? He did? Zaboo: That's unacceptable. Vork: He's reprehensible. Clara: I'm hungry. Codex: I'm dating him! (The Guild members all sit stunned for a moment, then Zaboo screams into the microphone and faints.)

  • Zaboo: If we're gonna get a Guild Hall, we need to get the biggest and baddest one. Tink: The deluxe castle model's half a million gold! Vork: Precisely. And we have... (looks to Zaboo, who checks on his laptop) Zaboo: Twenty thousand in the bank. Clara: (excited) Half a million, and we have twenty thousand? That's- oh yeah, there's a difference.

  • Zaboo: I'm gonna name my seahorse "Drowny." Heh, ironic'd.

  • Zaboo: Yup! You're totally ovulating right now. Actually, really fertile... the banks of the Ganges River. Codex: You laminated my cycle? Zaboo: Kinko'd.

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Notes (8)

  • This is the first episode of The Guild, not counting the Christmas Special, in which multiple guild members are on their webcams at once.

  • Though they are unnamed in this episode, the Axis of Anarchy makes its first appearance.

  • Valkerie is the only member of the Axis of Anarchy who is not named in this episode.

  • The Finn Smulders website mentioned in this episode was actually created, and features modeling pictures of Bladezz amongst graphics of butterflies, fairies, pink bunnies, and a pink elephant, and more.

  • This episode marks the first appearance of Dena, Bladezz's sister. The actress, Tara Caso, is Vincent Caso's real-life sister.

  • Although the entire Guild is together for the first time, they are not all clearly in the same shot. They would appear in the same shot in the season finale "Boss Fight".

  • The Guild actress Michele Boyd has confirmed that when Riley calls Zaboo a "bad horse", it is a direct reference to the Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog character Bad Horse, a super-villain equine.

  • At 5:06, all the Guild members are in the same shot for the first time in the whole series.

Trivia (2)

  • In the photo of Vork and his grandfather seen in Vork's living room, actor Jeff Lewis (who plays Vork) was photographed for both characters.

  • Bladezz's modeling alias is "Finn Smoulders".

Allusions (6)

  • Instead of the normal theme music, this episode uses the theme from the Halloween horror movie series.

  • In this episode, Codex mentions the poem "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost (although she can't remember its title).

  • As Codex and Zaboo find Vork's house, Zaboo sees someone on the street, raises his hand in a fist above his head and says "Black power!" which was the political slogan of the Black Panthers during the 1960s and 1970s.

  • After a hug from Codex, Zaboo gets a little "excited" and tells Codex that he "schwings" for her. "Schwing!" was the catchphrase used by Dana Carvey and Mike Myers in the Saturday Night Live skits and resulting Wayne's World movies when one or both of them would see a hot girl and "pop a boner."

  • Zaboo: Help me Codex-Wan. You're my only hope. This is a reference to Princess Leia's line to Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

  • After Bladezz cuts his internet connection, Vork tells him that he's going to "Vork-tanamo Bay", an allusion to Guantanamo Bay, the US detainment facility in Cuba.