2 Fast 2 Furious

Universal Pictures Released 2003





Movie Summary

2 Fast 2 Furious is a high-octane thrill ride about an FBI crime bust helmed by an undercover ex-cop posing as an underground street racer. After tying up loose ends in The Fast and the Furious, Paul Walker returns to play Brian O’Conner as he finds himself in a whole new mess of trouble, surrounded by the glitzy cars, gorgeous girls, and deadly gangsters that populate the underground racing scene. This time, the FBI needs him to put his considerable skill as a racer towards bringing down international drug lord Carter Verone, played by Cole Hauser. O’Conner brings his tough-as-nails buddy Roman Pearce, played by Tyrese Gibson, to ride with him on his dangerous mission. The two friends hop in their modified sports cars and set off on the most challenging race of their lives—and maybe their last. Eva Mendes co-stars as Monica Fuentes, an undercover U.S. Customs agent providing back-up for O’Conner and Pearce. This exciting film is directed by John Singleton, the acclaimed filmmaker behind Boyz N the Hood and Four Brothers. 2 Fast 2 Furious is a sexy, fast-paced action film, full of flashy cars and their stylish drivers.moreless
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Action & Adventure, Drama, Suspense


High Stake Situations, Crime, Illegal Activities, Undercover Cops, Adrenaline Junkies