5 Days of War

Anchor Bay Entertainment Released 2011


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5 DAYS OF WAR sees the President of Georgia (Garcia Ocean's Thirteen, God Father Part III) announce that the country is going to war with Russia over the territory of neighboring South Ossetia. American reporter Thomas Anders (Friend The Young Victoria, Pride and Prejudice) along with his cameraman Chris Bailot (Dean Cain CSI: Miami, Smallville) are deployed to cover the unfolding events in Georgia as the warfare becomes more savage and loss of life more extreme. As the journalists delve deeper into Georgian life, they get caught in the crossfire when an air raid strikes a local wedding they stumble upon. It is now their mission to report back the horrific violence they've witnessed to the rest of the world and help reunite Tatia, a young Georgian girl (Chriqui Entourage, Thirteen), with her family. Together they begin to unravel the untold reality of warfare and find themselves in more danger than they ever could have imagined.moreless
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Action & Adventure, Drama


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