A Christmas Story

Released 1983


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A Christmas Story

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Bob Clark
This film is about a 9-year-old boy, Ralphie Parker, who's fixated on getting a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas. Ralphie has a tough time dealing with his little brother Randy, a school bully Scut Farkus, and his friend/sidekick Grover Dill. Ralphie questions whether he can make it to Christmas to get his BB gun. Ralphie comes across many obstacles on his path to get a BB gun. Everyone he tells, including his mother, his, teacher at Warren G. Harding Elementary School, and a department store Santa Claus, that he wants a BB gun tells him that he'll shoot his eye out. One day at school, Ralphie gets pushed over the edge. He first receives a C+ on an assignment. Then he gets hit in the face with a snowball by Farkus, the school bully. He looses his cool and tackles Farkus, knocking over Grover while he was at it. Grover was trying to protect his friend. Ralphie is worried that he is going to get in trouble from his father. At the dinner table that night, his mother brings up the fight casually then changes the subject, which gets Ralphie off the hook. On Christmas morning, Ralphie eagerly looks through all the presents but is disappointed because he does not see his BB gun. Then his father points out a present he had overlooked. He unwraps the gift and is thrilled to find a BB gun. His father explains to his mother that he had a BB gun when he was Ralphie's age. Ralphie goes and tests out his new gun. He shoots at a paper target above a metal sign. He misses the target and shoots the sign. The bullet ricochets off the sigh and his glasses gets knocked off. He fabricates a story to tell his mother, that an icicle fell on him, knocking off his glasses. She believes him. Then, all the dogs in the neighborhood come and ransack their kitchen and eat their Thanksgiving turkey. Ralphie's father takes the family to a Chinese restaurant. The episode ends with Ralphie sleeping with his gun next to him, with the narrator saying it's the best present he has ever received, or ever will receive.moreless


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Metacritic Score

  • 100

    Boston Globe Jay Carr

    In short, A Christmas Story isn't just about Christmas; it's about childhood and it recaptures a time and place with love and wonder. It seems an instant classic, a film that will ...

  • 75

    Chicago Sun-Times Roger Ebert

    It is pitch-perfect, telling the story through the enthusiastic and single-minded vision of its hero Ralphie, and finding in young Peter Billingsley a sly combination of innocence ...

  • 60

    The New York Times Vincent Canby

    Though Mr. Billingsley, Mr. Gavin, Miss Dillon and the actress who plays Ralphie's school teacher are all very able, they are less funny than actors in a television situation comed...

  • Christmas classic? More like Christmas atrocity >:(

    I am just baffled on how everyone gives this movie such praise; they think that the story is "relatable" and that it "really hits In case you were all stupid in the head, NO IT DOESN'T!!!!!!! I don't find it relatable, I find it mean spirited, annoying and down right stupid. The characters are the same, if not worse than the entire cast of Everybody Hates Chris, with Ralphy being the worse of the bunch. How did this kid even get presents? He dropped the f bomb in front of his father, he blamed one of his friends for hearing that word, he almost killed someone in public and he gave everyone a hard time when trying to see Santa ***. He shouldn't have gotten presents, he should've gotten his stupid, spoiled brat ass grounded. The worst part of this film is the line, "You'll shoot your eye out;"IT GETS OLD FAST!!!!!!! Not only that but that's really not something you should say to a kid, even if he wants a toy rifle; you could've said something more like "Just be careful kid," or "be sure to have adult supervision" But noooooooo, you just had to say, "You'll shoot your eye out, You'll shoot your eye out, You'll shoot your eye In the words of Penn Jillette, "SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!" Saying that line over and over again doesn't make it funny nor iconic, it just makes it as annoying as hell. I don't know why TBS feels the need to play this film over and over again, but if I had children, I'd never let them watch this; it's annoying, it's mean spirited and it's something that shouldn't be remembered. I don't recommend this film to anyone, not even your worst enemy; if you see it on you tv guide, just keep scrolling and save yourself the trouble.moreless
  • Way overrated and utterly lame. One of the worst Christmas movies ever.

    I seriously don't understand why this lame movie is such a 'classic'. It's almost as bad as the Star Wars Holiday Special. A bratty kid in a semi dysfunctional family living during the 1940's gets obsessed with obtaining a BB gun. The whole 'you'll shoot you're eye out' line gets really old really fast because it wasn't that funny to begin with. So many people claim that this film is relateable. No it isn't. Anyway whoever thinks bullying people, dropping an F-bomb/using dirty language, fighting, abusing children or being bratty is funny or charming needs to re-examine their lives,interests, company, or get some professional help. None of the characters are funny or interesting. They were either dull, annoying, lame, or just plain mean. That's not funny in real life either. It is the same force gags over and over again. I hardly got a chuckle out of it and only watched about half of it until I figured it was time to go. I have yet to watch the rest of it and have no interest. I found it especially bad when Ralphie uses a bad word and rather than fess up to his dad that he learned it from him he blamed another kid and you can hear his mom beating him over the phone. That isn't funny at all, it was sickening.

    My parents first heard of this 'wonderful' film before I was born and they decided to watch it. It didn't take to long for them to realize that they were both bored and this movie wasn't anything special. (Like are you enjoying this because I'm In fact they were really turned off by the sheer stupidity and mean spiritedness. I never watched this as a kid and didn't miss out on anything special. This movie is such poor in taste that it deserves a negative rating.moreless
  • Best Christmas Movie Ever!!

    My favorite of all time.

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