16 Wishes

Released 2010


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Peter DeLuise
Debby Ryan, from "The Suite Life on Deck" stars in Disney Channel's new TV movie "16 Wishes" as Abby. Since Abby was a little girl, she had been planning her 16th Birthday, and secretly keeping a wish list. Abby receives a mysterious box of candles as a gift and realizes that each candle makes one of her wishes come true. When one of her wishes go wrong, Abby realizes she doesn't want to grow up fast after all.


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  • Yes, a 6.0

    It's really not that bad, but Debby Ryan's acting and the fact that all she wants to do is be more popular than her enemy rather than working it out, the only part I like in this movie is when her life is worse, but even then she is a whiny little baby. It's not much of a waste, probably the only good Disney movie I've seen other than 'Let it Shine'.moreless
  • Disney, would having a SHRED of originality hurt anyone? No, I didn't think so.

    The same retired, trite plot that is ubiquitous in TV movies. Not Disney's worst, but there are better things to do with 90 minutes of your day.
  • Abby likes to wish some amazing and magical 16 wishes.

    I'm so impressed with that movie. I enjoy listening what Abby talks about magical 16 wishes because this movie is very potential. I feel really happier when I'm watching in the end of 16 Wishes movie. I like new Abby's best friend is Krista. In the beginning of the movie, Krista was so mean and sophiscated and just joing Student Body Government (SBG). Abby's cutest fashion clother looks so amazing and adorable and sooooo HOTT and super flirty. 16 Wishes is the most best written in this movie. 16 Wishes movie was SOOOO HOTT! I hope I would enjoy watching that movie.moreless
  • Superb indeed, this is Debby Ryan in a lead role of Abby Jenson, as she learns lessons of life during a magical 16th birthday.

    This film features Debby Ryan, most famously known as Bailey Pickett on Disney's "Suite Life on Deck." The first thing I noticed was, she did an excellent job. She has much more acting potential than I had originally thought, and the character of Abby felt nothing like the character of Bailey. Good range on her part.

    As for the film itself, it was an interesting take on how a teenager learns what is really important in life through a series of birthday wishes. Abby is lauched through a magical day, where all her wishes come true thanks to help from a mysterious individual named Celeste. But as Abby moves along with her list of wishes, she learns that what she thought she wanted was superficial, and she neglected the important parts of life such as family and friendship. Of course in the end, she uses her magical candles to make everything right by being able to build bridges with all of her old conflicts. The movie is very positive, and I don't really have anything negative to say, other than it sweet as sugar. Maybe just add a few drops of lime juice and we could have seen some different (not necessarily better, but different) character transformations. PS:

    The blooper reel at the end.......hilarious.moreless

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