2012: Doomsday

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2012: Doomsday

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2012: Doomsday is the straight to video sci-fi action movie directed by Nick Everheart. 2012 is believed to be the end of times, with some people ancient Mayan prophecies and the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar saying that disaster will strike. Will the world end, or will it just be another doomsday prediction that doesn't pan out? For the Mayans, it is the last recorded day on their calendar, but for NASA scientists it could also be the time of a cataclysmic polar shift. In this thrilling film, we join four strangers who band together to find out, right at the source of the legend. They head to an ancient temple in the heart of Mexico, to try to experience the Mayan prophecy where it originated. Blending folklore, Christian beliefs, science, climate change and spiritual renewal, this story follows these four as they discover the truth about what could be the end of time. The film's cast includes Ami Dolenz, Dale Midkiff, Cliff De Young, and Collin Brock.moreless
  • Over-religious, badly constructed movie with over-dramatic music playing on the background from the very beginning.

    Over-religious, badly constructed movie with over-dramatic music playing on the background from the very beginning.

    "2012 Doomsday" is an odd movie about the end of the world, and by now I have seen many of them. This definitely is the worst one so far. The camera work wasn't impressive either, sometimes even bordering to annoying, moving around people while they talked, seeking for some kind of drama that just wasn't there.

    Not a lot of disaster is shown, and mostly it is just generally talked about. There are several (in)convenient earthquakes, and a hailstorm, which make the movie feel way cornier than it should for its own good. The film also takes the top place for "most unrealistic snowfall of all time".

    The acting wasn't very good, going to the bad side of over-acting sometimes, and it was hard to find the characters appealing or their emotional journey realistic. The characters come from different places, the story shooting from one to the next, nothing having a clear direction other than getting them all into same place.

    Somehow the ancient Mayan prophecy is turned around to fit the Christian religion - or something. For me that was just too much; in the beginning the religious theme was there, but in the end there was nothing else left, and I didn't fully get the ending of the movie. Maybe that's religion for you, who knows.moreless

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