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3D Sun is a film about the make-up of the largest star in our universe. Originally released in digital 3D theaters in the summer of 2007 and IMAX 3D theaters in late 2008, this stunning space odyssey with never before seen footage is available on Hulu. This is the first time in history that the sun can be viewed up close in all it's dazzling beauty and better yet, in high definition. The film told by leading NASA scientists. As they reveal the stunning images of this gigantic ball of gas, they take us behind the scenes of the project telling us the story and evolution of the sun and why it is so important that we understand this complex and dynamic star. Take a ride into space on the back of a satellite and witness a beautiful aurora borealis or see first hand the largest explosion in the universe equal to a billion megaton nuclear bomb. Find out how the forces of the sun affect the cosmos and influence our planet's (Earth) atmosphere.moreless
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