2012 Lost Legends

Released 2007


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2012 Lost Legends is a documentary style film narrated by physicist Alex Agnew and author Patrick Heron as they explore the urban myths and legends of the supposed 2012 apocalyptic deadline. Every culture in some way or form has its own inkling to how the world would end, whether it is in a tidal wave, a deep freeze, or a volcanic overflow. The strangest thing though is that each of the cultures had a previous event that destroyed all life on the planet. 2012 Lost Legends is a look as to whether or not our modern day marvels and legends – Britain’s Stonehenge, Egypt’s pyramids, Mayan pyramids, Biblical Revelations, and other markers – were intended to be a warning of what society should be prepared for in the future. What was it about the year 2012 that sparked such an interest to the Mayans? 2012 Lost Legends is one way to find out.moreless
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