A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up Timmy Turner

Released 2011


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Savage Steve Holland
Timmy Turner has never had any reason to grow up, because growing up would mean saying goodbye to his fairy Godparents, Wanda and Cosmo, forever! Now 23, Timmy is doing everything he can to remain a kid - he still lives at home, is still in 5th grade, and most importantly, has never fallen in love! Oh, and he still wears that silly pink hat. But when the formerly geeky and annoying Tootie returns to Dimmsdale as a stunningly beautiful woman, Timmy might be falling in love. Meanwhile, the evil billionaire oil tycoon, Hugh J. Magnate, plans on tearing down part of downtown Dimmsdale. Will Timmy give in to his grown-up feelings and lose Wanda and Cosmo forever to help Tootie save Dimmsdale? Will he try to remain a kid forever? Will he ever get a different colored hat?
  • This makes no sence

    This movie is crazy How does Timmy like tootie cause shes hot now? that just ruins the show like the :older rules but i think Timmy broke like 10 rules. okay anyways its when Timmy grows up to be 23 or something and he still has his fairy WAIT WHAT Timmy had to loose his fairy when he was like 18, and he falls in love with tootie and Cosmo and Wonda Try to break them up, WAIT why weren't they worried about Timmy falling in love with Trixie that's strange and when Tootie and Timmy fell in love and got MARRIED? he kept his fairy's I feel bad for the other god kids who lost their fairy or fairy's It sounds unfair. I heard a rumor that Butch made this movie really bad so he could end the show but idk if that's true. it was boring, not funny, and ruined a classic cartoon, I don't even bother watching the new movie a fairly odd summer I know its going to suck just like this movie and i didn't like the Christmas episode. I know Butch could do better than this. [BTW my opinion]moreless
  • Another craptastic Fairly Odd Parents movie!

    This is just another crappy Fairly Odd Parents movie that fails to bring any smiles. Why does Timmy LIKE Tootie?! Did the people who scripted this garbage watch the freaking CARTOON?! In the TV show, he's always running away from her! All the movie is about is Timmy is going through puberty, and must deal with losing Wanda and Cosmo. Throughout the movie, there's stuff that is boring as the plots in the Twilight saga. The ending was awful. Wanda and Cosmo lost all their blood count and died (AH, SCREW IT!) and Timmy married Tootie. THE END! If you're a Fairly Odd Parents fan, I recommend you avoid this movie at all costs.moreless
  • Awkwardly bad

    Who would have thought that making it a live-action movie would work out excellently? The story and the elements of the original cartoon DOESN'T mix well with live-action movies. Turning it into a real movie is kind of awkward that it actually loses charm. And also, it could have been more interesting if this was done in cartoon.

    This movie is about Timmy himself, who still hadn't matured up after thirteen years, and his parents are having a problem because of it. He still has his fairies. Wait, what? Shouldn't have they gone by now, considering his age?

    Then after some poor butchered "Butch Hartman" humor sequences, Timmy met Tootie again, who has grown up too, and fell in love with her. But something is wrong about that, that if Timmy fell in love with Tootie, the fairies can be now set apart away from Timmy. So Timmy's fairy god parents devised a batch of plans to get rid of Tootie.

    The characters, same old. No developments so far. With probable exception of Timmy and Tootie. Also the humor is just the same as in the "New" Fairly Odd Parents. Except you get to see the awful, agonizing bland jokes in live action. Yehey!

    The ending was un-enjoyable for me. I get it, it's a kids' movie. But too perfect, and let's just say it's rather bland and unfitting. They tried to give it a climatic ending and it failed. It would have been better if Timmy learned to move on from his fairies and started his matured and happy life on his own. That's more touching and intriguing if you ask me. But no, they used Jorgen as a stepping stool and pushed it further.

    The CGI also looked awful. And that's one of the reasons why this movie was awkward. The fairies could have been done in another way. Wait.... Of course, even them as a real life human, shrunken down via camera effects wouldn't work too. It would only make the whole movie more suckish! That's why I said this is just another awkward crap that Nickelodeon ships. Either that, or this was the effect of having too much time in hands.moreless
  • Inspiration = $$$$$$$$$$$

    Basically it's one of those really bad specials that was only made for the sole purpose of earning money. The plot is weak and of course a loophole where Timmy not only gets Tootie but also gets to keep his fairy godparents. But not only is it bad, but there are a few plotholes that contradict the shows rules about fairy godparents. So, the nextime these executives make a movie PUT SOME GOD DAMN EFFORT INTO IT!moreless

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